Surface Laptop 2 brings massive speed boost and new matte black option

Alongside the new Surface Pro 6, Microsoft today took the wraps off of the Surface Laptop 2. Like its tablet sibling, the Surface Laptop 2 comes packing Intel's latest 8th Gen (8650U) processors, along with a matte black finish as a color option in addition to the usual Surface colors.

According to Microsoft, the Surface Laptop 2 is significantly speedier than its predecessor, coming in at 85 percent faster. The screen has also seen a bump to a 1,500:1 contrast ratio, so your images and documents should be pretty poppy. Rounding things out is an improved keyboard that provides a quieter typing experience.

Surface Laptop 2 is expected to be available on October 16 at a starting price of $999 and preorders are available now (opens in new tab).

Everything Microsoft announced at its October 2 Surface event

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  • My guess is it uses a faster SSD...
  • 85% faster, amazing
  • Because it's using a quad-core CPU instead of the dual-core used in Surface Laptop 1
  • So there z no 15" Surface Laptop
  • Nice jump in speed. Probably a combo of SSD and new processors.
  • Very impressive update compared to the original.
  • ...but does it fold flat? Inking is so awkward on the Surface Laptop 1.
  • Surface Laptop 2, just like the 1st gen, does not lay flat. I used to think it's hard to write on Surface Laptop until I had a chance to review the device for my school last year. To my surprise, I could write accurately and fast on Surface Laptop. The only drawback is that I may need to use my left hand to hold the screen to ensure better writing quality. This is not a big deal for me as I do not rely on inking heavily. For heavy use of the pen, I would of course suggest Surface Pro/Go/Book. I suggest potential users to try the inking on the Laptop first. You may find the experience better than expected.
  • There goes the dream of a 15" Surface Laptop, would've been the highlight of the show. Probably most sought after Surface if it launched..
  • they probably want people to buy Surface Book 2 for that
  • It looks really nice in black.
  • To undying indifference from a market that now knows that W10 is a pile of garbage, and that m$ is a serial fail in mobile.
  • why are you here then? Mr Troll!
  • Russian bot.
  • Great job, the advertising clip makes u feel like having one to Go. The clip is uniquely differentiated with Surface catching tune.
  • Tech specs says windows 10 home. I wonder if S mode is enabled out of the box.
  • No USB Type-C/Thunderbold, still Alcantara => no buy. It's pretty simple actually.
  • Black is back
  • Big bloody deal. So what is exceptional about this? A new processor, a bit faster? Not going to cut the mustard with this. If MS wants to make an impact then they need to release aomething ground breaking and this surely does not fit the bill.
  • Like what? What do you have in mind that the guys of Microsoft didn't think about?