Stock up on SanDisk Ultra 32GB microSD cards while they are 15% off

Sandisk Ultra 32gb Sd Cardf
Sandisk Ultra 32gb Sd Cardf

Amazon has the SanDisk Ultra Plus 32GB microSDHC memory card for a low price of $8.49. These cards are already relatively inexpensive so any discount at all is huge. Today's price is 15% off what it normally goes for (around $11) and nearly $10 off what we see at other retailers. It matches the lowest price we've seen in the last year, but previous sales have sold out so it was an easy-to-miss discount.

You can find a very similar card on sale as part of Best Buy's deals of the day, although it's still a couple bucks more than this. The only difference is the speed class which is U1 for the Amazon card and V10 for the Best Buy card, which doesn't mean much for all practical purposes.

SanDisk Ultra Plus 32GB microSDHC card | $3 off

SanDisk Ultra Plus 32GB microSDHC card | $3 off

This is a unique deal from Amazon because the card has been sold out for most of the year, and it has been selling at a few bucks more for the last six months or so. It may sell out again, too, so grab one or two while you can.

SD cards are small but powerful as they can be used in a wide variety of ways. The 32GB storage can support high quality video. It has fast data transfer speeds of up to 120 MB/s so you can move thousands of photos in just minutes. The read speeds are designed to even exceed its speed class, so you get the best possible performance.

If you aren't sure what you would do with a microSD card like this, just think about all the gadgets you may have that use one. Upgrade the storage on your DSLR camera, a smartphone or tablet, or even a laptop. They work great with dashboard cameras, security cameras, drones, and anywhere else you might want to record photos or video. Since they're so small and compact, you can carry them with you anywhere, too. Buy a few and keep them in your camera bag or wherever else you might want to just pull one out.

SanDisk covers this card with a 10-year warranty.

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