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These are the accessories from Microsoft you’ll get for your Xbox One on day one

The Xbox One is launching later this year. Sometime in November actually. The system will retail for $499 here in the United States. With that you get an Xbox One, next-generation Kinect, and the new Xbox One controller, and a 14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold for new members. We’re bound to see a handful of third-party accessories, but these are the official accessories you’ll be able to pick up on day one.

In the past the official Xbox chat headset has left a lot to be desired. It was flimsy, broke often, and overtime would just stop working. While we haven’t had a “heads-on” with the new Xbox One chat headset it’s hard to ignore that it isn’t an immediate improvement over the outgoing Xbox 360 headset. The volume and mute controls are built into the portion of the headset that plugs into the bottom of your Xbox One controller.  

The second accessory you’ll want to get is the Xbox One Play & Charge kit. This kit has a lithium ion battery pack that goes in the Xbox One controller. It’s rechargeable and includes a charging cable that plugs into the console. Between this and the chat headset above you’ll most definitely be wanting to pick up the Play & Charge kit.

In addition to the above accessories there are already a handful of third-party accessories for the Xbox One. Those include: Turtle Beach Ear Force XO SEVEN, Turtle Beach Ear Force XO FOUR, Polk 4 Shot Xbox One gaming headphones, Polk N1 SurroundBar, and the Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2 for Xbox One (Say that five times fast. No don’t). E3 ends tomorrow, so we’ll hit up the showroom floor and hunt down these accessories for the Xbox One and get some hands on impressions.

What do you think you’ll be picking up day one to go with your Xbox One? Don’t forget to experience the Xbox booth from E3 vicariously through us.

Source: Xbox Wire (opens in new tab)

  • I'd like to know if the Xbox One's controller will be compatible with PC :/ Nobody is able to answer it, they just point me to old controller.
  • Yes. It's made by Microsoft, it has a USB connection, and even the new Kinect will work with PC.
  • But there is a difference between connectors for Xbox and PC :)
    //EDIT: Connectors for Kinect
  • No there isn't.  Both are USB.  If you're refering to wireless I'm assuming there's a new wireless receiver coming.
  • Sorry, I meant connectors for Kinect.
  • The wireless controllers for Xbox One change to wired controllers when you hook up the USB cable to them, unlike the 360 controllers that only used the power leads of USB, not data.  In fact, when you plug the Xbox One controllers up, it automatically shuts down the wireless radios in the controller and is strictly WIRED.  I would imagine that there is already PC support for them, since EA showed the PC version of Battlefield 4 at their event Monday with half the people playing with mouse/keyboard and the other half using Xbox One controllers attached to PCs. 
    Major Nelson confirmed on their live show Tuesday night that there is now ONE model of controller because of the way it changes from wired to wireless.  Good stuff!
  • I believe the controller connects to the Xbox via WiFi direct, so maybe it'll connect to your computer if it has WiFi direct. I believe I read somewhere that WiFi direct support is being built to the core of both windows 8.1 and windows phone 8.1.. I'm on my phone so I can't link a source but you can try looking around to see if I got it right.
  • Will I be able to use my WiFi for internet if I connect controller via WiFi Direct?
  • The USB cable you use to charge also sends data down the wire while plugged in.
  • So it should work just as good as the x360 controller does. Which is awesome, but be able to have it connected wirelessly is even more awesome.
  • Yes you can connect wireless and no it won't impact your wifi internet performance. There's plenty of bandwidth.
  • This is unfortunately not how it works on the X360, what makes you think this is true of the XB1?
    For the 360 the P&C kit cable is only used for pairing, not for controller data transmission. If you plug a controller using a P&C kit into your computer you can't use it. You need the wireless adapter to use a wireless 360 controller on your computer. With Windows 7 and later the P&C cable will automatically pair your controller with your wireless adapter.
  • Major Nelson has already confirmed that the new controllers will utilize a Micro-USB cable to become a wired controller, the cable will send power and data, the wifi within the controller will go into standby when the cable is connected.
  • According to yesterday's Live show with MajorNelson. The Wireless controller is ALSO the wired controller. When using the cable to charge, the data goes through the cable.
    This is different from the Xbox360 wireless controller which was always using wireless to transmit data even when using the charge kit (cable).
