Pick up a Core i5 Surface Pro 4 with Type Cover for just £699

If you missed out on the myriad of discounts on the Surface Pro 4 during the holidays, now's your chance to score another deal. Right now, PC World is offering up a pretty good deal on a Surface Pro 4 with Intel Core i5 processor for just £699 (via Neowin).

For your money, you'll pick up the Core i5 model with 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. Considering the Microsoft Store is offering that very same model for £849 (opens in new tab) right now, that's a pretty good deal. On top of that, you'll score a black Type Cover for free, which is a further savings of £109.

The only sticker with this deal is that PC World is that you'll want to be within driving distance of a PC World to take advantage of it, as PC World isn't offering the deal for delivery. Instead, you can order online and then pick the Surface Pro 4 bundle up at a local store "within minutes," PC World says.

Interested? If so, you can hit up PC World now to take advantage of this bundle deal.

See at PC World{.cta .shop}

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • No pen with this offer though, so will need to add another £44 but still great price, not sure if it's worse the upgrade from my Surface Pro 3 !
  • It probably won't be, unless you just sell your Surface pro 3 and use that money to buy it :) I don't have a Surface and have been thinking of getting one, what are they like to actually own and use?
  • I have been using mine for almost two years. Haven't touched the laptop since. Should have sold the laptop.
  • Probably not enough to warrant an upgrade. Not unless you plan on gifting your old one to a very close friend or family member. I have the original pro and I'm not sure I would upgrade to this particular model. Other than the adjustable kickstand, I would likely upgrade to i7 with at least 512GB storage. I'm good with the 4gigs of RAM, but probably would want at least 8gigs.
  • Yeah, my youngest would love for me to gift it her haha, she is very arty and loves the pen capabilities but not sure the wife would agree though ;)
  • True yeah,but I was just letting people know that they will need to consider the extra cost of a pen if they wanted one, I replaced my pen for the newer one about 6 months ago, after I tried one of the newer ones and compared to the origin it's way better IMO. The Surface Pro is one of my better purchases' to be honest, I wouldn't be without it, love the design and how small and light it is.
  • Had my surface pro 4 for 2 months now and loving it, will not be going back to my laptop. I nearly bought a iPad pro but I think the surface pro is a better all rounder and am happy with my choice.
  • I got this deal and after the first month am really impressed overall. MS simply don't do discounts like this so I had to jump when I saw it.