Rainbow Six Siege: Operation White Noise tips – Dokkaebi, Vigil, Zofia

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege has just received its seventh major post-launch content drop, with the arrival of Operation White Noise. Taking the fight to the soaring heights of Mok Myeok Tower, Seoul, the expansion delivers a range of South Korean content, including three new operators, a new multiplayer map, and other minor changes to gameplay. All of this is available to existing players for no additional cost, aside from early access to certain content for those with the Year 2 Season Pass.

With the arrival of Operation White Noise, we've managed to round up some tips ahead of launch via the "Technical Test Server" early access period. These tips and tricks provide strategies to adopt with the new operators, as well as the best ways to counter them.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation White Noise: Everything you need to know


The South Korean attacker making her arrival in Operation White Noise is Dokkaebi – an Operator with balanced speed and armor. With skills centered around hacking, her flagship gadget is the "Logic Bomb," which gives her the ability to call phones of all defenders. To stop the phone loud buzzing, defenders must manually reset their phones, leaving themselves exposed in the process.

When Dokkaebi is on the battlefield, this also alters gameplay with a new mechanic – defenders drop their phone upon death. If Dokkaebi reaches and hacks a phone, all attackers gain access to defender cameras, signficantly expanding the surveillance of your team. To prevent this, defenders must destroy the phones of downed allies before Dokkaebi reaches them.

Tips for playing as Dokkaebi

  • Dokkaebi's Logic Bomb can be activated twice per round, meaning you'll have two chances to call enemy phones. While it's natural to save the ability for crucial points in a match, don't be too hesitant while doing so. One recommended strategy is using the ability when first closing in on the objective, while saving the second for tense encounters.
  • Once Dokkaebi's Logic Bomb has activated and enemy phones are ringing, defenders silencing their phones will be made vulnerable. If you're able to ensure an enemy is resetting their phone, be swift at rushing their location and guaranteeing a kill.
  • Don't forget to take advantage of Dokkaebi's camera hacking abilities, which can quickly turn the tide of combat. Especially in the early days of Operation White Noise, when players won't be used to these new mechanics, gaining full access to enemy surveillance can provide vital information to pinpoint remaining attackers. This ability also provides access to Valkyrie's Black Eye cameras, often with viewpoints on key chokepoints.
  • In the past, attackers have been incentivized to destroy all defending cameras upon entry. With Dokkaebi's new camera-hacking capabilities, leaving enemy cameras has its rewards. Although you may comprise your position upon entry, skilled players should seek routes consisting of fewer cameras.
  • If an enemy is around the corner but you're unsure of their exact position, use Dokkaebi's Logic Bomb to pinpoint the direction to push toward. However, unlike many other shooters where audio is solely directional, remember that sound travels around the environment in Rainbow Six Siege, making for a more realistic rendition.
  • Dokkaebi's weapon, the MK 14 EDR is a powerful tool for those with quick aim. The designated marksman rifle (DMR) sports powerful stopping power and precision in a semi-automatic package, showing versatility across both long and medium range encounters.

Tips for countering Dokkaebi

  • When up against Dokkaebi, keep track of downed allies. Once an ally is killed and their phone is dropped, destroying it before being hacked should be a priority. Also keep in mind that while Dokkaebi may reach a phone first, it takes a few seconds for a hack to complete.
  • While there are existing operators that discourage roaming from the objective, Dokkaebi's phone hacking is one of the biggest deterrents yet. Make sure allies are near to prevent your phone being left in the open.
  • Dokkaebi's camera hacking also introduces an entirely new concept, putting more risk behind your cameras than before. While you'll be limiting your own surveillance, destroying friendly cameras can be a smart long-term play.
  • When the Logic Bomb is activated, and phones begin to ring, don't be so keen to instantly disable the buzzing. Some attackers are keen to instantly rush, giving you the chance to catch an enemy off guard.
  • Standing on one of Mute's jammers while the Logic Bomb is activated negates its effects, preventing your phone from ringing entirely.
  • Echo is entirely immune to the effects of Dokkaebi's Logic Bomb. According to the game's lore, the two operators collaborated to develop technology in the past, which gave Echo a counter for its effects.


