Poll: Are you buying the Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book?

Best microSD expansion cards for Surface Book
Best microSD expansion cards for Surface Book

As expected, on October 26th, Microsoft began shipping its new Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 in a few countries, including the United States and Canada. Along with the new devices, the company also began shipping the new accessories, such as the new Type Cover and the Type Cover with Fingerprint ID, the Microsoft Surface Dock, and the improved Surface Pen, accessories that are also compatible with Surface Pro 3.

The official release of these devices also happened to coincide with the Microsoft Store grand opening in New York City, which doesn't seem like an accident that just happened.

While the new Surface devices are already shipping, if you haven't pre-order them, chances are you will have to wait a few weeks until new online stock arrives, but if you live nearby a Microsoft Store, chances are you might be able to score one of these new hot Windows 10 devices.

Now knowing where to buy them is half of the equation, choosing which one to buy is the other half you need to figure out, and it's perhaps the most difficult thing you have to do.

Let's face it, both are amazing devices, they both come with the latest Intel Skylake processors with up to 16GB of memory and up to 1TB of internal storage, and they feature outstanding displays. Perhaps the major difference between the Surface Book and the Surface Pro 4 is the keyboard base on the Surface Book that houses a larger battery and the discrete NVIDIA graphics, and the larger screen.

The price is another thing to consider, even though you can max out the Surface Pro 4 with 16GB of memory and 1TB of storage for $2,699 in the United States, a similar configuration for the Surface Book will cost $3,199.

The Surface Pro line has gone through four different generations and has grown to be one of the best Windows tablets you can buy, but you still need to buy the Type Cover separately. On the other hand, Microsoft is using everything it has learned from its tablet to build the ultimate laptop, but you may find that not everything is perfect yet. For example, the display wobbles quite a bit, the silver keyboard makes it a little hard to see the lettering on the keys on daylight, and even though the company is building the Surface Book as a laptop-first device, many people will find that three hours of battery life for the clipboard mode is not enough.

Furthermore, both devices are targeted to difference audiences. Microsoft it touting the Surface Pro 4 as a productivity device that can replace your laptop, and the Surface Book as a creativity device that is twice as powerful as the Apple's MacBook Pro.

So, now the questions is: Are you buying a Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book?

Note: We're trying Straw Poll this time around instead of Poll Daddy. You can also use and share this link for direct voting https://strw.pl/257ee3c9 and we'll see how it all goes! Remember, you can always download the Straw app for Windows Phone here in the Store too!