    So the new XboxOne wireless controller when plugged in a PC will work just as fine. Great news.
  • Yes, this is great. But I would still like to know more about the posibility to connect wirelessly, it is better solution.
  • If you have a wireless receiver it'll work with your computer over WiFi direct
  • It will, but not until Windows 8.1 brings WiFi-Direct integration
  • I would presume so. Also, the controller is designed with WiFi-Direct, WiFi-Direct integration will be coming in Windows 8.1 later this year. Coincidence? I think not lol
  • So WiFi Direct is software feature not hardware, right? :)
  • I am not well versed in WiFi Direct, but the way I understand is that only one of the devices needs to be WiFi direct compliant, as it embeds a software AP. I think WiFi protected setups are a form of WiFi Direct as well. 
  • Yes, what I've read on, only one of those needs to be WiFi Direct (I tend to write WiDi :D) compilant.
  • WiDi might get confusing, as I think that is the shorthand for Wireless Displays? Also, makes me think of midi lol. It will be interesting to see what the WiFi direct in the X1  and Controller can do outside of that environment. I don't think anyone would argue though that moving away from proprietary wireless was not a much needed change.
  • Yes, unified wireless comunication, I'd love that. Also I agree with WiDi as confustion (It is Wireless Display from Intel)
  • Microsoft has so much potential with it's products and ecsystem for a truly unified experience. I just wish they wouldn't make so many boneheaded decisions sometimes, and on top of that, there marketing department has been almost non existent for the last few years, and their PR people are always  putting them in hot water.
  • Yes that is true, but I still love that company - I can't even say why. Maybe I am too much nerdy about Windows :D
  • Lol, I like the company because I dislike Apple and Google :P
  • I don't dislike Apple (I hate Google), they have a quality hardware, I just dont like sheeps and theirs software.
  • My dislike comes from many years ago. I did not like how Steve Jobs treated his employees, or talked about his consumers. I did not like the copy/steal corporate culture he created. And I did not like their marketing campaigns (ie Mac vs PC, not sure how people bought into that distincition since a mac is a PC). Also the iSheep who drink the koolaid without question is annoying, and they seem to think that Apple created everything, even the smartphone.
  • Yes I understand that, the way I see it is more present than from the past :)
  • Fair enough :) I think they have some really good customer service, like Apple Care, but then again I can't justify buying their hardware for twice the price of the same hardware with Windows on it (or relatively close, in regards to PC's that is). I just don't personally agree with their premium pricing model, but it works for them obviously.
  • I actually hate their pricing model, I think I would never buy iPhone because of its price.
  • With iOS7 being what it is... why would you lol you can get the same from a WP. 
  • I cant imagine me leaving WP, I tried to use Android on my old HTC HD2. I could not take it not even for a day. I can imagine the same would happen with iOS.
  • WP was the first smartphone I got after moving from feature phones(because I don't support Apple or Google), and after using my Wife's android phones I don't know how I would cope either, everything is so counter-intuitive to me, or at least to how I do it on WP.
  • I could not agree more. :) We've made a lots of comments! It was pleasure discussing with you but I am going to sleep now. Have a good night.
  • LOL yes we have, it has been a pleasure as well, have a good night.
  • Kinda funny how the headset is going back to its roots like the original Xbox. I actually think the original headset was better quality.
  • The original one went around the back of your head and rested on your ears.
  • I think he might be referring to the volume & mute controls? The original headset had a similar wedge near the controller... the newer ones moved the controls halfway up the cord in an inconvenient location.
  • I want more details on the Polk N1 SurroundBar including pricing as ive pre ordered my Xbox One and really want a surround sound bar for it, hopefully its 7.1 Surround sound
  • No bar is true 7.1! It may use all channels to pump sound out, but it's not true surround. You have to have 7 speakers and 1 subwoofer to be real 7.1, and they need to be positioned correctly.
  • So to be clear, the controller comes with AA batteries, and also takes those rechargeable AA batteries that I use on my 360 controller now?
  • I'd like for this to be clarified too.
