How to stop getting Insider builds of Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft is expected to roll out the retail version of Windows 10 Mobile very soon for Insiders (build 10586). For some people, they will want to jump out of the Insider program to stay on the stable public version. Likewise, if you are considering jumping into the Insider Program for Windows 10 Mobile you may want reassurance that you can leave at any time.

Much like the Insider program for PCs you can enroll and leave the program whenever you want without needing to reset or wipe your device. This ability means that you can sign up, grab the latest "stable" release, and then leave the program. Your phone stays on that build, and you do not have to risk getting unstable beta releases. Should there be any new firmware or stable release updates, you will get those too.

Today, we are going to show you easy it is to exit the Insider program for Windows 10 Mobile.

How to stop getting Insider builds for Windows Phone

1. Launch the app

From your Start menu launch the Windows Insider App. If you need to re-install it just use this link for the Store.

2. Disenroll

From the ellipsis menu near the bottom open the menu and choose Leave the program

3. Sign in

To confirm your account, you need to sign in again

4. Leave Program

On the Leave program screen select Continue to confirm

You are now disenrolled in the Windows Insider Programs for phones. You will not get any more OS updates through the service.

If you wish to change your mind at any point, just launch the Windows Insider App and re-enroll through the original steps.

Why you shouldn't worry if your phone is not on the official Windows 10 upgrade list

Microsoft has made it exceptionally simple to enroll and leave the Insider program. For those who's phone is not Windows 10 Mobile eligible through the official update, the Insider program is the way to do it. Once you get the final build later this year through the Insider program, you can leave the service and enjoy that build. The choice is yours!

Are you planning on leaving the Windows 10 Mobile Insider program once the retail version ships or are you sticking with it? Let us know in comments!

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