Surface Go USB-C adapters for ethernet, USB-A launching August 2

As Microsoft begins to adopt USB-C ports with the Surface Go and Surface Book 2, it looks like it's also starting to build out an ecosystem of adapters for those who still need access to legacy ports. Best Buy has now listed two USB-C adapters with little fanfare, both of which are set to launch on August 2, likely to coincide with the release of the new Surface Go (via Reddit).

The first adapter, available for $54.99 (opens in new tab), allows you to add an ethernet port and a standard USB Type-A port to your Surface via its USB-C port. The ethernet port can support transfer speeds of up to 1 Gbps, and a built-in light will show you when data is going back and forth.

The second adapter is much simpler, converting your Surface's USB-C port to a USB Type-A port. It's still a tad on the expensive side at $19.99 (opens in new tab), but it could come in handy if you're in need of another standard USB port.


Both adapters follow the release of a dongle Microsoft launched in June, allowing the Surface Laptop and Surface Pro to add as USB-C input via the Surface Connect port.

So far, Microsoft hasn't made any noise about these new adapters. However, they're set to launch on August 2, according to Best Buy's listings. If you're planning to pick up a Surface Go and need access to some legacy ports, or want to add to your Surface Book 2, then they may be worth a look.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Surface Go - to the store to buy an adapter. :-)
  • The second one is just basically a USB OTG adapter which you can buy at around $5 a piece. I got one from my local market at less than $2. Why does it have to cost $20 at MS? It better come with RGB lighting then.
  • Taking a page out of Apple's profit book 😶.
  • Exactly, a dongle for this, a dongle for that. FFS just integrate a USB-A port as well, it can't be that difficult!!!!
  • It is not difficult, it is impossible. From what I heard, the Surface Go is too thin to have an A port onboard. You can debate the merits of ports vs thin-ness, but they can't "FFS just integrate a USB A-port as well"
  • Not to say I agree with the pricing, but that's how it usually goes with all companies. 3rd party adaptors are usually cheaper.
  • Yep, they're not in the dongle business. These are for people who want an MS branded one. No incentive for them to try and compete with third party adapters.
  • I think I'll buy one of these multi-ports instead like the MINIX NEO C-X, USB-C Multiport Adapter. Although it only supports 10/100.
  • I assume these would be compatible with any device running USB-C, as that Ethernet/USB-A dongle would be PERFECT for me for work.
  • For that price you can get one with USB-C PD pass through, HDMI, and SD reader on top of that USB-A and Ethernet. Check Amazon.
  • I'm curious: does the existence of the other ports limit available bandwidth for the ethernet and USB ports, or do they not use any bandwidth unless a device is plugged in? Also: never underestimate the value of a smaller dongle when trying to cram everything into a laptop sleeve.
  • So envious. Wish my 2017 Surface Pro had at least one USB-C.