  • Yes it does. Mattrick said in an interview
  • Yeah same AA batteries
  • I absolutely love how the controls for the headset are on portion connected to the controller! I couldn't believe that Microsoft moved it up to the wire on the 360, requiring me to remove my hand from the controller. One question though, will the headset be included with the system like it was with the 360 in the beginning? Thanks in advance for anyone who knows!
  • I agree wholeheartedly. When my original Xbox headset stopped working, I spent tons of time searching online for one that still had the controls by the controller. When I'm gaming and I'm about to sneeze or cough, it's so much easier to mute quickly when it's right there versus trying to find it on the cord.
    It was even worse trying to find a new headset with the controls by the controller AND that still only covered one ear.  I don't want headphones, I still want to hear the audio from my surround system.
  • I seriously do not understand what is wrong with the Xbox One or the PS4? Can someone tell me?
  • What do you mean exactly?
  • A lot of people are complaining about the Xbox One and others are complaining about the PS4. Most complaints are about the Xbox One. So, what is so bad about it?
  • It requires a connection to the internet once every 24 hours to verify your games. You lose access to your games if you go without internet for more than 24 hours. You also can't sell your games directly to other consumers on ebay or any other way. You can only sell them to stores like Gamestop.
  • Will the system work if you do not have WiFi or an internet connection? My cousins just got WiFi and faster internet a just few months ago because they live far from town.
  • Microsoft executive Don Mattrick told GameTrailers in an interview that was filmed just before E3 that he understood why some people are frustrated at their policies. "Fortunately, we have a product for people who aren't able to get some form of connectivity," he said. "It's called Xbox 360."
  • The system will work, but your games will not play if you can't maintain an internet connection for the daily check.
  • That's not true for all publishers. Microsoft ones can be transferred, and the rest is upto the publisher
  • I still don't feel that the whole online/offline thing is entirely clear...
    For example, they've said that all games will be installed to the hard drive (but is this required?) and can be played without the disc - if so, then it's understandable that the console will need to check-in online to make sure you're playing your own game. But, if you have the disc, surely this won't matter?
  • All games will be required to installed to the HDD, also creating a digital online library so your games can be accessed from any X1 anywhere.
  • I've been wondering the same thing. unfortunately what He said to the guy in a submarine, It was like he was out of luck. Surly if the disk was an option he would have told him that.
  • People are angry about Online checks once in 24 hrs on Xbox One .. Plus selling games is restricted to only partnered shops
  • Boo hoo. Stop ripping off devs
  • But it's okay to rent and re-sell movies and TV shows?
  • You'll be able to re-sell games to some degree.  The whole rental thing is still up in the air and it's a pretty important one.  Renting games as a kid was pretty huge.
    What they're going to have to do is somehow differentiate between a rental and a bought game.  But the problem with that is what if you buy a game that used to be a rental or rent a game that was never supposed to be a rental? Hmmmm.
    Yeah, no wonder they're still working those details out. LOL
  • Maybe they'll have digital rentals. Pay $5 to rent it for an amount of time and then it becomes nonplayable unless you buy it or rent it again.
  • nope, I stream them on netflix and buy them digitally.
  • Except, Netflix is only in a few countries and a lot of the options world-wide aren't very economical. New releases are like $7-8 per night, when I can just buy it for $15-20.
    But anyway, that's beside the point - the point was that movies and TV-shows can be rented millions of times without the makers of the shows getting a cent. Iyae was claiming that re-selling games is somehow "ripping off devs" except other industries are being ripped off even worse!
    I actually don't believe in selling games - I'm not that hard up for $10 when I spent $50-100 originally. I've stopped buying new release games in retail stores as the prices are still $80-90 in Australia... they did climb up to $110 which is just outrageous. Especially considering the US dollar and AU dollar are pretty close to 1:1 and we can pay double for the same thing. So nowadays I won't pay more than $50 a game, and I've set that limit at $30 on Steam. I don't care that I can't resell on Steam, because all of the games were cheap. So if games on Xbox One are $30 then I won't give a damn that I can't resell it, as I never will want to anyway!
  • No chatpad? The 360 one is amazing!
  • For real there better be a chat pad. I don't know what I'd do without it. I hate the on screen typing.
  • Just use a USB keyboard - that's what I use on my Xbox 360
  • or xbox smartglass
  • Good point! :)
  • No battery pack for me, the ones for the 360 were often problematic for me. Eneloop all the way!
