Stellaris: Console Edition announces MegaCorp expansion for early 2021

Stellaris (Image credit: Paradox Interactive)

What you need to know

  • Stellaris is a top-rated 4x grand strategy game from genre legends Paradox Interactive.
  • The game gets a never-ending stream of new expansions, updates, and content packs, and the latest has just been announced.
  • MegaCorp is a part of the game's third expansion pass and brings corporate slavery and greed to Stellaris: Console Edition.
  • You can buy the expansion pass now, but MegaCorp doesn't release until January 26, 2021.

Stellaris: Console Edition is prepping its next major expansion with MegaCorp, the latest update to be a part of the game's Expansion Pass Three. MegaCorp adds another new way to play to Paradox Interactive's already-massive 4x grand strategy game that's available on Xbox, PC, and through Xbox Game Pass. If you want to embrace capitalism and corporate greed, then MegaCorp is exactly what you've been waiting for in Stellaris. You can check out the announcement trailer and specific information about the expansion below.

  • New civics and government types. Embrace corporate culture with new civics and government types that translate trade into wealth and wealth into power.
  • Megacities. Increase the population of civilizations far beyond capacity until a single city can span multiple planets.
  • Caravaneer fleets. These nomadic traders prefer to stay separate from corporate and government policies and are just as likely to scam you as they are to sell to you.
  • Big buildings. Additional megastructures have been added so that you can make every bigger (including your civilization's poverty rates).
  • Slave market. You can buy and sell slaves through the Galactic Market and do with them as you please.
  • Other changes. New perks, advisors, music, and more all round out the latest Stellaris expansion.

MegaCorp isn't here yet, but it's releasing for Stellaris: Console Edition on January 26, 2021. Until then, you can already purchase the Expansion Pass Three, which will include MegaCorp, and play Stellaris: Console Edition through Xbox Game Pass. There's a lot going on in Stellaris, a game that you can lose hours to, so make sure you're preserving your immersion with one of the Best Headsets for Xbox Series X|S.

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