Surface Pro 2 and Docking Station back in stock online at the Microsoft Store

The Surface Pro 2 is an incredible machine. Those who have on love them. The biggest complaint against the Surface Pro 2 is the stock issue. Since launch, those wanting a Surface Pro 2 have had an impossible time getting their hands on one. Those who pre-ordered didn’t see them arrive for months at a time. Good news if you’re still hunting, the Surface Pro 2 is back in stock at the Microsoft Store.

Head to the Microsoft Store website and you’ll see all four models of the Surface Pro 2 in stock right now. Pricing for the Surface Pro 2 starts at $899 for the 64 GB model and goes up to $1,799 for the 512 GB model.

Not only is the Surface Pro 2 in stock, but so is this the Surface Docking Station. It retails for $199 and gives your Surface Pro 2 (and original Surface Pro) some additional functionality. With it you get a display port, audio input/output jack, Ethernet port, 1 USB 3.0 port and three USB 2.0 ports.

Anyone still looking for either the Surface Pro 2 or Surface 2? Order them today!

Source: Surface Pro 2, Docking Station Via: Twitter

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Sam Sabri