  • Amen!
  • Typo in the title, your instead of you.
  • I know - it's one of my biggest pet peeves in general, and with this site. I came here just to comment that it's really getting out of hand when your quality assurance team is letting these typos make it through. Hire an editor! /rant
  • So your saying the headset is not included in the box. That's a dumb move. Unless Kinect 2 is so good I don't need it but the I'm highly doubtful. You can always tell when someone has Kinect on because of the massive feedback. We need to complain about this this is a big deal.
  • I think it is stupid that it doesn't come in the box, regardless if the Kinect is meant to be main mic for voice in MP and Skype. There are those of us with familys, who don't want to hear all the erroneous crap that goes through MP voice chat, or those of use that want to play at night and don't want to keep people up with voice coming out our speakers. 
  • I have never experienced feedback, or had anyone complain that I was generating feedback using the kinect for game chat.
  • I just want to know what stereo (if its 2.0, 5.1 or 7.1 doesn't really matter to me) headset that is completely wireless and delivers both game and chat audio to me. I currently have the Ear Force Delta from Turtle Beach and it doesn't seem compatible, but i really like the freedom it brings.
  • There is only one headset that can do completely wireless for the Xbox 360, and that is the Tritton Warhead. Its not cheap either (around $300 I believe). I'm not certain if it will be compatible with Xbox One.
  • The site is called Windows Phone Central. If people wanted to read about Xbox/consoles, they'd visit a website about Xbox/consoles. Same with Windows 8 and every other piece of software/hardware that comes from Microsoft but is not WP-related. Stick to WP news or just rename to Microsoft Central already.
  • It's been pointed out that Xbox or related posts are very popular on WP Central, so they won't be going away anytime soon. I enjoy these posts as there are very few decent MS related blogs, this fills the gap.
  • This site is awesome just the way it is. I'm pretty sure the majority of the people enjoy all the X1 love we're seeing. Thanks wpcentral for doing such an awesome job!
  • I'm making the assumption that you can read and therefore parse a headline so that you can determine if you should click on it. It's not like they are pulling a bait and switch and tricking you into thinking a post is about WP when it's not. WP is part of an ecosystem of devices and services and doesn't exist in a bubble so many readers of this sight appreciate the broader coverage.
  • Dan already did a post on why this is done and filters are coming so chill out dude
  • Hey nutstik, sorry you're not happy. We will always be focused on Windows Phone as number one goal. But it's becoming increasingly hard to ignore Windows 8 and the Xbox if you're a Windows Phone user. As a whole the majority of our news items are focused on Windows Phone. It just so happens that this is one of the biggest weeks of the year for the Xbox, so the ratio for Xbox One posts will go up. 
  • Maybe a stupid question, but will the xbox 360 controllers work with the xbox one.. ?
  • Unfortunately no they won't.
  • MicroUSB for the headset? Damnit all to hell. I guess Astro will be working on a new mixamp that I'll -need- to buy so my headphones work properly again. Ugh.
  • Yea, I need some headphones while playing. I'll look at the Turtle beaches. But anyone word from Tritton?
  • With PS4 u can use your favourite headphones as headset if you want ;)
  • No thanks, not trusting them again after the hacking incident.
  • For the money, it amazes me that the one controller that comes with the console doesn't come with a play and charge kit... That really irks me.
  • WiFi direct will not interfere with comms to your access point. X1 can talk to your AP and controllers etc. Simultaneously
  • Will they be Xbox one w,o kinect ?
  • I don't have Kinect games so to me having a creepy sensor would not be good for me I know I can unplug it but then what was the purpose of even having one so a Xbox one with out the Kinect sensor would be sweet for me and maybe cheaper
  • The Kinect is used for more than just gimmicky games like Kinect adventures and sports. Did you use it with Mass Effect 3? It's all around pretty cool to have.
  • I play battlefield madden cod tell me how Kinect will work for me on those games?
  • I'm sure they'll implement something. I know madden 13 has Kinect voice support for calling plays and audibles and such
  • Well in madden you can call audibles. I believe that in one of the cods, they were doing weapon mods with kinect...mass effect I could give squad commands depends on the creative teams behind your games...
