Shred! Extreme Mountain Biking arrives on Windows Phone

Shred! Extreme Mountain Biking is a new Windows Phone game that, as its name implies, brings the mountain biking action to your phone with downhill and free-ride biking. Previously available for iPhone and Android, the title has made its way to Windows Phone and brings along its stunning graphics and controls.

Here are some of the features of the game:

  • Awesome 3D graphics!
  • Realistic bike physics!
  • Cinematic camera angles!
  • Intense MTB action and gameplay!
  • 15 gnarly trails inspired by real world courses!
  • Brutal crashes!

The game will also be coming to Xbox Arcade in 2015 along with more levels.

An additional level pack "UK Bike Park" is now well underway. This add-on will feature more exciting downhill action, an all new "Enduro" bike, rider and levels, drive-able off road uplifts, wet, muddy and gnarly UK terrain and some crazy antics thrown in for good measure! This content will hopefully be released on all platforms in January 2015!

QR: Shred Mountain Biking

Source: Pink Bike