Saints Row IV: Re-elected and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell bundle now available for Xbox One

Saints Row IV: Re-elected and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell are now available for Xbox One. The bundle comes with last year's game as well as all the additional content that has launched since, which includes DLCs, weapons, vehicles and more.

The Gat out of Hell expansion sees you playing as Johnny Gat as you try to rescue the leader of the Saints from Satan. Here's what you're getting with the game:

  • Saints Row IV: Re-Elected – Includes the base game, both DLC mission packs, plus 25+ DLC weapons, 15 new vehicles, 60+ wardrobe items, 15 new homies & 6 new superpower elements.
  • Saints Row: Gat out of Hell – For the first time ever, play as the fan favorites Johnny Gat and Kinzie Kensington, alone or in 2-player online co-op. Features an open world from hell, new supernatural powers, outrageous weapons and more.

You can either buy the bundle for $49.49, or just the game for $29.99. If you're only looking to get the expansion, you can do so for $19.99.

  • Saints Row IV: Re-Elected – Xbox One – 12 GB – $29.99 – Link (opens in new tab)
  • Saints Row IV: Gat out of Hell – Xbox One – 7 GB – $19.99 – Link (opens in new tab)
  • Saints Row IV: Re-elected + Saints Row: Gat out of Hell – Xbox One – $49.49 – Amazon Link (opens in new tab) Link (opens in new tab)

Source: Major Nelson

Harish Jonnalagadda
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  • This seems interesting..
  • Yeah...very cool. More games to play
  • I'm interested that the bundle saves you $0.49. Or about 1%. :-P
  • Never played SR 4 is it any good? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • The game is pretty fun and good, you play as the President with superpowers after being captured by aliens. Yeah weird stuff haha, have fun
  • The Saints Row series has quickly become one of my favorite series of all time. SR4 is a ton of fun and I can almost guarantee you'll find something to love about it if you don't take it too seriously.
  • My favorite game..Just go get it..!!
  • Yeah SR4 was a impulse buy for me back in 2013 and I ended up playing the hell out of it. Definitely not for everyone, but worth a look for sure.
  • SR 4 was terrible! Don't listen to these guys. It was thrown together and it gets OLD really fast and is basically an expansion pack for SR3. You would be MUCH better off getting SR 3 for the 360 - that is an awesome game.
  • So getting this for X1.
  • If you had it for 360, do you get a deal for upgrading?
  • Oh man, I'm buying this just because that trailer video above is friggin' hilarious!
  • I stopped caring about this franchise after saints row 2. Just play GTA unless you really need a dildo sword or super powers.