  • That's why I didn't buy the last Kinect im not into the Kinect games those are generally for kids
    and the games I play don't use Kinect battlefield, cod, madden although it kinda works with Kinect but it should.have been an option like before
  • But now the devs will more readily code for Kinect because they know you'll have one. Things should start getting better for the Kinect. Also we are and will continue to see more support for smartglass, almost all of the ubisoft games have use for smartglass.
  • Why do you need Kinect for smart glass mine works with out one what will happen is the Kinect goes bad although I never use it I'll still have to buy a new one just because the Xbox wont work with out it awesome
  • You can't unplug it, but you can turn it off. Though check out some videos on the improvements for Kinect 2.0. They are pretty substantial. Also, with the Kinect included in every purchase, developers can actually do some neat things with it since they know everyone will have one.
  • +1
  • Have they actually released anything on the connection that is required daily?
    Is it just couple of bits or something more significant or to put it another way, can you just connect a cheap pre-paid card (with data) to a phone or 3g dongle and use that for this purpose?
  • Yes, they've said a quick tether to your phone would work as the check in is only some odd kilobytes of data.
  • Yah, I think they said it's only for authentication purposes. The recommended broadband internet is because it is a cloud powered device, so to take advantage of the smart match multiplayer and living worlds in some of the games, along with any online streaming, fast internet would be recommended. I think though that with this whole PRISM debacle that came up everyone is paranoid that Microsoft will be recording everything and uploading a crap ton of metadata to their servers for the Government.
  • Sam, "you'll get for you Xbox" - think you're missing an "r" my man!
  • Thanks bro. It was late at night :p
  • Need wireless charging for the controllers^^
  • i really want one of the chat pads. i use mine all the time on my 360. has anyone heard if that will make a comeback?
  • I can't beleve what a Colosial F* up the XBOX One is turning out to be.  Here is a list of pros and cons
    1. shiny graphics
    2. controller looks much better
    1. $499 us dollars (Same price as the 20GB PS3 at launch)
    2. Heavy Restrictions for game usage (Trading, giving away, selling)
    3. 24 Hour Online Restriction
    4. Kinect 2.0 needs to be on at all times
    5. XBOX Live GOLD still holds no value
    6. You have to buy a rechagable battery for the controllers.  (Wii U, PS3, PS4 all come with recharable batteries)
    What is the point of buying this thing?
  • 1. So that's a good thing then? Since the 20GB PS3 launched 6 years ago and it cost the same as Xbox One?
    2. Agree, but I don't think it'll affect the majority, or maybe just me.
    3. Same as above.
    4. No it does not, you have the option to turn it off.
    5. That's only half true. I can understand video streaming and such shouldn't be part of the package, but multi player experience is worth the money. The free PSN just plained sucked for me.
    6. Honestly, I must rather buying my own, so I can replace the battery instead of the controller.
    The point of buying this console for me is the experience, from gaming, UI design, to the audio/video expericence, this thing is the whole page. For me, I couldn't careless about trading/selling games, because I don't do that, but I can understand some people do. So in the end of the day, buy what you like.
  • 1) The price is actually reasonable-- cell phones cost more than this thing, we just forget because the carriers lock us into contracts and subsidize the price. If you don't have the money, don't buy it. Pretty simple.
    2)Restrictions-- who cares? I dint lend games to people really ever. I don't know anybody that does on such a regular basis that this will mean anything. I'm sure you'll still be able to buy/sell your used games and it won't be as awful as you think.
    3)24 hour online-- again, who cares? My 360 is always connected anyway, why would I suddenly be mad about this?
    4)Kinect-- this is false, it needs to be plugged in but can be turned off completely on the settings. Why you would do this I don't know, it's going to be useful/needed for so many things. And privacy isn't an issue, you have a camera on your laptop that can't be disconnected but can be turned off. What's the difference? MS has always had great privacy controls on the Xbox, why would they suddenly change course.
    5)I think gold holds a lot of value. Is it weird to need gold just to access Netflix? Sure, but then if that's all you need why did you buy a 360 or a One in the first place? Get a Roku. We pay for MS fantastic and robust multiplayer services( and now PS4 players will be doing the same thing), and now on the One, their partnerships with content providers.
    6) This is actually a BIG plus. In a pinch I can use two AA batteries to play games. Can't do that with my PS3 and its laughably short charging cord.
