Save $200 on a Core i5 Surface Pro or Surface Laptop at Microsoft

Black Friday may be behind us, but Microsoft still has some discounts up its sleeve for anyone looking to buy a Surface. Right now, you can pick up a Core i5 Surface Pro or Core i5 Surface Laptop at a $200 discount from the Microsoft Store.

With the price cut, the base models for each device are available at just $799. That's not too shabby, so long as you're okay with limited RAM and storage at 4GB and 128GB, respectively. Jumping up to the next model with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage will push the price up to $1,099 for each device. Unfortunately, these discounts are only available for the Intel Core i5 models, so you're out of luck if you need a little more power or storage.

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Both discounts are set to run through December 24, so you've got some time to decide if you want to pull the trigger. If you're ready, though, you can find both devices on sale at the Microsoft Store now.

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