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  • Where is the "Both" option?
  • Or the "Waiting on Surface 4?" ...I can't be the only one lol
  • Exactly. I am waiting for the Surface 4. The Pro 4 is too expensive and too big for my needs, but heaven knows its tempting. haha
  • You had the complete iopposite anwser from me. I said the price of the keyboard has to be added with the Surface Pro 4 and I like the larger screen. But that whay they sell 2 models because everyone has different likes.  
  • This too!
  • Me too
  • Both. I was thinking the same.
  • MS went to far on pricing
  • Not right now. Wanna look at the specifics and reviews of surface book this time and then will buy the surface book 2 which will be hopefully better and all improvements possible from surface book added in it.. I'll pass as of now!
  • ^This
  • Definitely. Never buy a first Gen product unless you have money to burn.
  • 1st Gen, you know the 4 means it's the 4th gen right?
  • They are taking about the Surface Book not the Pro.
  • Thing is, the surface book is really just a surface pro 4 with a larger housing/screen. The only thing that's first generation is the gpu/keyboard.
  • Surface Book 4? Where they sell that at?
  • Getting Surface pro 4's type cover with the finger print scanner for my surface pro 3
  • I'm considering the finger print option, but it only comes in the black/onyx color. So I'm stuck decided between whether I pick up the fingerprint version, or get the new cover in cyan. Touch decisions. #FirstWorldProblems
  • Hah, exact same boat here.  I'm leaning towards a regular cover in cyan, as I'd still be doing the PIN login when using it without the keyboard attached anyways, so may as well stick to what is basically done mechanically at this point.
  • Alternatively, you could get a USB mini fingerprint reader, particularly one this sort of size: http://amzn.com/B00W4C17ZY In fact, I see someone with a Surface Pro 3 wrote a review saying it works like a champ. :-)
  • that looks like a decent option
  • If they didn't want a boat-load for the new dock, I might investigate that, however as it stands i'll be left wanting. I won't buy the new cover, even though i totally want it if it's only going to be Onyx. I also wont buy that dock for more than $100, so basically i guess i won't ever get it.   Sidenote, and more on topic with the original story here, I won't be buying either book or pro4 cause my 3 is doing fine and I personally don't like the design of the book.
  • I got the Surface Pro 4 with the fingerprint keyboard on Monday. I haven't used the fingerprint scanner since I setup the facial recognition login feature. It works really really well. The keyboard has really nice keys -- the extra spacing makes a big difference, but they are also really clicky. What I like the most about it is the new track pad. I've always hated the 'felt' trackpads on the previous surfaces; they didn't feel good and they didn't work well.
  • I bought one yesterday. It's like having a whole new SP. I was impressed by how fast and easy the fingerprint id works. The glass trackpad makes a huge difference. My only slight disappointment is that, when connected, the typepad does not have a strong magnetic hold on the bottom of the screen.
  • Surface Pro 4.....eventually.   I'm not the rabid early adopter.  I have a wonderful Surface Pro 2 that I was completly happy with even after the Pro 3 came out.  The 4 has just too many refinements for me to ignore. Still, I usually wait until the dust settles and all the early adoption complaints (look at the last 24 hours with SP4 buyers) and issues are addressed. They are inevitable! I suspect once the first big update for Windows 10 is issued, that will be a safe sign for purchasers like myself. Been at this for a very long time. I've been trained. lol    Besides, the post Christmas shopping season will likely play right into my consumer strategy. :)     But I am REALLY looking forward to it. It's an amazing piece of technology. Simply amazing.
  • Yes, when the damn Book is finally released here in the UK! (and MS better give us the 1TB option). ...but hopefully all the bugs will have been ironed out by then.
  • Since when does everyone has thousands of disposable dollars ready? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Cool stuff tends to make money appear places, even if it really shouldn't be appearing and people might be better off rethinking their decisions XD Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • People who save, budget or can manage their money.
    Also not smoking certainly helps, as does not spending it all getting absolutely smashed during the first couple of weekends of being paid.
  • I don't smoke.
  • Ebay generation wtf. Personally im quiet fine with my ivybridge aw that I saved for. May swap out my 7970s for r9s & pickup another battery other than that it should still work with 10
