Should you buy a black or white Xbox Elite Wireless Controller?

Xbox Controller
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Should you buy a black or white Xbox Elite Wireless Controller?

Why get an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller?

Before discussing the pros and cons of available colors, it's important to highlight why you'd want an Xbox Elite Wireless Controller in the first place. Between the four customizable paddles on the back, rubber grips, a variety of different available joysticks and d-pads, and hair trigger functionality, this controller gives you extensive control over how you play your games. While it's quite expensive at $150, you're ultimately getting a controller that can be functionally tuned to your specific needs. For more details, check out our review.

Reasons to choose black

Though the black Elite controller is less of a standout than its white counterpart, there are still reasons that you might find it a preferable option. For one, the vast majority of Xbox equipment comes in black, so choosing the black version of the Elite will mean that it fits in with your other accessories. Another good advantage of black accessories in general is that it's harder to tell they're dirty — nobody will be able to see the Dorito stains on your gear if the gear is darker than orange already. Lastly, this controller has some nice silver accents, so if that fits within your style, this might be the version for you.

Reasons to choose white

A good reason to choose the white version of the Elite controller is if you own an Xbox One S or the new white variant of the Xbox One X. Having a controller that matches your console always looks great, and previously, only regular Xbox controllers were available in white. Now that the Elite is, you no longer have to choose between style and function; you can have your cake and eat it, too. Also, since most Xbox accessories tend to come in black, this controller will stand out quite a bit from everything else in your arsenal. If you want something to contrast the norm, then this color scheme is right up your alley.

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