Surface All Access lets you finance your PC, starts at $25 per month

At its Surface event today, Microsoft announced "Surface All Access," a new financing program for Surface devices. While the company didn't dive into too many details, it did reveal that plans start at $25 per month, allowing you to pay for devices like the new Surface Pro 6, Surface Laptop 2, or Surface Studio 2 over time.

Surface All Access replaces the now-defunct Surface Plus program, which Microsoft abruptly ended in August. That program allowed you to pay for your PC over the course of 24 months, with the option to upgrade to a new device at 18 months on a new 24-month payment plan for accounts in good standing. Surface All Access operates in a similar manner, letting you spread your purchase out over 24 months, but without an option for an early upgrade. A two-year subscription to Office 365 is also included in the price.

"Surface All Access is a new way to purchase your favorite Surface product with accessories, Office 365, dedicated support, and Microsoft Store benefits for a single low monthly payment, starting at $24.99," Microsoft says.

Of course, the devil is in the details on pricing. According to the Surface All Access site, the $25 starting price is for a Surface Go bundle. Should you want to step up to something more costly, like the Surface Book 2 or Surface Laptop, you'll be looking at a monthly payment ranging from just under $50 to north of $150 for the Surface Studio.

At least for now, Surface All Access is only available through Microsoft Stores in the U.S.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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