My thoughts, so far, on Windows 10 Mobile build 10512

So today Microsoft released build 10512 (and technically another branch) of Windows 10 Mobile for those on the Windows Insider program. Part of me wants to say finally released. However, that seems a bit presumptuous especially since the company just pushed out the largest desktop OS update in their history. I think I can cut them some slack for an OS not due to the fall.

Still, I can be a little anxious, and it has been what seems like a long time since build 10166 weeks ago.

Today's updates took a bit longer than usual for a few reasons, so let me explain what I am running this OS on (so far) this evening. Throughout I'll pepper the article with some screenshots from the new build.

Test Devices

  • Lumia Icon – Downgraded to Windows Phone 8.1, updated to build 10166 and then build 10512 since you cannot directly go to 10512 yet. I also then did a master reset because, why not at this point. I have 25 GB of free space out of 29.1 on a clean install.
  • Lumia 830 AT&T – This device was on an ancient build of Windows 10 Mobile, and it took a few 'upgrades' to get to 10512
  • Lumia 1520 AT&T – Unfortunately, this phone does not see the 10512 update despite already being on 10166. I have no idea why.

The good

  • Despite what seemed like the very long update and migrations, both phones are running quite well. Each had numerous app updates, including 38 for the Lumia Icon as a fresh out-of-box experience.
  • So far, the Lumia Icon does not run hot or even warm. I have no idea about battery life. Time will tell after regular usage.
  • Yes, this build is noticeably faster, or perhaps a better way to describe it is it is smoother. Animations are looking great, and apps like MSN News and MSN Weather feel much more like they are part of a completed OS.
  • There are numerous new Windows 10 wallpapers included with this build including the 'hero' lockscreen one from the desktop OS. Most have a blue overtone, so I'd like to see more diversity. However, hey, I get it, Windows 10 is themed blue.

  • I like the default Tile setup that includes the Office apps and all the major services like Xbox, Microsoft Edge, Cortana, Outlook Mail, and more. In fact, dare I say I feel like I can leave the majority of these as they are and not have to add too many more apps. There is even a folder with Alarms, Calculator, File Explorer, OneDrive, Excel and Get Started. It is a weird thing to have that many necessary apps and services all come from Microsoft. Of course, there's still no Snapchat (sorry, had to say it).
  • Speaking of Live Tiles, they are flipping like crazy, and I mean that in a good way. Nice to see much Live Tile action with the native apps. Also, the sizing of the icons for the Tiles seem much more proportional.
  • Over 2,000 fixes is nice
  • It was as odd but nice to load up Skype and not have to log in on the first run
  • Windows 10 Mobile 10512 feels as good on the Lumia 830 compared to the Lumia Icon
  • Despite no noteworthy changes Microsoft Edge is running quite well; the next Mobile build, however, should see some significant improvements for the browser

The bad

  • Lock screen information has a two-three second delay on it before the user info or PIN are visible
  • No hotspot support (see Microsoft's list of known issues for more)
  • Still some stutters on animation
  • Obviously, there are no new features, just lots of bug fixes and performance improvements. This absence is not new, but if you are looking for anything exciting or things move around, this is not your build
  • Wi-Fi still disconnects on occasion
  • Windows Store is slow and miserable to use
  • Quiet hours appear to be broken, or rather the Quick Action constantly blinks again

Initial thoughts

So far, I like build 10512, and that should be an obvious conclusion for anyone running it. After all, the point of these releases is for things to get better.

On the Lumia Icon, I went all out to make sure it is a clean install so eliminate any issues that may incur during the update process. Besides the lock screen delay, which is infuriating since it is the first thing you see, the OS feels quite ready for daily use. Mind you, you can unlock the lock screen without the information appearing, so it is not that bad just not intuitive.

I noticed the out-of-box experience was much more polished. Most of the tutorial screens have been updated for Windows 10 Mobile, including the generic welcome text. There are many nice touches, including the built-in apps and default Tile layout.

Sure, there are few under the hood refinements to be made and hopefully more third-party apps to come, but Windows 10 Mobile is following the same path as the desktop version. A few more builds and people should be very happy with they see.

