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Celebrating (more than) 10 years of Microsoft ups and downs at Windows Central

Today, our site is having a little tenth-anniversary party. The whole story is much more complicated, however, because we actually go back to late 2006 when Dieter Bohn (now at The Verge) launched our forums and an accompanying mini-blog, but it was that January 2009 effort that set the stage for our future.

On January 3, 2009 this site – then known as WMExperts – underwent a massive revamp. We went from a forum-centric site posting a few news stories every day with occasional reviews to a more active one with a larger staff.

That shift coincided with the heyday of Windows Mobile (hence WMExperts) that would eventually shift towards the shiny new Metro future of Windows Phone (and another name change for us in 2010).

Windows Central milestones

The first script for the WMExperts podcast with Dieter Bohn and Malatesta from February 2008.

There have been many milestones along the way. It was on February 15, 2008, that Dieter and I started the first WMExperts Podcast.

Many writers and much talent have come and gone over the years including Merlin3D, HobbesIsReal, George Ponder, Sam Sabri, Paul Acevedo, Seth Brodeur, and others.

In one of my first articles back in September 2007, I used to write under my nom de guerre Malatesta (named after an Italian anarchist) before using my real name and taking over editorial duties in 2010.

Going through our history of articles over 10 plus years surfaced a few interesting bits. Back in 2008 at IFA Berlin, there was a dual-screen phone from Toshiba that was shown off as a prototype. There was Microsoft's dismissive response to Android back in 2007 which seems relevant under then Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

Flashback! WMExperts circa ten years ago January 2009.

Flashback! WMExperts circa ten years ago January 2009.

I wrote a popular article in early 2008 that explained the then-new consumer technologies, like the differences between aGPS and GPS that today we all take for granted. You can even find hints (and hopes) of a future Microsoft-Nokia collaboration on a phone. I was as fascinated with tiny computers 10 years ago as I am today, when I compared the MSI Wind (still have it) with the Redfly (also still have it). I was getting pumped for the Sprint Treo Pro (yep, still have it).

In October 2014, with the launch of Windows 10, we saw the future as going beyond phones. As a result, we rebranded to just Windows Central a move that many people thought was crazy. We think it was the right move.

Over the years, it has been amazing to see the site grow to everything including laptops, PCs, Surface, Xbox, HoloLens, connected devices, accessories, software, and for a brief time, Microsoft Band. We now serve over 8 million unique visitors every month making us the top-ranked Microsoft and Windows-focused site in the world.

Netbooks and thin-clients: things we were reviewing in 2009.

Netbooks and thin-clients: things we were reviewing in 2009.

And since nothing is built alone, we have hired some of the best writers and talent around including: Zac Bowden, Jez Corden, Rich Edmonds (who has been here almost as long as I have), Mark Guim, Richard Devine, Dan Thorp-Lancaster, Cale Hunt, Matt Brown (now a full-time writer!), Jason Ward, Sean Endicott, Brendan Lowry, Asher Madan, Phil Nickinson, and last but not least, Al Sacco, our hard-working managing editor, who holds it all together.

What does the future hold? Our site is due for a fresh coat of paint, so expect a more modern design in the coming weeks. Maybe we'll get around to making a new app to match that design, too. We also have a few ideas to expand coverage into other Windows 10-related areas in 2019. And we're genuinely excited.

The future looks great for Microsoft despite some rough years.

The future looks great for Microsoft despite some rough years.

For Microsoft, well, the company went from meandering under Ballmer to flourishing under Nadella, and Microsoft is now one of the most valuable companies in the world. Not bad considering many were writing them off just a few years ago.

Microsoft Surface is stronger than ever, going from two devices in 2012 to six product lines, including headphones, heading into 2019. HoloLens 2, Windows Lite (Windows Core OS), and more are all on the table, and maybe, just maybe, I'll finally get that foldable dual-screen PC that fits in my pocket I've been dreaming about. If not, I have another ten years to wait for it, right?

