T-Mobile Touch Pro 2 or Dash 3G: Get them for free; make $100

Here's a price you can't refuse if you are looking to jump ship to T-Mobile: free

WMDeals is offering either the Touch Pro 2 or Dash 3G for free by starting a new line of service (sorry, upgrades don't seem to apply directly).

Going even further, you can trade in your old smartphone (including iPhone, Android) and get $100 back, which we suppose is good if you have an older device or are just plain too lazy to sell it on eBay. That's an official HTC/T-Mobile deal that lasts through January.

We have to admit, as far as price wars goes, this is a heck of a deal and if we were looking to switch carriers, this would be tempting.

Head to WMDeals for all the information on how to take advantage.

Phil Nickinson

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  • www.htctradein.com/att
    AT&T started that promotion. Purchase a HTC Tilt 2 from any source and trade-in your old working smartphone and get $100 cash back. Why get one on a slow TNO network? :)
  • Why oh why must sprint be so overpriced on this phone? I sure hope sprint comes along with some BF deal or just joins the game and lowers the price all around
  • Ive asking me the same question. Probably because sprints phone in a world phone. I still don't see why they would charge 450 up front for it though. If the touch pro 2 was 200 with a 100 dollar rebate i would have upgraded long ago.
  • i had sprint and i was trying to get the tp2 but it was way too much so when the last wm deal came out when tp2 was for free i jumped over quick
  • Just ordered this yesterday. Hope T-Mobile service doesn't suck.
  • Just got my TP2 today. I ordered it initially with the 500 minute plan ($39.99) and the Unlimited Text plan ($10)...no data plan needed to order. When I got the phone, I decided I need a data plan so I upgraded over the phone, an extra $30 for a total of $79.99. I later went to T-Mobile's website to set up my online account and looked at available plans. I was able to switch to a Even More Plus plan with the same 500 minutes, unlimited text and web for $59.99. To do this, I had to pay an early term fee of $200. This still saves me $280 over the term of the contract.
  • That's great that you can switch to Even More Plus online -- very convenient. I'm guessing the $280 was a typo, though since you actually save $480 ($20 x 24 months). I'm considering switching over to EMP once my TP2 comes in the mail, but I'm not sure how long I'm going to keep my TP2 before getting the HD2, if I even get the HD2. Because of that, I wouldn't make back the $200 ETF if I don't stick with the TP2 for 10 months. I suppose I could say that the $50 credit I got for getting a data plan, plus the $100 I'll get for trading in my Tilt means that the "real" ETF would be only $50, and I can make that back in two and a half months. Also, if I do get the HD2, I'm going to have to pay the ETF anyway. So it seems like a no-brainer: I should pay the ETF and move to EMP, right? Am I missing something?
  • My mistake re: $280 savings. $480 minus the ETF gets you $280. You're right.
  • By the way, you also get a 2-in-1 car/home charger or a Jabra bluetooth headset with the deal.
  • True true. I did not realize that the car charger they offered me over the phone was a 2-in-1. If I knew that, I would have definitely chose that one.
  • I'm planning on buying this phone . It was either the HTC Touch Pro 2 or the Samsung Behold 2 . I did my research and I chose the HTC . Has anyone ever bought this phone from wmdeals.com/ ? Because I don't want to just give my personal information out like that, you know ?
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