Save hundreds on a new gaming chair or desk in AndaSeat's site-wide sale

Andaseat Jungle And Dark Demon Side By Side
Andaseat Jungle And Dark Demon Side By Side (Image credit: Windows Central)

The AndaSeat eSport Festival is happening right now between Sept. 16 and Oct. 7. Whether you're participating in that event or not, you can still benefit from it thanks to a site-wide promotional sale featuring huge discounts on AndaSeat gaming chairs, gaming desks, and more. The discounts vary, of course, but you can save as much as $449 when you combine the Kaiser 2 gaming chair and the Eagle 2 Lightening gaming desk for a grand total of $550.98 instead of the $1,000 it would normally cost for those two items. One of the best deals in this sale is on the AndaSeat Jungle Premium gaming chair, which is down to just $220.99 compared to its normal price of $350. That's a great price that includes free shipping.

We have sat in the Jungle gaming chair before, and our reviewer gave it 4.5 stars out of 5 with a Recommended badge. Samantha Nelson said, "'I'm extremely satisfied with the Jungle, which keeps my back feeling good after long days of work and marathon gaming sessions. It's easy to feel the difference its strong support provides even when you're just sitting in it for a few minutes."

The chair is extremely durable with a frame that's made with 100% steel. The outer material is PVC leather, so it's comfortable and can shape to your body. While at the same time, it's also scratch and stain resistant so it won't get ruined over time. You have full control over the chair, too, with a back that can tilt up to 160 degrees and wheels that allow for effortless movement.

You could also look at getting the AndaSeat Mask 2 gaming desk while it's on sale for $199.99. That's a huge $250 discount over AndaSeat's regular price thanks to the eSport festival. We reviewed this desk as well and determined it was great for any gamer that wants a sturdy, capable desk with RGB lighting.

These aren't the only products on sale right now. There's a dozen items to choose from, including Marvel-themed gaming chairs like the Captain America chair. Check out all your options and be sure to grab one before the deals expire Oct. 7.

John Levite
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