    But get whatever you want, stop whining about it because nobody cares if you can't think logically and work this stuff out for yourself. I don't even care; I just felt like typing.
  • One thing you should keep in mind because every game is essentially a digital copy for X1, yes even if you buy the disc, that now there are ways to trade, and sale them. Can you do that with any of your digital content now?
  • Just thought I would add my 0.02 cents
      1) Given inflation this is a good thing, it means that in relation the X1 is cheaper than the PS3 at launch 2)  The restrictions are mostly because the X1 is moving towards a digital content system, they are in place to ensure that people can properly sell their games, and consumers won't get screwed over by sellers with no scrupples. Could you imagine what would happen if someone traded in or sold a game but didn't unlicense it from the console? the buyer would try to install it and would not be able to, and would be furious. Also, given other digital only game content (ie Steam)  having any sort of trade-in / resell program is good.  3) While 24 hours is a short timeframe, it serves a purpose. Again this is to verify that the people who are playing the games own the licenses to those games, and didn't just install it and then sell/trade in the disc. It will only be authentication and does not require you to actually log on every 24 hours, it will authenticate when you power up the next time. People can use mobile internet tethering to accomplish this if they really wanted to, as microsoft has stated it will be low data usage for authentication. No recordings will be taken or upload and no marketing metadata will be uploaded without your explicit permission (feed back settings). A week would probably be better, and a 30 day offline mode like Steam has would be great. 4) Kinect can be turned off, you can even disable it from listening for 'Xbox On' 5) XBL Gold holds immense value. PS+ doesn't hold any more value than XBL other then free games; However XBL offers smart match tech and living worlds that persist while you are not playing. XBL gold is also giving 2 free games each month (at least until the X1 launch, no word if it will continue or not yet). While being behind a paywall for netflix does suck, if all you wanted to do is watch netflix then why did you buy a gaming console in the first  place? it is a moot arguement. There are many devices that can do netflix streaming, such as smart tvs, blu-ray players, mobile phones and tablets, your PC. I doubt people bought the 360 with the express intent of using netflix on it.  6) Many of us do not like rechargeable batteries, and feel that AA batteries are a much better choice. Rechargeable batteries also have their max charge capacity depleted over time. Who want's to constantly have to remember to charge their batteries/controller? Have you ever been playing MP and had the rechargable batteries die, only to find out that you forgot to charge the other rechargeable batteries? I have, it sucks, it is the main reason I stopped using the rechargeable battery packs for the 360 controller and went exclusively to cheap AA's. I also see more pro's then you listed, but then again pros (and cons for that matter) are highly subjective.
  • So if there's a way to completely shut down the Kinect why not offer one with out it makes no sense
  • I think it makes perfect sense. By bundling it they have given developers a reasonable assurance that many users will have a Kinect, this will allow developers to take the Kinect seriously and start to turn out some really amazing games that utilize the Kinect, perhaps even core games, not just kiddie games like we saw on the 360. The lack of great development for the Kinect on the 360 was partly due to the fact it was not taken seriously, and that is because there was no guarantee that a there was a large installed user base.  This is also the pitfall Sony will fall into by not bundling the Eye with the PS4. Developers will have no incentive to develop for  it with any amount of seriousness.
  • But the question is why do i need a Kinect for what none of my games use Kinect and can't see how they could develop around it (battlefield 4,cod,halo,etc) these are the best games out there and as far as I know them knowing the Xbox one would be bundle with Kinect none of those game Implement the Kinect in there games and they knew the Xbox one would come.with Kinect I feel if they didn't bundle Kinect...... They would hardly sell I wouldn't need one!
  • You can't see CoD, Halo, or BF utilizing Kinect? what about the way they used Kinect in mass effect 3? FPS are actually perfect for Kinect voice based controls. You just need to remember that Kinect isn't just motion based, it is voice based as well.  Beyond that, I think they designed the Xbox One to have a very Kinect centric UI, with features like Snap Mode, and the ability to tell where the controllers are in relation to the screen (leading to effective split screen control), and of course all the UI voice commands. 
    Other then that I don't really know why it is mandatory to have it pluged in, even though you can turn it off essentially.
