Surface Pro could be getting a docking station soon

Microsoft is in the midst of a companywide re-organization to become a “devices and services” entity. One of those new divisions is the Devices and Studios, which is responsible for the Surface, Xbox, and more within Microsoft. It’s currently led by Julie Larson-Green, but will see Stephen Elop take the reins when Nokia’s Devices and Services division joins that section of Microsoft.

The Devices and Studios division in Microsoft has a few more tricks up its sleeve for the Surface RT and Surface Pro. We’ve had hints of a battery extension for the Surface Pro in the past, but now Paul Thurrott has a few more details on what we can expect with future accessories.

Neowin recently revealed that Microsoft is working on a docking station for the Surface family of devices. Paul Thurrot expanded on their original reveal with more details about what we can expect with the rumored docking station.

The device will be for the Surface Pro and upcoming Surface Pro 2. It won’t work with Surface RT or Surface 2. Why? Compare the bottom of your Surface RT and Surface Pro. You’ll see some pins on the Pro that don’t exist on the RT variant.

The docking station will be fairly large. The Surface Pro will slide in at an angle, being held in place by arms located on that side that pull out to release the tablet. What are you getting with this big docking station?

Video out via a mini Display Port and networking compliments of a 1 Gbps Ethernet port. You’ll get some more USB love from a USB 3.0 port on side with three USB 2.0 ports on the back. You’ll also find a dedicated microphone and headphone/speaker ports.

Neither Paul nor Neowin have any word on pricing or availability, but suspect that it’ll launch with the Surface Pro 2 later this year.

Would you get a docking station for your Surface Pro? It would go well with the rumored “power cover”.

Source: WinSuperSite, Neowin

Sam Sabri