The refurbished Eufy RoboVac 15C Max on sale for $130 can clean up for you

Eufy 15c Max Robovac
Eufy 15c Max Robovac

One of Amazon's daily deals features the Eufy RoboVac 15C Max robot vacuum refurbished and on sale for $129.99. While shipped by Amazon, the deal itself comes from Woot, Amazon's daily deals site that often features big savings on refurbished products like this. This renewed robot vacuum normally goes for around $180 and has never dropped below $140 before today. The new version sells for as much as $250 and is currently on sale for $180 with an on-page coupon. No matter how you look at it, today's deal is the best price around.

The robot vacuum comes with Amazon's Renewed Gaurantee, which means you can get a replacement or a refund within 90 days of your order. It promises the vacuum has been professionally cleared through tests and inspections. The battery will exceed 80% capacity, and the accessories will all be compatible and functional.

With 2000Pa suction, the 15C Max is a powerful vacuum that won't disappoint. It switches easily between floor types like hard wood and deep capret. It's designed to adapt to the different types, so it only uses as much suction as it needs to. It'll bump up the suction when it's on carpet and not nearly as much on hard wood, for example. It uses its BoostIQ tech and built-in sensors to be able to detect when changes like this are needed and does so automatically.

The 15C Max will be able to navigate most of your home without much hassle. It's only 2.85 inches tall so it can fit under counters, around corners, and between furniture. It cleans as quickly and efficiently as possible and returns to its base when it is done. The battery life can last for up to 100 minutes, so it can cover the floor it's on in one go.

Connect the robot vacuum to your Wi-Fi network and enable its smart features. You can use the EufyHome app to set it up, create schedules, and more. You can also connect it to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and control it with your voice.

John Levite
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