Vigil is the second South Korean Operator debuting with Operation White Noise, with a loadout based around deception and stealth. Using his "Electronic Rendering Cloak" (ERC-7), Vigil is able to hide from enemy surveillance, appearing entirely invisible to cameras and drones. Instead, a unique interference pattern will appear when viewing affected cameras, to indicate the Operator is somewhere nearby.

Tips for playing as Vigil

  • Like Caveira and her "Silent Step," Vigil's ERC-7 can't be used while shooting or interacting with objects. If aiming to be consistently hidden to attacker surveillance, be alert when performing these actions.
  • While Vigil's cloaking capabilities are primarily used to mask your location, the accompanying interference can also needlessly notify enemies of your whereabouts. Think about when and why you're activating his ability and whether the benefits outweigh the risk.
  • The ambiguity of Vigil's interference pattern can be used to your advantage. Being creative with your positioning and when you activate your ability can potentially lead scouting attackers into a trap.
  • Vigil's new BOSG.12.2 shotgun is one of the most powerful in the game to date, with high damage and range over its competitors. While only two shots can be fired before reloading, those with a steady hand can pick off distant attackers over longer distances.
  • Lastly, don't forget that while you're immune to surveillance, you're still entirely visible to the naked eye.

Tips for countering Vigil

  • Vigil is invisible to cameras in the traditional sense, but there are still indicators that Vigil is nearby. If a white interference pattern appears on screen, this shows that a cloaked Vigil is within proximity. As the interference pattern grows, this means Vigil is nearer, giving the chance to roughly pinpoint the defender's location before breaching in person.
  • All cameras and drones affected by Vigil's ability emit a white light, rather than a usual red. If you see one of these devices, be on the lookout for Vigil nearby.
  • If a cloaked Vigil is close, Vigil's ERC-7 will appear as a device on IQ's equipment scanner. This will be identifiable by a distinct shape, which can be picked up within a 20-meter range.
  • Thatcher's EMP grenades can also be used to disable the ERC-7 within a small radius.


Zofia is a bonus operator arriving alongside Operation White Noise, adding a second member of Poland's GROM unit. Joining Ela who debuted with last season's content, Zofia is an attacker sporting the KS79 LIFELINE – a double barrelled grenade launcher built with destruction and concussion in mind. Without the need to reload and the ability to switch grenades on the fly, Zofia is a strong soldier for breaching enemy defences. This Operator also packs a secondary ability, which allows her to stand up with 1 health point (HP) if in a down but not out state.

Tips for playing as Zofia

  • Zofia's KS79 LIFELINE provides access to two impact grenades and four concussion grenades each round. With more concussion grenades available, a well-performed breach can be followed by multiple concussive blasts.
  • Unlike impact grenades which explode upon contact with a surface, concussion grenades can bounce. Provided an enemy isn't in proximity, these grenades can be bounced around corners.
  • Concussion grenades can be activated prematurely if an enemy is within the blast radius, which should be considered when firing the KS79. If an enemy is somewhere between you and another target, the concussion grenade may detonate ahead of time and not travel to the intended target.
  • The radius of activation on the KS79's concussion grenades is relatively large, which means missing a target can often be corrected by its large radius.
  • Concussion grenades can also be used to collect information on enemy locations using their proximity detonation. If a grenade is fired into a room and quickly detonates, an enemy is hidden nearby.
  • Zofia is able to better resist Ela's Grzmot mines, with 50 percent faster recovery from concussive effects. This is supposedly due to the two Operators being sisters, with resistance to their effects.

Tips for countering Zofia

  • The impact grenades fired by the KS79 are much faster and quieter than those of other breaching Operators. With traditional impact grenades available to other players, look out for Zofia's gadget in the early days of the DLC.
  • If in a one-on-one gunfight with Zofia, make sure to confirm the kill before moving forward. Zofia can revive herself when in a down but not out state, though this takes a few seconds to do so.
  • With Ela and Zofia being sisters, Ela also receives 50 percent resistance to her concussion grenades. As a result, the length of concussive effects will be halved.
  • Jäger's ADS-MK4, which is used to destroy incoming grenades, also counters Zofia's KS79. Place these around the objective to dampen her abilities.

Over to you

What do you think of the latest Operators added to Rainbow Six Siege with White Noise? Make sure to let us know your favorite operator, and any associated strategies you may have discovered, in the comments section below.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation White Noise: Everything you need to know

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