Poll: Are you buying the Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book?

Best microSD expansion cards for Surface Book
Best microSD expansion cards for Surface Book

As expected, on October 26th, Microsoft began shipping its new Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 in a few countries, including the United States and Canada. Along with the new devices, the company also began shipping the new accessories, such as the new Type Cover and the Type Cover with Fingerprint ID, the Microsoft Surface Dock, and the improved Surface Pen, accessories that are also compatible with Surface Pro 3.

The official release of these devices also happened to coincide with the Microsoft Store grand opening in New York City, which doesn't seem like an accident that just happened.

While the new Surface devices are already shipping, if you haven't pre-order them, chances are you will have to wait a few weeks until new online stock arrives, but if you live nearby a Microsoft Store, chances are you might be able to score one of these new hot Windows 10 devices.

Now knowing where to buy them is half of the equation, choosing which one to buy is the other half you need to figure out, and it's perhaps the most difficult thing you have to do.

Let's face it, both are amazing devices, they both come with the latest Intel Skylake processors with up to 16GB of memory and up to 1TB of internal storage, and they feature outstanding displays. Perhaps the major difference between the Surface Book and the Surface Pro 4 is the keyboard base on the Surface Book that houses a larger battery and the discrete NVIDIA graphics, and the larger screen.

The price is another thing to consider, even though you can max out the Surface Pro 4 with 16GB of memory and 1TB of storage for $2,699 in the United States, a similar configuration for the Surface Book will cost $3,199.

The Surface Pro line has gone through four different generations and has grown to be one of the best Windows tablets you can buy, but you still need to buy the Type Cover separately. On the other hand, Microsoft is using everything it has learned from its tablet to build the ultimate laptop, but you may find that not everything is perfect yet. For example, the display wobbles quite a bit, the silver keyboard makes it a little hard to see the lettering on the keys on daylight, and even though the company is building the Surface Book as a laptop-first device, many people will find that three hours of battery life for the clipboard mode is not enough.

Furthermore, both devices are targeted to difference audiences. Microsoft it touting the Surface Pro 4 as a productivity device that can replace your laptop, and the Surface Book as a creativity device that is twice as powerful as the Apple's MacBook Pro.

So, now the questions is: Are you buying a Surface Pro 4 or Surface Book?

Note: We're trying Straw Poll this time around instead of Poll Daddy. You can also use and share this link for direct voting https://strw.pl/257ee3c9 and we'll see how it all goes! Remember, you can always download the Straw app for Windows Phone here in the Store too!

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