Out This Week on Xbox One: Rock Band 4, Transformers: Devastation, and more!

Every week, new games are released for the Xbox One. Whether they are indie titles or AAA titles, we want to make sure they're on your radar. So get your wallet ready and clear some space on your hard drive. Let's take a look at what's coming out this week for Xbox One.

Rock Band 4

the king has returned

Rock Band was the king of music peripheral games back when music peripheral games mattered. Back in 2013, Harmonix closed the doors the franchise and stated that they would bring it back when they felt it was the right time. Well, here we are almost three years later and we have the next iteration hitting stores this week.

Rock Band 4 takes the game back to its core gameplay mechanics of the original title with only guitar, bass, drums, a microphone being playable. Speaking of instruments, all of your old peripherals are able to in the new game although it does require a legacy adapter. Not only are the controllers compatible, but all previous Rock Band DLC is compatible as well.

So if you're a fan of the older games and is looking for an updated Rock Band experience, this may be the early Christmas gift you'd want to give yourself. Rock Band 4 hits the Xbox One October 6.

Transformers: Devastation

transform and roll out

Platinum Games are known for making great action games that usually have melee combat as its core gameplay focus. This time around, the developers are taking on the Transformers universe with Transformers: Devastation.

The game features a style that resembles the look from the comic series back in the 80's. Play as one of six Autobots including Optimus Prime and Bumblebee as you take down Megatron and the Decepticons as they try to harness the power of Plasma Energy in order to cyberform the Earth.

Transformers: Devastation crashes onto Earth this Tuesday, October 6.

Elite Dangerous

sail the seas of space

After being one of the first titles on the Game Preview Program on the Xbox One, Elite Dangerous is officially launching this week. The game takes place in a 1:1 scale of the Milky Way in which you are free to play the game as you wish.

This means that you can be a pirate, a transporter, or just an explorer if you wish. Recently the game was updated to include close quarter combat, which gives players and easy way to play competitively against willing opponents. They've also announced a new season of the game called Elite Dangerous: Horizons which will allow players to land on and explore the planets in the universe.

Elite Dangerous becomes official on October 6. For a full explanation of the game so far check out our impression here.

Elite Dangerous - Xbox Store - $30.99


customization or bust

RIDE is finally hitting consoles this week after months of delays here in the U.S. despite being available for a while now in places like the UK. If you haven't heard of RIDE yet, just think of it as an "arcadey" motorcycle racing game. It features tons of customization options and makes this the focal point of the game. This is definitely felt once you finally hop on your bike and hit the streets, as driving feels "floaty" and unresponsive.

RIDE screeches onto the Xbox One on October 6.

RIDE - Amazon - $59.96

Which games are you grabbing this week? Or are you saving your money for bigger and better things? Let us know in the comments below!

Jonathan Dollison