Get Microsoft 365 plus Nord VPN for a whole year at a considerable discount with this mega deal from Antonline

Microsoft Office is an essential evil whether you're a student tackling coursework or just staring down at the spreadsheet trying to manage your life admin, and unfortunately to get the full benefits of the suite of programs and cloud saving, you need to get a subscription for it. Thankfully Antonline is here to ease the pain on our pockets with a seriously huge discount on the personal 1-year subscription, and even throwing in a year's Nord VPN subscription getting you everything you need for $38. If you need it for up to 6 people you can easily convert it to a family subscription for 9 months.

Microsoft 365 Personal 12-month + NordVPN 1 Year subscription was $139.98now $37.99 at Antonline

Microsoft 365 Personal 12-month + NordVPN 1 Year subscription | was $139.98 now $37.99 at Antonline

With a personal subscription for Microsoft 365 normally setting you back $69.99, this is already a fantastic deal. To sweeten it further Antonline is throwing in NordVPN 1 year sub to keep up to 6 devices safe. This can also be converted to a 9-month family subscription if you need 365 for up to 6 people, simply head to your subscription management page after redeeming and look for the  "Upgrade" or "Switch" option to change the subscription..

✅Perfect for: Anyone who wants to access the best Microsoft apps across multiple devices and benefit from cloud saving and regular updates.

❌Avoid it if: You want to just pay a one-time payment and don't want to worry about a subscription, you should check out Office 2021.

💰Price check: $69.99 at Amazon

👀Which should I buy? Office 2021 vs. Microsoft 365

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Microsoft Office 365 Personal Subscription is a steal on its own

I use Office 365 daily from both my laptop and my smartphone (Image credit: Jennifer Young - Windows Central)

Even if you aren't interested in the VPN this deal is worth it in spades. The Office 365 Personal subscription alone is essential in both work and personal projects. With this deal, you'll have a year's access to powerful software, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, and access to all your documents on the cloud from any of your devices.

Office Online is of course free for the web-based programs, but you cannot use the programs offline and you won't get the extra features like macros and advanced formatting that a subscription affords you.

This deal is a great opportunity to extend your current subscription or embark on a new one, especially if you've been grappling with third-party apps or relying on Google Docs to manage tasks without the superior offerings of Office products.

If it's been a while since you've used Office, now is an ideal moment to reacquaint yourself, as Microsoft is dedicated to putting their Copilot AI across the board. Enhanced functionalities in writing, editing, drafting, and tailoring tone, voice, and text for your target audience are promised with Copilot integration. These enhancements make this the perfect time to re-immerse yourself in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. They've just launched a Copilot Pro subscription if you want to experiment with this.

As for Nord VPN, i use this myself daily for work. Being based in the UK and writing for a US-centric audience means I need to regularly browse US websites and see prices and delivery details for items, much easier with a VPN. Not only that, I can access a much larger Netflix outside of the UK. There are more reasons to get one than just online privacy, and this is one of the most user-friendly VPNs out there. Getting both for only $38 is a surefire hot deal and I'd snap it up now before the price goes back up! 

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