Should you rollback to 8.1 first? Should you do a hard reset before or after the update? I have talked about these issues in the past, and I still stick with the idea that yes, doing a master reset at some point on Windows 10 Mobile "fixes" many issues. Do note that this takes some time, upwards of 60 to 90 minutes depending on your where you are starting from and how many apps you install. If you can, however, live with a clean OS and not do a restore, I still recommend that path if you are using this a daily phone.

We'll shoot a video tomorrow to show off the speed of the OS, but other than some polish, most of the changes are out of sight, making a less compelling video.

Do you like Windows 10 Mobile build 10512? Let us know in comments your experience, tips, and any new things you have noticed!

Here's what's new, improved and fixed in Windows 10 Mobile preview build 10512 {.cta}

Windows 10 Mobile Preview build 10512 has over 2,000 fixes {.cta}

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Cool!
  • As far as new features or anything, are we expecting more before final release? I was under the impression that no real new features will be added from here out
  • Was planning on installing the next build on my 1520, assuming it would be close to RTM. Guess I'll keep waiting. :(
  • I have it on my 1520
  • Same
  • I installed on my ATT 1520. So far so good, except I have an issue with Edge. After 3 builds now have the same problem with it recognizing clicks on web links. Oh my God, The Store has finally been fixed! Was able to update every app installed on my phone. No other major issues so far.
  • My 1520 runs almost flawlessly
  • I am an early adoptor, and have this running on a spare L735.​ Its still not good enough for my main phone yet. Close, but still too slow/laggy, still too many jarring bugs. It feels sloppy, in a way the Desktop Windows 10 builds did not during their last 3->4 months. (I used W10 on my main PC at work way before RTM) This would function, but its jaggyness is still too much to bear for me.
  • I would like to see what are basic features missing from 8.1 added.
  • Hey, they will be releasing new features next month. Didn't want talk early on some of the improvements that TH2 brings. This info is per Joe Belfiore
  • I think next built would be suitable for daily use.
  • Joe Belifiore said in a tweet a few weeks ago that right now the focus is gonna be stability, and then right before official release they're gonna add more features
  • What could possibly go wrong with adding new features right before release?  Oh, wait: a lot.
  • So far, almost everything that COULD go wrong with Windows Mobile, IS wrong with Windows mobile. It's a damn disaster.
  • It's a little more stable and fluid than the previous build but it still has ways to go.  there's still no SMS notification and there are no separate third party mail apps, at least they were dysfuctional in the last build.  I did a master reset and still Cortana is missing on my 1020. When you swipe left or right, or scroll up and dowm, pics and email look wobbly. 
  • Does anyone have problems with their screen not rotating? After upgrading to this build(10512) I noticed that I can't watch full screen video because the screen is not rotating. I also did a reset and rotation is not lock.
  • I underestimated this build. It's super smooth and well worth the upgrade. Although not having Movies&TV app sucks. I only used it for Youtube videos which are downloaded from the myTube app anyway so i can watch them there. Or VLC even.
  • I updated to 10512 and I am able to play videos that I have taken with camera in Photos app. So the video experience is not completely broken.
  • What phone do you have?  
  • Sample Song is the best tune ever.
  • It installed from 10 166 to 512 on 1520 beautifully, I agree less heat on processor but no different really seems smooth
  • Not able to Download from previous build. Downloading stuck at 0%. At last did hard reset but then it stuck at wheeling. Restart and again stuck at wheeling. Loop continued and finally have to role back to 8.1. Lumia 638 india
  • At first it didn't show up on my 1520, I had to visit my insider app again and choose fast ring, then it started downloading, but I got a couple of error messages, all I did each time I had an error was to restart the phone. The download % kept increasing until it completed and installed. I still don't have glance screen option on this new build though.
  • how did you roll back when it was stuck while installing ?
  • Same on my Lumiq 925!It keeps restarting,then spinning gears.But I have one more thing:after the spinning gears,I have the :-( face.Now I have to roll back to Windows Phone 8.1 using Windows Phone Recovery Tool or Lumia Software Recovery Tool.