  • When you know the Surface Pro 3 kept the same hardware as the Pro 2, you know something big is coming. Even more so when Intel and Microsoft jumped 2 generations. Some (myself included) have been saving penies for some time now.
  • They're only 1-2 weeks pay for most working adults... let's say a month of saving after bills/mortgage. Not having kids helps :P
  • Only single males are making the plunge.  
  • Nah, still super satisfied with my Surface 3.
  • Great for you mate. It's a great product after all.
  • Far to expensive... I don't want to spend that kind of money for tech.
  • BOOK
  • Neither, because I'm broke.
  • Are they launching it in India?
  • Need to sell my SP3 first, and then I will get the SP4. I want the I7 256GB with 16 GB of RAM.
  • Book. Now everyone stop ordering books so I can get mine sooner than 1/22. I should've said I voted SP4.
  • What about India??? We are waiting...
  • Book for me.
  • Suits you as a developer Mr. Ventasoft. Nice :)
  • Already got a Book with i7 (only because i5 is sold out everywhere, they won't get anymore until end of Nov). There was only one left after me in Natick MA.
  • Got an SP3 so no need to upgrade. Will kill this one first hopefully after say three years then upgrade.
  • Though not right away, I plan to get a Surface Pro 4.  I've been using a Surface Pro 2 since those game out and love it and the Pro 4 looks pretty great.  I dont entirely understand the need for the Surface Book.  For the vast majority of things I can think of doing with a "Laptop" the Pro 4 is plenty.  It is actually more poweful than the laptop I use for work so I see no need to spend extra money for a "Book"
  • Let me ask my wallet.... Neither. :'(
  • Was buying the book, saw the problems will probably wait until I graduate in May, unless they announce a version 2.
  • Only if I win the lottery...
  • I want them, But I'm broke :( Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Content contains some coding as well.
  • Are they coming to India?
  • No, they both too large. Stick to my 10.5 inch Surface Pro which is as fast as both...
  • Pro 1 or 2?
  • I was torn between the two...After the initial WC unboxing video of the Surface Book I am leaning now more towards the SP4. I will wait till WC does another SB review video.
  • I'm having a hard time justifying the expense of upgrading my SP3 to an SP4. While I know I would love it, I just can't justify it.
  • Just get the new Type Cover
  • Just get the new Type Cover and be done with it
  • New keyboard for my Pro 3
  • Gonna a get a SP4 maxed out (512 instead of 1tb) and hope the Intel iris gpu is powerful enough to use for video editing.
    Want the SBook w/ dGPU but it isn't as portable as the SP4.
    Wish Microsoft comes out with a dGPU base for the SP4 and further Surface Pro's.
  • In playing with both at device night, I think the Book is only slighly less portable as the SP4. Only because of the way you close the Book.
  • I went and checked them out too. Unfortunately, I have to carry a lot of equipment around for work and the surface book will definitely take up some space. The surface pro 4 is flatter and lighter. Will side on to my bag much easier
  • Where's the "I own a Surface Pro 3 and my wife won't let me upgrade" option?
  • This^ lol.. True here too bro.
  • "let you"??
  • Well both obviously with 20$ on my wallet + with no availability in lebanon Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • got both...
  • Neither.
  • Neither... not that I wouldn't want both!
  • where's the poll option for the new surface keyboard only?
  • Pockets leaking, ..... In twenty years maybe.
  • More than happy with my SP3 for the moment. Once I've had that for a few years, I may consider getting what's available then.
  • No, because Microsoft refuses to sell them here in Brazil...
  • Called Microsoft and they didn't have any information yet if the Book is even coming to Sweden, so I ordered SP4.
  • If I could afford the surface book, I would buy it
  • I'm pretty happy with my Surface Pro 3!   But If i had a bunch of money laying around, i'd probably upgrade straight to the Surface Book. 
  • I have the book, but getting 4 also
  • Surface 4
  • Regrettably, neither. WiFi issues and performance on the SP3 are abysmal and likely never getting fixed as it's been so long. I won't blindly choose to live with such poor support again just because I'm a fan. Probably going for the new Yoga or XPS 15. Neither completely fits what I want and need in a computer but they can probably at least load Twitter. I might look into the Surface Pro 5 if they can prove themselves again with the SP4.
  • Yes
  • Top of my wishlist, BUT, not availabe in my country and too expensive. I will get it eventually
  • Surface Book i7 1TB here...