Thank you

Finally, a big thanks to all of you who have been with us since the beginning, you people who started paying attention somewhere along the way, as well as those of you who are just joining us. We could never have done it without you, and we look forward to another decade of Microsoft and Windows coverage. We hope you'll continue to tag along.

Daniel Rubino
Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Congratulations on the anniversary, Windows Central!
  • And thank you!
  • Any idea how many posts have been published?
  • No idea, but it's a lot. We had a counter a few years ago and I had crossed over a million typed words I think in 2014/2015.
  • Congrats and keep up the good work 😃
  • It is very sad to see that 90% of everything you post is ads. Once interesting website called WMExperts -> WindowsPhoneCentral -> WindowsCentral is now AdsCentral. Sad...
  • We're fine with the direction of the site and we just had our best year yet, sorry you feel differently. We're proud of our work. We're a small, private, independent, non-VC company who has to raise funds for our staff, equipment, travel, and costs of running the site. The challenges of doing media in 2018 are real and while you don't need to answer for them, we do. If you would like to fund us directly with a few million - no strings - we're all ears. Until then, we're going to keep on keeping on.
  • Can’t stand criticism without being sarcastic smartass, don’t you Daniel? I have nothing against ads, and I know what it takes to sustain website and personal blog. I am against shitload of ads which makes difficult to even find something interesting or directly related to Microsoft. Light bulbs, PlayStation promos (seriously?), clothing... what is next? Sex shop just because you are "small, private, independent, non-VC company"? You gotta balance, not overwhelm your readers with nothing but ads.
  • All you have to do is skip the content you're not interested in. It's as easy as that.
  • Very lame excuse.
  • Be practical man. These are people who work in the media groups and especially writing. Percentage of people who read is easily way less than say watching a video. And you say you are against having enough money to actually run the site itself.
  • No, really, that's all you have to do. If the complaint is about ads on the website, that's different - you'll need to do something far more extreme: install an adblocker. Thankfully, your complaint is about articles with affiliate links, which you can safely ignore without installing any browser extensions. The lameness is all on you, my friend.
  • No matter your opinion, it's your opinion. I respect it. The ads do pay the bills, but so do the readers, because without readers ads don't matter. You definitely shouldn't be talked to crazy by staff for saying you want more WC, and less ads... You could be asking for more Phone Arena... 🤔
  • Dude, if you don't like the site, just don't visit it anymore, simple as that. I can sympathize with their need to raise revenue, I mean they do have a large staff and while I laughed at the Squat toilet ad, most of their ads are relevant to the techies that read this site.
  • Passive-aggressive much? No answer is going to satisfy you and you know it.
  • Would you consider offering a subscription where someone could pay to filter out the ad posts? Glad you guys are doing well but the 90% ad / 10% news balance has been very off-putting for me. Not sure how the economics are different for sites like The Verge or Ars, but they seem to get along without having to have shifted the vast majority of their content to affiliate links. At any rate congrats on the pseudo anniversary.
  • TBH, don't need to. Current plan is to remove all ads and deal content off front page e.g. make it just for the "regulars" around here. No ETA on that, but likely next few months. Hopefully we can tie it with our new logo/design aesthetic that nearly complete.
  • That would be fantastic! I totally get the need for affiliate links and ads, just wish it weren't the bulk of the content making finding the news and articles difficult.
  • Thanks and glad to have you!
  • Well Daniel, you just destroyed that guy. I do somewhat agree with him, all of the Mobile Nations sites blend true articles with sponsored content and it makes it difficult to trust anything being written. Basically, I don't even read the headline in the app if the comments are disabled - that's my first sign that it contains BS.
