Telegram Messenger Beta gets integration with phone contacts in latest update

Telegram Messenger Beta for Windows Phone grabbed an update today, and it brings with it some nifty improvements and features. The update, which clocks in at version, includes integration with phone contacts, the ability to open a chat with a user in Telegram from and username links, and several other fixes and improvements.

The complete list of changes in the update are as follows:

  • links open a chat with the user in Telegram
  • Integration with phone contacts
  • Improved support for chat background
  • Fix self-destruct timer
  • Fix emoji keyboard on Full HD screens
  • Other improvements and fixes

If you're unfamiliar with Telegram, it is a chat app that focuses on speed and security. On the speed front, Telegram allows you to easily send a message off to up to 200 people at once, and broadcasts to up to 100 contacts in a single go.

Feel free to check for the update or give the app a shot at the link below.

Thanks to Zapella for the tip!

QR: telegram

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Hope WhatsApp does this integration with contacts in people hub.i meant I want to go to people hub nd use whatsapp
  • I was thinking the same yesterday, but sadly whatsapp team in WP (well in general) are not the best out there
  • Nope.. It would be great though.. They did it on android I saw..
  • I want to chat on the messaging app :|
  • I love this app, it has very nice features, but I hardly know anyone that uses it here in my country
  • It sadly doesnt support landscape mode yet... It's about time!
  • Hey Whatsapp! Your Master is HERE :)
  • My most used messaging app for my special one :)
  • So your Telegram app has only 1 contact? 
    just kidding.. 
  • Haha. Me too dude! Since I really need a privacy. I'm using WhatsApp for friends and others.
  • WhatsApp should really learn from Telegram what support is.
  • Nice! But I don't know how to integrate contacts. The app is listed but thereaee not contacts to link. Edit: There is an option on Telegram, now the integration is working.
  • It's better and faster than WhatsApp... But people resist change... Stuck on WhatsApp like sheep...
  • Yes that's the big hang....actually only 30 outof 660 contacts are on telegram
  • For WP hike is better.
  • \o/
  • Would be nice if they fix the duplicate messages i receive from my friends.
  • Ditto
  • I like telegram
  • I liked telegram
  • And I just uninstalled it.
  • This app is buggy and secret chat does not work.
  • Too bad, the people hub integration doesn't work
  • It works, go to settings on Telegram and turn on people hub integration.
  • How does that work?
  • It shows your telegram contacts on Hub.
  • Works perfectly.
  • Yes, Secret Chat doesn't work, alas. And I can't figure out how to have a message self-destruct. Any ideas?
  • Self Destruct it's for your account, not messages.
  • Telegram is even better than Whatsapp in so many ways. Unfortunatelly, they have a lot of things to fix yet. Like the reliability of the app if you're on a bad internet connection, and the speed of the connection if you're on a 2G zone.
  • This is now the platform for my main chat group.. Works great, fast, stable and the devs are updating regularly.. Well done.
  • I moved my WhatsApp group chat to telegram. That's 20 converts. Some were first time users and they really like how its sync to any device they use.
    One big advantage is I can send Office files, even from OneDrive, which whatsapp or even Skype cant do.
  • Yeah fav app. .
  • landscape mode?? noo???
  • Yea they really need to add landscape mode. Does this fix the pictures issue(or I'm I the only one not able to send half the photos I try to send through telegram)?
  • If only the keyboard gets back to alphabets, after sending a message!
  • It is just beta and it is kicking every other messaging app in the market..... The file transfer is awesome... this app is like onedrive + whatsapp. I think one can send upto 1.5 gb size of file.
  • One great feature is we can send mp3 also using telegram.. No other app can't.. I love telegram..
  • Ahead of whatsapp now
  • Awesome guys...u are providing cool option that other messengers don't..awesome man ...
  • doesnt work with 530
  • hey just updated and in contacts there is no seperate telegram field.  when I swiped left to the "Connect" options there was an option to add telegram messenger and then when I have selected the telegram messenger It has asked me to link the telegram account of that particular contact but there was none! only facebook, skpe and google. Does anybody else facing the problem?
  • Go to the settings in telegram and turn on people hub integration
  • Its about damn time whatsapp also intergrated with the people hub so that you dont need to run to the app all the damn time
  • Telegram is a best messenger app compared to Whatsapp. Many ppl dont know the great feature. Telegram is a cross platform messenger where you can install in multiple devices - both phone(not only windows phone) and computer(not only Windows Computer). I dont use my mobile while I am working but I am in touch with all my buddies and dear ones via telegram in my work laptop. You can access all your phone contacts via PC with this feature. Moreover, Single tick mark refers to message delivered to the receiver device(multiple devices) and the double tick refers to receiver read/seen the message. Sync between multiple devices is lightning speed sync and everything works in cloud.  We have to spread this messenger to all out there..
  • i wish they could bring Instagram messenger #instachat
  • Better than WhatsApp on windows phone as there is ability to send music files ^_^
  • No kidding, people hub integration?! Is this the first third party app that uses the social extensibility framework? Bring on the good news!
  • A great best ever supporting team for wp.. perhaps...
  • But the contact live tile doens't show notifications! Neither the one from telegram nor the general one from people hub
  • Hi