  • I needed the 16gig RAM and 1 terabyte storage upgrades from my 8 gig, 512 gb SP3. I went with the SP4 with the Parent of a college student 10% discount, plus 5% back from ebates.com. Thus, net $2294 before taxes. The extra $400 for the similarly configured Surface Book wasn't worth it to me. Plus, only 3-4 hours of battery on the Book in Clipboard mode..helped me go with the SP4 as well.
  • Neither. Getting the Yoga 900 and waiting for Book v2.
  • Got SP4 128GB, returning it for the 256, 8GB... Quickly ran out of storage spacing. 4GB RAM not enough for my needs.
  • None, I'm too poor... :-(
  • I like this servey better than the old one Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Once the MS logo gets a copy inside the laptop and is a (preferably ambient and colorful) status light, I'll give up my ThinkPad.
  • Neither. I already have the HP Spectre x360, designed mostly by Microsoft. And I love it! ​
  • A Surface Book whenever Best Buy has restocked...so some time next year I guess
  • Since I just got an HP Envy back in September, I have no need to get a new system for a few years. However, if I had to get a Surface tablet, I'd probably wait for the Surface 4 to come out.
  • Living in the real option, the Surface Pro 4 is the only realistic priced option, so long as they sort out the poor pen lag.
  • No I'm broke.
  • XPS 15
  • Another vote for XPS 15. Touchscreen and tablet mode are not at all necessary for me, so I'm going to opt for more power at a much lower cost
  • Probably going to get a Surface Pro, but debating if it may be better to save a few hundred dollars on the Pro 3 or spend for the 4 since I will probably use it for 5 years. Also finally interested in the type cover with the positive reviews of the new version. Before I would have simply used a separate slim BT keyboard. I was interested in the Surface Book until I saw the tablet release button and seriously question the reliability of it.
  • Sadly both are out of my current budget. But if i could i would get the surfacebook.
  • Probably going to wait for the SP5 as my SP2 i5 256 still does the trick. Wish there was a Surface mini somewhere in the 8-10" range in the works.
  • Got a Surface Pro 3 (i5 256) last year and I see no need to upgrade now. See you next year probably for a SP5 or SB2 (less likely as I don't need that kind of power) though... ;-)
  • After taking a personal look at the Surface Book and their pricing I ordered the HP Spectre 360 i7, 256GB SSD, 8GB Memory 13.3 Touch Screen just on price along. I would have loved the SB but it was too much for me.
  • With the way the Aussie dollar is against the greenback... yeah, nah, neither.
  • 950Xl and maybe band 2, no money for sb pro or s pro :(
  • I am waiting for my Surface Book i7/16/512...shows as "Ship it" on Microsoft website. It said "Ships in 7-8 weeks" yesterday.
  • Sorry, ot, but is there a 950XL cyan?
  • White or black only. But you can swap out the back. Someone will make a cyan cover.
  • I think the price is too high for the Surface book with GPU.
    I'm sure this is a top quality product but this is not a product that everyone can buy.
    By the way, it's not available here in France, even If I have the money I can't buy it!
  • Got the surface yesterday ☺
  • Awesome! Which model did you get?
  • Nope.
  • No money, no honey. ._.
  • Please add a voting option inside the app
  • This.
  • Hopefully coming in the upcoming universal app. Beta released in a few weeks!
  • Yes!
  • I want a tablet with surface book clipboard thinness and screen size, normal surface battery life and surface pro keyboard cover.  Make it happen Microsoft.
  • Dude that's very specific. Also you can't have the clipboard thinness with a USB port. Just get a Pro 4.
  • Except now SP4 has lower battery than normal surface yet also heavier and thicker and smaller screen than surface clipboard.  MS made SP4 the middle child!
  • Neither.. Price points on both are ridiculous.. If anything wait until after the holiday frenzy and maybe get one of the two at a discounted rate?.
  • I wouldn't expect any discounts until the SP5 and SB2 are released.
  • SP4
  • Neither :/
  • If i had the money...
  • Neither.  I got a SP3 in November.  I am probably going to get the Type Cover for the SP4 with the finger print reader. I really like both of these devices, though.
  • i would get the book, except... i live in sweden so thats just not happening
  • I'm waiting for a Surface Mini !!! I already have a Desktop PC, a Lumia and laptop, so I'm not going to buy a Surface Book, nor a Surface Por. I just need something in between the Lumia and the laptop : a Surface Mini !!!
  • I have the SP3, so there's no need. The SP4 & Surface Book look great but not that drastically better than the SP3. I'll wait for the SP5... ;-)
  • I want the Surface Phone, Surface Mini, Surface 4, Surface Pro 4 , Surface Book and the Surface Hub. I just need the money :)
  • The "Surface Phone" sounds great !!! Someone here knows if Microsoft will make a Surface Mini ?