  • Very good. I'm okay with ads if they're clearly ads. Where I get a little agitated is when items purporting to be articles are being paid for by the companies involved. There was a rather brief and unintersting news article highlighting a good mobile contract deal at the end of November. The offer was only supposed to be open for a very short time. However it ran throughout December and may well still be going now. Nothing wrong with that of course, but WC chose to make it a featured article at the top of the home page for the whole of December too. Now why was that? I smelled a rat. If it's being paid for, say so. You have to declare an interest.
  • ... There always has to be one in every single post. Get off it, please.
  • I wouldn't say 90 % but it is a lot, yes. Which wouldn't be a bad thing, but it appears as normal news. And that is a bad thing. Because when you have to figure out which is actual news and which is an ad, you just go to another site. And another thing that bothers me is reposting of old content. Like every few weeks there will be a "the best controller on Xbox" or something like that article. And it will be the same that was posted six months ago and then 3 months ago. You can tell from the comments that date way back, even if it was "just" posted.
  • We do often update our posts and "bump" them with new dates. But when we do, they're always updated with new products, info, details, pricing or something that has changed. We see real value in that, because it keeps those posts that get a lot of attention fresh and updated, no matter when they were first posted.
  • I’m happy to be working on a website with such a rich history and so many dedicated individuals. Happy 10th, Windows Central!
  • Thanks, Brendan and thanks for your work!
  • By far my most read and daily viewed site. It's the first thing I look at when I wake up and the last thing I look at before bed. Things have definitely changed over the years. Many community members have come and gone, some I miss interacting with, others not so much. Keep up the great work, as long as you are here, so am I!
  • We have some interesting changes coming to the front page to make it easier to navigate too along with a redesign. I too miss a lot of the old-school forum folks we had and some of the bright personalities. But when you do this long enough unfortunately people move on. Here's to another 10 years 👍
  • For the sake of nostalgia.... Seems Faster :)
  • Glad to hear this site is the number one site covering Microsoft. These guys put in the work and the quality sure does show. The articles are great but the videos are superior for sure. This site keeps a positive and intellectual spin on things without being cheerleaders. The competition has become negative to cover up the fact that they just don't get it. There is more to covering this stuff than just having information and ignoring the complications of what's really happening at Microsoft. Windows Central gets it!
  • Congrats! I'm glad that I've had the privilege of having followed many years of this site. Just curious, where do you see the next 10 years going for Windows Central? (A wild guess maybe??)
  • Happy Birthday. Enjoy reading every day. Looking forward to many more years of reading the news you bring.
    Thank you.
  • WC - gratz and thanks for all the interesting conversations and informational articles!
  • Congrats! Great work all around.
  • Interesting that Dieter Born was so important to the start of this Windows-centric website, since today he's, shall we say, very Verge.
  • Congratulations! I now read this blog more than your sister site (Android Central) because my previous obsession with Android has now been overtaken (mostly) by Windows and the re-branding to reflect the broader scope than just smartphones is also great. Really appreciate the detailed reviews and commentary.
  • What is the hurdle for you guys to turn the Windows Central site into a PWA?
  • Doing some redesign for the site first. Will take a look at PWA after.
  • keep up the great work, looking forward to a revamped WC App, hopefully the last of us Windows Phone users will get a bit of love 😉
  • My two penn'th (since you ask) is that, yes, the ads are very annoying. Surely if they were a little more relevant, that would help. But honestly, keep trying to sell me pressure cookers and light bulbs light bulbs light bulbs. Having said that we only visit because we do like the rest of it. Much of the writing is very good, including Daniel's and Jason's and a few others but not all. And sure, you need to stay afloat and deserve to be able to make a profit, of course. But seriously, what about paying to skip the ads? Apart from the programming effort/cost, what's not to like about that? I never click on the pesky ads but would happily pay circa £5/$5/€5 per month. You'd need to do the maths of course, maybe it needn't be that much. Keep up the great work but please, fewer light bulbs and pressure cookers. :)
