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Red Dead Redemption headed to Xbox One backwards compatibility on July 8

Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead Redemption (Image credit: Rockstar Games)

It's finally happening: Red Dead Redemption, one of the most popular games of the Xbox 360 era, is finally being added to the Xbox One's list of backwards compatible titles. The open world western will officially be added to the list of backwards compatible games this Friday, July 8, allowing those who own the Xbox 360 title to play on their Xbox One.

If you're unfamiliar with Red Dead Redemption, the game was released in 2010 from the folks at Rockstar — the same studio behind the iconic Grand Theft Auto series. You take on the role of a gunslinger in the wild west, adventuring through an open world on horseback or on foot in a quest to track down members of your old gang and bring them to justice.

If you already own Red Dead Redemption, you should be good to start playing the game on your Xbox One on July 8. However, if you're interested in picking the game up, you can currently grab it on the Xbox Store for $10.49, or $7.49 if you're an Xbox Live Gold subscriber.

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  • I'm surprised it hasn't been remastered... yet
  • Rockstar doesn't do remasters.
  • GTA 5 was remastered
  • Gta5 is worth remastering.
  • False. GTA5 wasn't worth the 10cent plastic it was burned onto much less any of the regurgitated garbage they keep spewing down our throats. RDR was finally a refreshing take on the genre and 10x the game GTA5 was entertainment-wise, they should have remastered this one first and then some of the others.
  • I wouldn't count GTA 5 as a remaster. The original GTA 5 came the same year as nextgen console and then it was released to nextgen a year later so it was already in development. Just because it was on both lastgen and currentgen doesn't mean its a remaster. Would you say Destiny on currentgen is a remaster? Nope.
  • Pretty much this. GTA V was not remastered, it just got a next gen version.
  • I would bet that GTA 5 was created for Next Gen but, down converted it for the last gen.... One product made and 2 products sold... Clever deveopment...
  • Destiny for x1 and PS4 wasn't released 13 months after the previous gen versions. Same time frame with last of us on PS4. Gta v was def a remaster without putting it in the title.
  • Nope. destiny released at the same time as currentgen. Also. GTA 5 is referred to as a rerelease not a remaster.
  • remaster/rerelease with updated visuals is just semantics at that point.
  • Because they're rock stars.
  • Em MS do the magic, rock star just authorise it. Go back to the backward compatible press conference
  • Game looked amazing on 360. No need to remaster, not Rockstar's style. And no need to waste resources there than on developing the new game.
  • Giddy-up. Sorry Mirror's Edge, I know what I'm doing this weekend.
  • Nice, this means that red dead could be a future free game with gold
  • Now I can finish what I had started 6 years ago.
  • Me too!!!
  • Yes, yes, so MFing yesssssssssssssss!!
  • just bought it :)
  • What a birthday treat for me, a masterclass of gaming added to BC on my Bday. Now I can finish what I started all that time ago(hoping my dlc is coming along too).
  • I have never seen this much excitement over an old game
  • You ve probably never played it
  • Lol why are you so defensive? I didn't even mean it as a bad thing.
  • Oh sorry my bad then :)
  • "Rockstar doesn't do remasters" "I have never seen this much excitement over an old game" Wow, two ignorant statements in less than 5 minutes. You're on a roll.
  • I didn't mean it as a bad thing smh. Also GTA 5 doesn't count as a remaster.
  •   Remaster: enhancing the quality of the sound or of the image, or both, of previously created recordings, either audiophonic, cinematic, or videographic. The PS4 and Xbox One version of GTA 5 is the SAME game as found on the previous generations consoles with the addition of some graphical enchantments such as: Dynamically adaptive depth of field
    Increased particle effects quality and number of particle effects
    Improved wind dynamics for clothing, flags, foliage, trees and more
    More realistic fluid dynamics
    Improved weather effects
    Improved damage effects
    Volumetric light pollution
    3x number of light sources from 360/PS3 It certainly sounds like a typical remaster to me (and the majority of the gaming press)
  • I have never heard any gaming press call gta 5 a remaster.
    And according to your meaning of remaster, console versions of PC games are remasters as well. Also Destiny is also a remaster then? Since its on both lastgen and currentgen? GTA 5 was already in development for currentgen consoles. And it was less than a year old when it released on X1 and PS4. It was in development at the same time. It just released later. GTA 5 does not count as a remaster. A rerelease is a better word for it.
  • "I have never heard any gaming press call gta 5 a remaster" Perhaps you should try using Google to search for the term "GTA 5 remaster(ed)". There are plenty of reputable sights that have labeled it as such. Look, you made a small factual error and instead of owning up to it and saying " I forgot about GTA" you just keep on doubling down on your own misconception. You would have much been better off just admitting that you made a mistake. Trust me, people will respect you much more if you concede to your own miscues. I suppose that's something that only comes with age and experience...
  • Case closed.
  • So, Wikipedia is now the defunct authority on all matters? LOL, its a database that can be updated by anyone! Eurogamer/Digital Foundry, one of the most recognized authorities on game analysis, called the next-gen version of GTA 5 a "remaster". I think that I'll take their word over a bunch of anonymous Wikipedia contributors. I see that you are going all in with your ridiculous assertion. Some people just can't admit when they are wrong. Good luck with that, kid.
  • People will respect you much more if you concede to your own miscues. I suppose that's something that only comes with age and experience.
  • If anything it's a remaster strictly by the definition. Just as much as a tomato is a fruit by definition. It was an unintentional remastered version, the only reason it was done was because the new consoles came out.
  • I agree that its a remaster by the classic definition. But it doesn't make sense in the gaming community. I'm just saying that it should and is referred to as a rerelease. Calling games that release on other platforms later even though they were in development at the same time a remaster doesn't make sense. Would you say Rise of the Tomb Raider is a remaster when it comes to PS4? Sure by definition, it even would look a little better on PS4. But the gaming community doesn't refer to it that way.
  • When on windows 10 ?
  • Holy frack. Bout time.
  • Deciding of i should get the PS4 or get the XBOX one S for the backwards compatibility games... Decision decision
  • Xbox One S - Backwards Compatibility, 4K, UHD-Bluray, HDR and Play Anywhere for $299.
  • The controller was the reason I didn't buy an Xbox, I have a ps3 so I'm use to the ps controller. Going to try playing with the Xbox controller more to see if I'll get use to it..
  • PS4 controller sucks compared to the Xbox One's. Battery charge for PS4 does not last near as long as One. If you're made of money then the Xb One Elite controller is the way to go.
  • Depends on whose first party titles you like best and if carrying your old games forward is a must. I have both consoles and you can't go wrong regardless of which one you chose.
  • I have a ps3. Didn't really like the Xbox controller. Going to try playing with the controller more
  • To avoid redundancy see above.
  • Very cool!  I'd love to play this game again.  Thanks, Rockstar.
  • Nice games but I'd rather LA Noire next
  • WOW, never though this would happen....
  • Awesome
  • Can't wait. I know what I'm doing that day lol
  • I still have my copy. Oh yeahhhh!
  • Never played this. When its backwards compatible ill finally try it out.
  • It's about time to complete the game!!
  • Finally! Never played it as I didn't have a console but now That I have an Xbox One I will be finally able to enjoy this game.