  • There is no reason im not a genius but I can't see why I need the Kinect let alone have it connected , leave the Kinect for those who use it .the more I think about it bf4,the new cod,they knew the Kinect was going to be part of this new console there developing these games for they knew so why didn't implement it this time?????? No kinects? nope everyone's gonna have one and still didn't need it and found no viable use for the new Kinect on these new game or they would have implement whatch e3 not much at all about kinect
  • Keep in mind that this years BF and CoD games are  coming both to next gen and current gen. I am willing to bet that the next iteration in 2014 that is solely next gen would utilize Kinect v2. You are also only speaking about 2 series, out of the ~60 games announced so far to come to the X1 in the next year.
  • Also, not  sure if you are into the zombie games, but Dead Rising 3 will utilize Kinect in a neat way. Apparently the zombie horde will be able to hear noises from your living room via Kinect and react  accordingly Also, according to Eric Hirshberg (Activisions CEO), COD Ghosts will feature Kinect voice commands.
  • I had a Play & Charge kit but switched to a dual charger kit (can't think of what it's actually called) so I can have a battery pack charging at all times while my controller remains wireless. Plus the Play & Charge seemed to diminish the battery charge quicker to the point that it no longer held a charge and I had to buy something else. But that's just me.
  • We have to buy the headset? Didn't they always come with the system?
  • I would like clarification on this as well. I assume/hope that the headset ships with the console. I did not pre order a headset and will be furious if I don't have a headset on day 1.
  • I believe that it has been confirmed by microsoft that the headset does not ship in the box.
  • That is extremely frustrating. Source on the confirmation?
  • It's a bit convuluted, but the questioner pretty much said to mark that he it didn't see the headset in the box, and asked why it wasn't in the box, and Mark did not correct him.  
    Also, it isn't listed in the 'What's included in the box' part
  • Well that is disappointing. Thanks (kind of) for the links.
  • I agree. While it will probably only be a cheap $15-$20 accessory I would have rather they bundled it, would not cost them anything extra to throw it in the box, they break so easily that we would no doubt  be buying more eventually.
  • I feel like Microsoft are given us less for more fist 14 days of live is a joke not having a rechargeable controller is a joke and they are discarding options like it's not optional to be online or have Kinect on do they know how ridiculous that is yet we aren't gaining enough positive things to balance it out also everything cost more but you get less freedom yet im still trying to be open to buying one because of certain games i can't get on Ps4 which im defiantly getting I mean im a real gamer I have a Wii ps3 and Xbox it's just hard to want to spend 500 on something that has so many cons
  • There are many of us that feel rechargeable controllers are a joke
  • Really so when your Ps3 controller dies and you just hook it up to charge it that's a joke? Nothing extra to buy at all I guess that part is funny huh
  • And this is different with the Xbox One controller? You can connect a micro-usb cable to it and turn it into a wired controller quite easily.
    Built in rechargeable batteries are generally a bad idea as max charge capacity will enevitably diminish over time. People don't want to have to buy a new controller because the battery died. And for those that have removeable packs like the 360 controllers did, people forget to charge them, and don't want to be bothered with charging them. Many of us would rather use cheap AA batteries without the hassle of plugging the controller  in to charge it, or rembering to charge it. 
  • This wasn't an argument against Microsoft hardware it's about their choices of not offering more innovative solutions that is better then Sony's or what they've done in the past but I am aware that people prefer AA batteries verses rechargeable controllers but why wouldn't you want them to make a better rechargeable controller instead of just assuming its not possible
  • If they can then that would be good for the industry as a whole. Personally I don't like having a wire run between my controller and console, even to just charge it when I am playing. My living room is situated in such a way that it would make where I can sit really uncomfortable, unless I had a super long cord. With kids as well, less cords is always better. Personally I don't like non-removable batteries, and the X1 controller will have an Li-ion insertable rechargeable battery pack, which will use a micro usb cord to charge (the new play n charge kit). This is not much different then how the kit worked on the 360, except it will not stick out of the back of the controller, and it doesn't use a proprietary cable. Also, you can now charge the controller/kit during gameplay.  Other then the pack not being non-removable, how is this different from what Sony is doing?