  • There's a plan to remove those deals/ads from the front page. See my comment above.
  • We'll that's reassuring to hear. And as I said we wouldn't pitch up two or three times a day to read all the latest if we didn't think it's great. That and wanting to hear the latest on the magical mythical folding pocketable Andromeda device 🙂
  • I think the most lovely thing is when WC once again tells you how to use adblockers, only to block you from watching the site when using an adblocker. :D
  • I used to visit this site regularly from 2016 just to see more updates on Windows Phone. But gradually I started to explore more and more into this site. In fact, this site might actually be the reason that fuelled my interest towards the tech world and along with that towards Microsoft a lot more. I am not a reading type and definitely not a geek, but I do love to read the content posted here especially by Daniel, Jason and Zack.
    Keep up the good work Team Windows Central. and a Happy Anniversary!
  • Thanks for the support Praveen! 😃
  • Really proud to be a part of this team and surrounded by some of the most talented writers in the Windows/Microsoft/Xbox world.
  • I'm lucky enough to work with every member of this team every day. And I can honestly say it's a pleasure. Each one of us goes above and beyond, to the point where nobody even knows how not to anymore. And it shows in all the great stuff that hits the site, though I certainly realize not everybody loves everything that hits Windows Central today. However, as Daniel Rubino already mentioned in these comments, it's part of our business and it's why we're doing as well as we are. We hope that the balance of content keeps you all coming back regularly so we can keep doin' what we do for another decade.
  • Congratulations Dan and the team! I'm proud to say that for a while, a while back, I was an ambassador, and thoroughly enjoyed being part of the team. Maybe one day again, but for now, I just don't have the time. I do, however, make time almost every day to look at the site at least once. Keep it up!
  • I originally wrote a long comment here (2000 chars at least, but that got blocked - Don't use Kaomojis here!) so here's a short one ^^ I came here back in the WP7.5 days - I'll keep being here as long as it makes sense ^^
  • Wow congrats! I found this site and community a little after (or during) the name change and I have been here since. That's impressive that it's been 10 years. Bring on the next ten!
  • Congratulations on your 10th anniversary! Windows phone originally brought me here and I stayed. I enjoy the different articles and often find myself using the site as my primary reference for a range of things. Keep up the great work and thanks.
  • Windows Central has been THE go to site/app for many MS fans (and non fans) for a long time. It's definitely the most popular Windows community around; I mean, you guys shut down MS's own WP blog, so that says a lot. I personally feel, as far as Microsoft’s consumer products popularity goes, this is a low point for WC, and the community isn't as close nit as it was several short years ago. But, I hope one day soon that will change. Nevertheless, the community is more diverse now, and you guys keep going, so that's good. All I have to say is keep quality paramount, and respect those that have stuck with WC from "the start". This site wouldn't be anything without it's contributors, even if some left are just a bunch of stupid, nieve, and delusional WP fans who need to join the real world. It doesn't matter. The fans are what has kept WC staff lights on, and food on the table. Someone (Jason Ward) should do a WC/Windows products retrospective dedicated to the fans of this site, and MS products. That would definitely boost moral. A month long series would probably be necessary.
    Anyways, that's my story; stay professional. 😘
  • Agree with you @rodneyej. As a wise WC contributor once said, 'when you're wrong hopefully someone sets you straight'. Can't quote it verbatim, but whatever the gist of that is... it's stuck with me. And hopefully we all retain our ability to express our personal views 'professionally'. Thanks for your words. They're appreciated.
  • Very nice, I agree, and thanks.
  • It starts with a good article, if article is good I read the comments too. and if the topic was provocative enough I’d leave a comment. I’ve read a lot of comments here over the years, especially yours rodneyj. Can’t believe it has been so long, thanking the WPCentral / windows central team for getting me through my gadget phase in style and keeping the ‘user experience’ central to the tech discussions. Cheers guys.
