The PowerA FUSION Pro Controller is yet another high-end Xbox One gamepad

Microsoft will be launching its high-end Xbox One Elite Controller in October for $149.99, and Razer recently announced its own gamepad for the console, the Razer Wildcat, that will have the same price. Now another company, PowerA, has just announced it will release the FUSION Pro Controller for the Xbox One. It will have a number of high-end features but only cost $79.99.

PowerA back

The PowerA FUSION Pro Controller's biggest feature is four extra buttons on the bottom of the gamepad, each of which can be assigned to any game function. The controller also has platter-style analog sticks, dual trigger locks and some custom light effects that give owners a total of 225 color combinations.

PowerA says:

The officially licensed FUSION Pro Controller features superior ergonomics and is made of top quality components. A rigorous four-stage testing regimen that includes one million button presses earns the Fusion Pro Controller its elite status.

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John Callaham