  • Apparently you already know the difference and prefer what Xbox offers so enjoy but it won't ever come down to a controller being the reason I wait to get a Xbox one that would be ridiculous
  • I don't understand the differences that you feel their are between the recharging capabilities of the two controllers, I was just trying to understand was all. You said they didn't have a rechargeable controller, but  they do in a sense do they not?  Personally I like the Xbox controller yes, but because I have large hands and have never liked the feel of the PS controllers in my hand. But that is a personal preference.
  • In a sense they have a rechargeable controller ok fine you've proved me wrong
  • Was not trying to prove you wrong, only have a discussion. I certainly won't try  to change your mind on what you will purchase, you should be able to chose whichever console you wish. That is why I was just talking about the controllers. 
  • Ok well it didn't seem like much of a discussion and my thoughts about a better controller probably got lost cause of the the Ps3 talk but that's the only rechargeable controller I can use to compare with what i wanted Microsoft to approve upon ... But i do get where your coming from your fine with what they are offering it's a decent solution just not very innovative for something made in 2013 i also heard that the Ps4 controller is better in the hand then Ps3's
  • What would be your dream controller?
    And I believe that about the PS4's, it looks a bit bulkier than the DS3. I'll have to check it out when the demo units hit stores like FutureShop and BestBuy
  • I am kinda in limbo here not knowing what's going to be best for me. Here is a list of concerns/things in not sure on if anyone wants to comment feel free: 1. Currently own ps3 but do not use psn+ what is better this or xb live gold.
    2. Don't like the fact you cannot use own Bluetooth headset on xb1
    3. MS does not have as many developers for games as Sony does this translate to only a few games really making good use of Kinect 2. E.g. would be cool in COD to be able to move your support squads using voice commands but if ps4 does not support is the dev going to enable something like that for just xb1.
    4. Cable Tv integration. Is my cable company (Comcast) going to charge me more in order to get full integration overlays with xb1?
    5. Is there any ability to use xb1 as a DVR as well as cable box?
    6. I don't care about the used games always on issues many people cite so there is no differentiator there.
    7. How much phone integration will there be with xb1 and will we ever be able to use windows phone with a ps4 (obviously Sony is heavily android)
    8. I prefer ps3 controller to 360.
    9. I think the multi tasking abilities on ps4 seem very limited compared to xb1.
    10. The browser/youtube experiences on ps3 suck how do they compare to xb360 and is Sony improving them on ps4? I am sure there are more but off the top of my head these things come to mind.
  • I have both and I can tell you what you get with playstation plus free games cheaper games beta access but you have to keep it on to play Hulu Netflix are always available no matter if your plus is on not sure if this will change now that its mandatory also plus is cheaper 17.99 for 3 months live is 24.99 and basically you get to play online and use your streaming apps like Hulu anything else you'd get would be in the user experience
  • Is there no editing happening on this site?
    "you Xbox One on day one"
    "and overtime would just stop working"
    Really? I thought overtime always works. That's why sporting leagues consistently use it.
  • Really? I had no clue sporting leagues consistently used the XBOX 360 chat headset. 
  • That's an interesting inference seeing as how I never made mention of a headset.
  • 1. Will the headset ship with the xbox one?
    2.Does current Play and Charge Kit BATTERIES fit/work in the one's controller?
    3. Will the Xbox 360 Bluetooth wireless headset work for the one? (xbox, or bluetooth mode)
    4. is the headset port proprietary on the xbox one controller? 
    5. Is the charging port micro USB, or proprietary again? 
    thanks in advance
  • 1) No, unfortunately 2) No, I don't think they do 3) No word on that yet, I would assume they would not 4) Don't know, hard to tell from the pictures I have seen of it. Looks like it might be proprietary, also looks like it may be micro-usb (if that is even possible?) 5) Confirmed by Major Nelson to use a micro-usb cable to charge/become wired controller
  • thanks! i just really hope my bluetooth works with it as i just bought it last month -_- Buying another play and charge kit isnt that bad
  • You can just use AA batteries as well, FYI :)
  • i know, but with xbox controllers i feel like they drain battery life way to fast. buying a play and charge kit will definitely safe you money in the long run 
  • With the new tech in the new controllers, and the idle low power state mode, hopefully batteries last longer lol
  • yay, so my current turtle beaches won't work?