  • Congrats Dan and team! I own Pocket And PC (formerly 1800PocketPC) which at one point was the third-largest Windows Mobile news site in the world (behind you guys and I believe Thurrott). Anyway, I stopped updating it a couple of years back when life became super hectic for me, but since then I've always frequented your website (in addition to the occasional quip to Dan on Twitter). The fact that you guys kept it going really means more than you know for those of us who were unable to. So I just wanted to shout out a big THANK YOU for providing the best Windows and Microsoft news around! Here's to 10 more years!
  • Still got my original Samsung blackjack "1"... That was the first smartphone most people I new ever saw. It used to wow people. I had the Shazam app when Steve Jobs still had his thumb in his mouth. Interesting times
  • Haha I still have mine too. I also have my T-Mobile Dash. Amazing device, and it still works, though is stranded on 2G unfortunately.
  • Holy Moly... 2G. Don't remind me😭
  • I have mine too! I still have quite a few from the prior to 7 era. MPX200 was my first, moved on to SMT5600, then many, many since. I miss that OS and would go back in heartbeat if I could.
  • Thanks, Josh! It's things like this and the community/group we had in the 2000's that keep me going. And bringing up 1800PocketPC with WMExperts...those were the days! Cheers and thanks for hanging around (and those quips!)
  • Those were definitely good times! I remember at one point I considered applying to be a writer here at Windows Central (it was Windows Phone Central at the time) but I thought it could be considered a conflict of interest so never moved forward with it.
  • Same situation for me. I really wanted to, but in the business I am in, that would not be acceptable by my company.
  • Congrats on the 10 years. I think I may have been around in the WME days and that just means I am old. Keep up the good work. Oh and for all the users OMG look at those bezels, how did we ever get by with those bezels. /s :)
  • ;) We're all old now.
  • Time is the fire in which we burn.
  • Will be interesting to see what the next 5 years brings. Microsoft is a completely different company under Nadella. In some ways a better company. In some ways a disappointment.
  • Belated Congrats on the 10 year anniversary. I stayed as long as I have because of the community and the most importantly for me the reviews, they are non biased and doesn't allow confirmation bias to cloud their judgement. Sure, there have been some instances - no one is infallible, however compared to most tech sites where reviewers allow their personal preference and sub-conscious confirmation bias to taint their reviews. It speaks volumes for me when a reviewer can separate the confirmation bias and review something objective as well as subjectively. As I'm also interested in reading the reviewers opinions as well - however objectivity for me is key and Windows Central delivers that in bucket loads. Especially these days where reviewers call the iPad "pro" as a pro device smh and completely disregard the Surface Pro or the countless others from other OEMs. If you guys need a app tester, count me in.
  • Cheers and thanks for the comments and glad you enjoy our reviews. We'll keep you in mind if we're hiring/need testers ;)
  • Thanks Daniel :). Once again to you all at mobile nations keep up the awesome work :) a decade long of relevance (through transitional changes) is a testament to the hardwork you guys and gals are doing.
  • Congratulations Windows Central. Love reading your site. I'll be here a while longer! A consumer focused Microsoft site is what I like.
  • It's what we like to hear! 2019 should be fun.
  • Glad to see the site doing so well. Good job everyone!
  • I have to say, I have enjoyed being part of the Windows Central team, and community. Not everyone gets the opportunity to do what they love to do, which for me is writing (I love to write :-) ), and talk tech with people who love to talk tech- and get paid for it. So this position is a real blessing. I've only been here since 2015, but I've seen the company grow, have grown with it and see the companies plan for further growth. I enjoy my role here as an editorial writer and thank all of you readers who make all of this possible. Those thousands upon thousands who support silently by visiting daily and you vocal regulars who support with your visits and your words of support for the site and personal support many of you have expressed over the years. Thank you. Special thanks to Daniel who was key to bringing me on back in 2015, and to the rest of my colleagues and leaders. You guys are great. Keep making us shine!!!
  • Thanks for your service, respect, and positive attitude towards your readers, Jason! If it weren't for you, and many of your colleagues, hundreds of fans would've forgot about this site long ago. Please keep up the good work.
