Phil Spencer comments on Xbox earning trust in the PC community, says there is more work to do

Xbox Game Pass
Xbox Game Pass (Image credit: Microsoft)

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  • Xbox has made several changes to provide better PC support over the last couple of years.
  • Several Xbox Game Studios titles are finding great success on PC.
  • Phil Spencer recently thanked PC players for their support, while acknowledging there's more work ahead.

It's safe to say Microsoft's efforts for gaming on PC haven't always been received well, looking at Games for Windows Live to the early days of titles on the Windows Store. Over the last couple of years however, a few things have started changing. Exclusive titles from Xbox Game Studios now arrive on PC at the same time as on Xbox. PC players also have the ability to choose between Xbox Game Pass for PC or Steam.

This kind of support hasn't gone unnoticed and Executive Vice President of Gaming at Microsoft Phil Spencer recently stated on Twitter that the newfound support Xbox is seeing on PC is appreciated. He also noted that there's more work to do.

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Several Xbox games are finding additional success on PC. Rare's pirate adventure Sea of Thieves has sold over a million copies since releasing on Steam back in June. At the moment of this article being written, four of the top ten best-selling games on Steam are titles published by Xbox Game Studios, with Grounded currently the best-selling title on the platform.

Future Xbox titles will continue to increase this newfound PC support, with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 being available soon and Halo Infinite releasing on PC alongside Xbox One and Xbox Series X in Holiday 2020.

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  • One of the biggest problems with game pass on the PC at the moment is lack of other users of the PC being able to play the games. My son for example can't stay logged into his own Windows account if he wants to play game pass games from my subscription, even though my Windows account is on the same PC we share. There is no way I'm letting him full access to my Windows account, since it's one where I do my job on as well.
  • Yeah, seems likes, a big issue
  • Have you tried logging in to your son’s account and setting up the MS store to your account while the game pass is with your son’s account?
  • It should be easier than this.... It should be tied to the family account. The apps should be able to be shared, especially if one has GP Ultimate.
  • If a game is installed on the PC he should have access. You can log into the MS store with a different account than the windows log in account.
  • Still though, I'm glad it's moving on, I hope they bring out a feature where you can share your subscription to other accounts, like make it a home scared xbox live feature
  • I'm sure there's more work to do as the xbox app is still in beta so they've got to still either add more features or bring out bug fixes or peformance improvements or more!