Stop losing your keys with this 4-pack of Tile Mate item trackers on sale for $55

Tile Bluetooth Item Tracker
Tile Bluetooth Item Tracker

If you're like me, you probably lose stuff all the time. For some reason, I keep wearing shorts that make my keys fall out when I sit down. Why, me? Why? I don't know, but I do know it'd be pretty handy to have a set of Tile Mate Bluetooth trackers to find those keys when I lose them. Right now you can get a 4-pack on Amazon for $54.99. That's $15 off their regular price and the lowest these trackers have been since we shared a deal on them over a year ago.

These Bluetooth trackers are great for keeping track of all the things you're most likely to use, and that includes a lot more than just keys. With four trackers included in this deal, you can cover your keys, your purse, your backpack, and still have an extra to attach to your pet's collar. You could keep one or two around as spares for when you discover what new items you have that you're losing.

They're really easy to use as well. Just connect the Tile trackers to the Tile app on your smartphone. You can follow some in-app instructions that make activating the trackers simple and easy. Then whenever you want to you can use the app to make your Tile tracker ring out. If the tracker is within 200 feet of you, you'll hear it and be able to locate it plus whatever it's attached to.

That works both ways, by the way. Not only can you use the phone to track down the tracker, you can use your Tile to ping your phone should that be the thing you lose. In that way, it's like having an extra tracker dedicated to your phone. That's great because you know that thing ends up between the cushions on the couch more often than not.

The trackers work on a battery, and that battery will last for up to a year. It's easy to replace when it runs out, and that's really the only sort of upkeep the trackers need over time. So you don't have to worry about maintenance or anything like that.

One other cool feature about these trackers is that if the item you lost is outside that 200-feet radius, you can use the Tile community to find it. Maybe someone else has a Tile Mate nearby that can locate it. Then you can see your item on a map and track it down.

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