    I know that your editorials are one of the most exciting part of this site, and get the most attention in comments. WC can't afford not to have you. Thanks again.
  • Thanks for the ongoing support Rodney! 👍😎
  • Congrats. It's amazing that Ballmer was CEO for as long as he was. He should've been sacked after five years, but instead he was there for 14, doing nothing for the share. And coming up with the worst decisions in the history of Microsoft. Like wanting to buy Yahoo. Like buying Nokia. Like totally missing out on mobile. How did he manage to keep his position all these years?
  • Agree that Ballmer made some knucleheaded decisions but I’ve never been a ball basher. Why? Ballmer planted many of the seeds that made MS the company it is today. He was the bridge between the old MS and today’s MS. Examples... Azure, Bing, Office 365, and Surface. All Ballmer seeds. And while he was never any Wall Street dandy, at least he had the balls to compete in mobile. If Nadella has one Achilles heel it’s his lack of courage. Plays it safe to an extreme. But hey that’s what Wall Street loves. Ballmer was a great idea man, had heart and courage. And think he deserves more than glibness. Nadella’s prettier though so I guess he rightly gets to reap the rewards. That’s how the world works.
  • Happy 10th! I'm really only interested in mobile, but still keep coming to WC for news and updates. Thanks.
  • Are you looking for suggestions? I'd like to hear from writers in other parts of the world. And I hate to be obvious, but are there no women out there in Windows Land?
  • We're always looking to diversify our staff, but so far we haven't had any women approach us for a writing job, or noticed anyone in comments/forums/twitter/reddit who we could approach. Tough thing, as I'd like to get a more diversified staff. (We're also not constantly hiring, so there's not a ton of positions we have open right now).
  • Fair enough. Is there an opportunity for re-posting instead of hiring? Not sure what the business practice / feasibility of this is, but maybe you could add a regular / occasional section of "Interesting insights / comments we've been reading from other parts of the globe" For instance, I'm wondering if Apple's recent announcement about lower sales in China isn't in part due to a backlash against the USA and trade restrictions, and the recent arrest in Canada of Huawei executive, Meng Wanzhou. Don't get me wrong about these comments. I love what you are doing here - WC is my go-to web site for all things Windows.
  • Hey David, more diversity is certainly on the company's radar. As the only African American writing for WC and one of the few writing for Mobile Nations (as a freelancer) I am aware that the issue of more diversity has been raised. A perusal of the team members on the Mobile Nations site confirms your observation. The pool of staff writers that reflect a diverse mix is low. And the few African American and other non-white freelancers like myself do add some diversity, though not to the full time roster. We're also of such low numbers that we have minimal representation across the board of full-time, part-time and freelancers. This isn't isolated to Mobile Nations either. Take a look at most tech sites (and tech companies - I actually wrote about this not long ago) you'll see a similar low representation of women and minorities. There is a greater need for diversity and in my discussions on this issue I can say that need has been acknowledged in regard to WC and Mobile Nations. I'm not sure how/when we may see a change, but I think it's now an issue that may be garnering more attention (internally not just externally) as the sites grow. I know the examples of diversity I addressed don't precisely apply to your comments for diverse voices from around the world, but categorically, I think they do address the overall need for more diverse voices. As I said. I think Mobile Nations is listening. And of course there are challenges like is the company hiring? Who's applying when it is? How aggressive are efforts to reach or are there strategies to reach a more diverse pool of potential applicants? And more. These are challenges all tech site's and tech companies including Mobile Nations faces. It's interesting how efforts to overcome certain systemic barriers that often lower a more diverse roster have seen some success. Organizations, schools and businesses including Microsoft have brought STEM programs to minority communities and have found a rich resource of intelligent, capable, passionate and determined young men and women who would have, due to systemic barriers, been overlooked. Let's see what the future holds for Mobile Nations and WC as we move into 2019!
