Rainbow Six Siege Sunsplash Collection skin list

Ubisoft recently rolled new limited-time cosmetics for its hit tactical shooter, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege. Tied to the new "Sunsplash Collection," these packs grant access to summer-themed uniforms, headgears, weapons, and charms for select Operators. While two free packs are provided to all players, the remaining 10 packs must be purchased with the game's premium currency, R6 Credits.

With a high price tag for the full set, the ambiguous nature of these packs can be discouraging. We've broken down the contents of the twelve Sunsplash Collection packs to provide a clear idea of what's available.

Sunsplash Collection complete list

The Sunsplash Collection is comprised of 12 exclusive items, all based on a tropical summer theme. The various cosmetic skins can be applied to Dokkaebi, Lesion, IQ, and Vigil – alongside the universal weapon charms compatible with all weapons. Below is a list of all 12 skins included with the Sunsplash Collection:

  • Lesion – Summer Cool Headgear (Legendary)
  • IQ – Easy Train Headgear (Legendary)
  • AUG A2 for IQ – Summer Bloom Weapon Skin (Epic)
  • Dokkaebi – Scuba Six Uniform (Epic)
  • Lesion – Blue Hibiscus Uniform (Epic)
  • Dokkaebi – Freedive Headgear (Epic)
  • BOSG. 12.2 for Dokkaebi, Vigil– Orange Peel Weapon Skin (Rare)
  • T-5 SMG for Lesion – Subtropical Weapon Skin (Rare)
  • IQ – Sonoran Chill Uniform (Rare)
  • Universal – Diving For Intel Charm (Rare)
  • Universal Tiki Teeth Charm (Rare)
  • Universal – Flip-Flop Charm (Rare)

We've also wrapped up images of all 12 skins in a convenient gallery, as seen below.

Once again, sunsplash packs are only obtainable using R6 Credits – Rainbow Six Siege's premium currency purchased using real-world money. While players will be granted two free packs upon logging in, further packs are priced at 300 R6 Credits each. Rainbow Six Siege Year 3 Pass holders will also receive a 10 percent discount, dropping the price to 270 R6 credits each.

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