Rogers Lumia 920 Deal

We've had a Best Buy advertisement sent in showing off the Lumia 920 on Rogers with an extra saving of $100 for the duration of Black Friday. Should you be looking to pick up a Lumia 920 on Rogers, you can now own one for free (when taken out with an eligible contract) after established savings have been applied to the purchase.

What's interesting with the Lumia 920 offered by Rogers is that reports have continuously been published by consumers who have managed to pick one up that the Windows Phone is unlocked and works with WIND and T-Mobile (though this is through Best Buy). The HTC 8X is also going on sale through the next couple of days on both AT&T and T-Mobile.

Unfortunately, according to the promotion material sent into us, this deal with Rogers is only available with the Lumia 920 in black, restricting choice but the deal includes a flagship Windows Phone for absolutely nothing. Rogers is looking set to stock the Lumia 920 in yellow too in the future.

Thanks, Barry, for the photo and tip!