Plugable's 2TB external NVMe solid state drive is $30 off at Amazon

The Plugable 2TB Thunderbolt 3 external NVMe solid state drive is down to $469 when you clip the on-page coupon at Amazon. That's $30 off its regular price, and this external drive never drops from its regular price. Unless there have been similar coupons in the past, this is the best price ever for the solid state drive.

Plugable 2TB Thunderbolt 3 external NVMe solid state drive

Plugable 2TB Thunderbolt 3 external NVMe solid state drive

Connects via Thunderbolt 3, which is capable of speeds up to 40 Gbps. The SSD has read/write speeds of 2400 and 1800 MB/s respectively. Keep large files like games or photos with you wherever you are. Includes 3-year warranty.

You'll get read and write speeds up to 2400 MB/s and 1800 MB/s respectively using this external drive. It has a Thunderbolt 3 connection that can feature 40 Gbps speeds, but of course you'll need to be connected to a Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) port to make that happen. It does not support non-Thunderbolt 3 ports. It's also bus-powered, so you don't need an external power supply. That's convenient.

If you have any reason at all to keep a lot of large-capacity or high-res content with you, and need to have it in a convenient place for travel, then this is the drive for you. Traveling photographers, competitive gamers, programmers, students, and plenty of other people can probably think of a few good reasons to have a drive like this on hand.

The design includes a full metal body. It dissipates heat and protects your drive. Because this is an SSD and not a regular hard drive, there are no moving parts. That means it's not nearly as susceptible to vibrations, like from getting jostled around inside your backpack. It even comes with its own carrying bag so you can take the SSD with you wherever you go.

The drive is pre-formatted in exFAT, which means it'll work with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It'll only be compatible with more recently versions of the MacBook Pro, iMac, and MacBook Air. Anything older than 2016 is iffy, and Boot Camp is not supported. The drive is also covered by a three-year warranty.

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