  • Thanks for your thoughtful reply, Jason. One of the reasons I raised this is because of having learned the hard way, how much I don't know / don't have the opportunity to learn, when all I hear from is my own cohort. Diversity is about fairness of opportunities for all. But as one who has always had that unequal opportunity, I want to stop being ignorant of what the rest of the world knows. I realize WC is not the place for Apple news and analysis, but here's an example from the NYT of what I was wondering re: iPhone sales in China: "Why My Chinese Father Switched from iPhone to Huawei,
    . I'm guessing there are a lot of similar insights for all things Windows. It's a big world out there.
  • I started to read WC just before WP 8 became a thing and I have been around ever since.
    I don't mind the ads, it's just the way a site like this has to make money.
    Over the years, I have bought several computing devices and I can say that I didn't buy a single one without having read or watched a full review of it here.
    I think the only exception to that rule is the HP Spectre x360 15 inch gem cut I ordered a week ago and only because it looks like HP didn't give you folks a unit for review yet. But even here, I watched the first impression video from Dan a few times. I value your non BS approach to reviews.
    In a nutshell, this site has become my daily goto. I check if out daily, just as I check the news.
    Keep up the good work, folks. I will be hanging around for at least the next 10 years.
    Congratulations! You are part of something great.
  • Been coming here since 2009 and will be for the next ten years. Keep up the great work!
  • Delighted to learn Malatesta was once your by-line, Daniel. Errico is an old hero of mine, no wonder you're a pleasure to read!
  • He left quite a legacy and his writings still inspire me. Cheers!
  • Sorry... I'm going to delete this comment. It was rude and insensitive. I was frustrated with the MS Store, not you. Reading some of the whopping 52% 1 star negative reviews on iTunes, the #1 free app in the MS Store, made me salty. In any universe there was never a 52% lowest possible rating of the Win32 version of iTunes. That's beyond Apple fanboy haters logging on just to spout their hatred. :0) Congrats guys on 10 years of good reporting. Hope Nadella and his utter abandonment of the MS Store and modern Windows development doesn't kill that for you in the next 10 years. My only criticism of your article is that chart on Gates vs. Ballmer vs. Nadella. Nadella will positively be the undoing of Microsoft... eventually. Fickle Wall Street will turn on this tool in due time, as surely as they're turning on Cook today. There is simply no universe in which an OS, and the ecosystem it supports, can survive... longterm... without developers. And 52% lowest possible rating of the #1 free app in its own app store is a canary in the coal mines.
  • Happy Birthday: wc!
  • Congrats! As an (older) female reader I find myself grateful for all the geeks and techy folks in the world. :) I check this site everyday for news about MS; Windows and find answers to technical questions that come up for me when I want to buy a new gadget or figure out an old one. Love the podcasts with Daniel and Zak. I've learned to move past the troll comments, mostly because you guys on this site have not let that deter your enthusiasm or passion for the evolution and advancement in Technology (regardless of what company). Wishing you all the best in the new year and many more to come.
  • Thanks for your comments and support HaloDust. 👍
  • Happy anniversary, WC! I found this site as an owner of Samsung Omnia 7. Great times during the heyday of Windows Phones. It still is except that the phones are no longer the staple of the site. Here's to an exciting future with new device discovery, hopefully in a not too distant future. Cheers!
  • This is a bit late, but congratulations on your 10th anniversary! Windows Central has become, for me, my primary source for news related to Windows and Microsoft in general. Well done!!
  • Make the Windows Central app a PWA lol. But thanks for the coverage you guys have provided for years and the people you influenced. I've been around reading from your articles for years (not a decade but a long while lol) and have been a loyal Windows user from Windows 98 and Windows Mobile 2003 and can't wait till I can get me a new Windows Phone!!!! P.S. I know I can't get a new Windows Phone/Mobile/CE device but I will miss my Nokia Lumia 1520 to death and thankfully my Zune HD is still working lol!!!! So I can still get (kinda) my Windows Phone 7/CE fix lol!!!!!