Save up to 20% on a Vantrue dash cam and keep an extra eye on the road

Vantrue Dash Cam N2s
Vantrue Dash Cam N2s (Image credit: Amazon)

One of Amazon's Epic Daily Deals today features a selection of Vantrue dash cams up to 20% off. If you own a car or drive one regularly, you should have a dash cam. Once installed, they mostly keep to themselves and can save you big time in an emergency. The prices and the features on these dash cams vary from as low as $135.99 for the Vantrue N2 Pro to $207.99 for the Vantrue N4, but in all cases the prices is a whole lot less than what it would have been yesterday.

A camera we really like that we've shared deals on before is the Vantrue N2S front and back camera dash cam, and it's on sale for $175.99 in today's sale. This is $220 dash cam, so you're saving $44 off the price. That's within $6 of the best deal we've seen this year, but that price was at another retailer where it's currently way more expensive.

The beauty of a dual dashcam is that it has cameras that face forward and backward. So not only can it catch accidents taking place on the road in front of you, it can also capture anything behind like someone breaking into your car. You get a great image no matter how you're using the dash cam. If you're just using the front camera, you can get resolutions as high as 4K with 25 frames per second. If you're using the cabin camera and the front camera together, you can get 1440p resolution. The video will always be clear enough to catch details like license plates and other nuance a lesser camera might miss.

The N2S also has a built-in G Sensor, which means that not only can it detect that a crash has occured it can take steps to ensure your video of it is safe. The camera will immediately begin recording when it detects something like that, and it will also lock that footage so you don't accidentally overwrite it or anything. It even has four infrared LEDs for advanced night vision. Other features include a large aperture, the Sony Starvis sensor, six glass lenses, and WDR tech that helps even more with low light conditions.

These dash cams all need microSD cards to record footage on. Make sure you find out the max capacity your camera supports. The N2S, for example, supports cards up to 256GB and you can get one of the best microSD cards around like the Samsung EVO to ensure your recordings are always quality.

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