  • I bought SP3 about a week ago. It's my new darling, and will continue to be for a long time
  • I have the feeling most of the people who vote that they'll be buying the Surface Book or the SP4 end up not buying anything. I always suspect "are you buying" polls. I think they'd be more representative if they asked "which would you like to buy"
  • Don't know about the others but I chose that I'd be picking up a surface pro 4 and barring something catastrophic, I will be getting one once it's available to be shipped. So count me in the small group of those who will end up buying something :-)
  • Neither just because my surface pro 3 i5 8gb is still awesome ☺
  • Top model is 3200 dollars damn that means it goes to be about 5000 pounds in the UK Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I'm going with the Surface Book , the least expensive one , I'm still a novice
  • Waiting on more reviews. .. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Neither. Why? Well, because I don't want to spend so much money when I don't have loads of money, but also because I'm quite content with my current laptop, an Asus N550JV. I haven't really seen much that would be a proper replacement for it since most laptops no longer have CD drives, but my next laptop probably won't have a CD drive anyway. I also want something that I can repair/replace at least some of it relatively easily.
  • Got my Surface Pro 4 on Monday...Love It!! Now I'm waiting for the 950xl phone; my life will be complete.
  • Got the book but sadly it had a battery issue so waiting now for exchange. Maybe another month. I'm so sad.
  • Had pre-ordered 2 SP4 i7s, just cancelled and ordered 2 Books.
  • I want the SP4 but too expensive. SP3 here no more stock :'(
  • I have an SP3. Don't see a need to upgrade so fast.
  • I have pre-ordered the Surface 4 with max specs. Just waiting on them to ship. They shipped my Microsoft Band yesterday. I may get the Book at some point but I like the Surface more than any laptop. I really want my 950 ☺
  • I wish, but I can't right now... And Microsoft don't sell any of those here where I live, so import is not an option due to the higher prices for taxes and that stuff.
  • My work provided a Surface Pro 3, and I'm considering the new keyboard and pen for that. Personally, I still use a Dell XPS 12 2n1 with i7, so that may get updated, but not sure which way to go yet.
  • I really want the Surface Book with the 256GB storage but cannot afford it so I'll settle for the Surface Pro 4 instead with same configuration.
  • I'm not considering either. I was, then after seeing reviews changed my mind. It's only dual core,(Surface book) on it's "Twice as fast" ssd the speed drops through the floor when the cache is full. The only MacBook pro that it is faster than is the 13" with a slower processor. The problem there is that the MacBook is about half the price of the Surface book. The MacBook that is within $200 of the surface book is"Twice as fast" as the Surface book. I hate Apple but Microsoft needs to do better.
  • SP4 greatest :)
  • My boss promised me to buy Surface Book once it is available in Malaysia. Just hoping our currency at the launch date is good enough.
    Third world's anticipation.
  • Way too expensive for me to even consider buying one. They're very nice, but very out of my pricerange!
  • Surface pro 4 soon (when money is right). And maybe the Book later.
  • I got the Surface Pro 4, i5 8/256 with a black Type Cover. I have not opened it yet but I'm eager to play with it. I looked at the Surface Book, which is definitely nice but it is really a laptop. Surface is perfect for my needs.
  • I can't see the results in this poll.. On my tablet all it shows is percentage with colors ,but which color is for which option ? I know I am doing something wrong ,but what ?I like the earlier poll daddy poll ,simple to understand.. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I could buy both, but I don't see any reason at all to own the Surface Book (my desktop kicks it's arse) and my SP3 suits me well enough for my work, travel, & couch needs. SP4 is a marginal upgrade really, and I can't justify getting rid of my SP3 when I only bought it 9 months ago.
  • Bout the SP4M3 don't regret anything its perfect! Cheapest, silent , fast , everything works LOVE IT! Faster than my i3Vaio with SSD and on par or better than my sons SPi5  , screen is amazing the whole thing is perfection.
  • I was looking at the Surface Pro 4 and while playing with the Surface Book I decided i like it better. Cost with Surface Pro 4 and keyboard buts makes the proce difference less significant. I love the better screen and the larger screen.
  • Still cant decide which one to get.  I have a really powerful desktop so I dont see myself using it for resource hogging software.  I'm deciding between the i5 surface book or i5/i7 pro 4.