T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 or Dash 3G: Get them for free; make $100

Here's a price you can't refuse if you are looking to jump ship to T-Mobile: free

WMDeals is offering either the Touch Pro 2 or Dash 3G for free by starting a new line of service (sorry, upgrades don't seem to apply directly).

Going even further, you can trade in your old smartphone (including iPhone, Android) and get $100 back, which we suppose is good if you have an older device or are just plain too lazy to sell it on eBay. That's an official HTC/T-Mobile deal that lasts through January.

We have to admit, as far as price wars goes, this is a heck of a deal and if we were looking to switch carriers, this would be tempting.

Head to WMDeals for all the information on how to take advantage.

Phil Nickinson

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