Save $20 and program every button on the Razer Mamba Elite wired mouse

Razer Mamba Elite Wired
Razer Mamba Elite Wired

Razer had a huge sale over the Black Friday weekend, but if you missed out on that there's still plenty of ways to save heading into the holidays. For example, you can get the Razer Mamba Elite wired gaming mouse for a low price of $39.99 today at Amazon. That's a $20 discount off its regular price, the lowest we have ever seen it go on Amazon, and a match for what it dropped to during Razer's Black Friday sale. Since this is a deal coming directly from Razer, you can find it at several retailers including Best Buy among others.


Razer Mamba Elite wired gaming mouse | $20 off

A very customizable mouse thanks to the Razer Chroma tech that lets you decide the lighting, nine programmable buttons that can do whatever you want, an adjustable DPI so you can find what's comfortable, and more.

A great mouse for the cost that includes a ton of awesome features that'll have you tweaking it and customizing it and making it all your own before long. One of the neat aspects of this mouse is Razer Chroma, which is essentially just RGB lighting that you can customize. However, the Chroma part means it can be synced with other gear including other Razer devices, third party devices like Philips Hue smart bulbs, and even the video games you're playing.

With nine programmable buttons that are all easy to access, you get a lot of personalization there, too. Use Razer's free Synapse software to set up the mouse however you want. Make all the buttons do what you need them to do. That even includes a dedicated DPI button that can be set to adjust your DPI on the fly as you play or programmed to do something else entirely. Adjust up to 16,000 DPI thanks to the high-precision 5G optical sensor.

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