Shred! Extreme Mountain Biking arrives on Windows Phone

Shred! Extreme Mountain Biking is a new Windows Phone game that, as its name implies, brings the mountain biking action to your phone with downhill and free-ride biking. Previously available for iPhone and Android, the title has made its way to Windows Phone and brings along its stunning graphics and controls.

Here are some of the features of the game:

  • Awesome 3D graphics!
  • Realistic bike physics!
  • Cinematic camera angles!
  • Intense MTB action and gameplay!
  • 15 gnarly trails inspired by real world courses!
  • Brutal crashes!

The game will also be coming to Xbox Arcade in 2015 along with more levels.

An additional level pack "UK Bike Park" is now well underway. This add-on will feature more exciting downhill action, an all new "Enduro" bike, rider and levels, drive-able off road uplifts, wet, muddy and gnarly UK terrain and some crazy antics thrown in for good measure! This content will hopefully be released on all platforms in January 2015!

QR: Shred Mountain Biking

Source: Pink Bike

Chuong Nguyen

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  • I must tell you, its good to see games coming our way.
  • Im a mountain biker, its a good news for me
  • Link at the bottom of article calls it "Shrek!" :)
  • Haha I had to take a double take on it lol
  • 512 MB devices supported or not?
  • Yes it does!!
  • Thanks!
  • It's paid even try is not there!!
  • Not available here in the Brazilian store. Developers, I can help you.
  • Change phone region to US in settings, it will then be available
  • Is this game good? I want to buy it, there is no try option.
  • But i want to drive that truck at the back :(
  • No trial? Come on...
  • Added another game to my Collection! (~_~)
  • Baught :)
  • I haven't seen the "awesome 3d graphics" they were talking about....but it is pretty fun I suppose.
  • The days are not so rosy.When Windows phone is gaining popularity and make a statement for its presence,MS is giving away all the essence of our platform.Instead of investing heavily on r&d it just used its money to buy Nokia and hence gains the authority over 90% of WP.It should make new exclusive service and deploy moves that may make WP more unique.Atleast for 2 years till the Nokia deal ends.Anyway as someone had said,Live it as it's ur last day.A clear fate of Lumias depend much on a Windows 10 flagship.
  • Lot of Graphical glitches.Unfinished textures.Not gonna buy this game
  • Swing Copters is available in the store... It is actually developed by .GEARS and not some cheap rip-off!
  • Convinced one of my friend for buying this and now I realized it isn't a completely finished up game so a big NO from my side
    Don't Buy it !=
    Go and watch rating of game if you don't believe
  • GT Aggressor biker from this side.
  • New games for 50 million WP users....
  • FREE with in-app purchase is better.
  • Nope.
  • Give us sky go and sky+ app as well
  • Wanna see magic jack app make its way accross Coolest Man Alive
  • No trial, not needed.
  • Forget it, it's paid... :/
  • Nice game great graphics and controls. Not every app is free and supporting the devs creates better apps in the future.. We need to show other developers Windows platform can support paid apps as well as free ones..
  • It would be nice even if there was 1 level for a trial. I like to try apps out(not just games), and if I kept all the money instead of buying apps before I tries them, I could buy an Xbox One.