Popular Spotify client, Xpotify, goes open source

What you need to know

  • Xpotify is now an open-source project.
  • You can submit bug reports, feature requests, and send pull requests through Github.
  • The project is run by one developer, Mahdi Ghiasi.

Xpotify, a popular Spotify client for Windows 10, is now an open source project. Xpotify wraps the progressive web app experience of Spotify into a Windows 10 app and adds features such as Live Tile support, hovering a cursor over the taskbar to see music controls, Game Bar integration, and a mini player.

While the app is maintained by a single developer, Mahdi Ghiasi, it has gained quite the following among the Windows 10 fanbase and the Windows Central team. It's gained popularity for its addition of Windows 10-specific features when compared to the official Spotify desktop application.

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By going open source, anyone can request features, send pull requests, or report bugs for the app. Xpotify has gained features and received updates regularly. Now that it's open source, there might be more features or updates in the future.

See Xpotify at Microsoft Store (opens in new tab)

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  • I'd love to see this client have a full screen display for currently playing music look similar to the Zune playback visualization. Or if not that, how about adding the Tripex 3 visualization from Winamp.
  • Interesting. I'm currently using Spodicast which is cool, but I've had to get an Android phone (bus company insisting as they are stopping paper annual passes!) and turns out all the talk about loads of apps is mostly misleading. There are loads of useless apps, but it is much harder to find a decent set of essentials such as good Spotify and YouTube clients. Also, I really wish Microsoft would put together a separate calendar for Outlook instead of jamming it in with the email client. I have got the BlackBerry keyboard as the rest are absolutely God awful, but it is still a pale imitation of the Windows Mobile keyboard. Currently not impressed with Android apps, there is definitely an app gap and it isn't in Android's favour. Perhaps now it is open source Xpotify will make it to Android at least. One small step...
  • I'd rather have an app store where developers can make money. That way, they stay and keep developing. There are plenty of signs of life in the Microsoft Store of late, but this sign in particular might be a bad one.
  • They need to bring this to android