  • I've installed Build 10512 on two separate Lumia 830's.  One has the Start Screen Bug and one does not.  If a phone has the start screen bug it is a lost cause and totally unuseable just as a test device...   The groove app is still incomplete, many universal app are still not in parity with their PC versions (Fitbit etc.).  There are some general twitches and glitches but it is a quantum leap from Build 10166.  Everyone needs to keep pushing for Windows 10 Mobile to move forward.  Without mobility, what exactly is the point of Windows 10?  Without mobility we could all be happy with Windows 7 as a purely desktop OS without Touch, Speech, Continuum, Modern/Metro, and the Windows Store.  Without mobility Windows 7 could continue on for another decade like XP and Microsoft would fade to irrelevance as emerging technologies pulled us away from our desktops over time.  Windows 10 is more than the desktop OS, it is a broad range of progressive building blocks enabling the Microsoft experience to be mobilized and current and future technologies to enable the experience.  Right now a premier mobility experience on Windows phones is the single most important turnaround Microsoft must accomplish.  They must put every available resource to task to accomplish it. It is the current building block to transition into the future.  Where would Apple be right now if the original iPod never transitioned from a non touch single purpose music player into fully functional touch based phones and tablets?  Microsoft was caught stagnating as mobility evolved at light speed.  Microsoft somehow adopted a philosophy that third party developers must come to them and provide them with content.  Hopefully all that has changed and we will now get a forwardly progressive innovative leadership philosophy that will bridge the lacking content chasm with engineering innovation and hard work to bridge the gap between service providers and bring the service content to enable premier Microsoft ecosystem experience.
  • Quality writing as ever!
  • Really... Daniels thoughts.. Lol. He ain't Mr. Rogers....
  • Ask Dan, he has always loved the smell of his own... Ha. Looks like still only can create one live folder still.
  • Lol.
  • Yes indeed...thanks Daniel R.!
  • I went directly from build 10166 to 10512 on my Lumia 1520. I used my works WiFi.
  • me too
  • Ditto, maybe make sure your insider app is up to date? Lol
  • I like it a lot. Did the upgrade from the previous TP and hard reset on my 1520. Definitely has daily river quality if you can deal with the known issues.
    The only thing that annoys me a bit is that I don't seem to be able to turn off glance. Seems to be quite a battery sucker, especially since double tab to wake us on as well.
  • I was hard resetting my 720 before upgrading to this build. And the thing is that it is not starting anymore! The screen with the wheels comes, and then it shows its proceeding, and the bar fills to say 25%, and the process stops and a sad smiley... :-( like this shows up. And the process starts again. Been three days since it is happening. What should I do?
  • Use WPRT to flash win8.1. Then upgrade to Build 10512
  • Same here tejas. Rollback to 8.1. I just did it today. Phone will not detect initially, select "my phone is not detected". Still not detected then soft reset while phone still connected to PC. Download software and install
  • To fix the blinking quiet hours button, go to cortana>notebook>quiet hours.
  • That doesn't seem to fix it, at least not for me. I can go in and turn it on and off all I want, but the shortcut continually blinks. Granted, quiet hours themselves work, just not the shortcut to turn them on and off.
  • I like it , but no new features is extremely dissappointing. Look at iOS 9 alone, and search for 50 hidden featrues. So many refined polishes and touches, and what are we left with? Nothing. Literally just design changes. This is not good for Windows 10 Mobile. I love the animations, I love the UI style, but I hate the lack of the integrated Skype/Messaging app, especially when it was promised to be able to do SMS on desktop and have it sync with W10M I wish Microsoft moved faster with the phone builds. I want to be able to access the root of the phone and use it like a USB (like Android). I want to be able to show off cool new features to my friends. Windows 10 Mobile must be convincing for anyone to switch, and for current users to stay on Windows for phones. It really doesn't matter if people like Windows 10, that really won't increase the marketshare of Windows phones. There are tons of new features in Android M and many new refinements to iOS 9 (including those 100 or so hidden ones). Why can't we have nice things? Thoughts?
  • I don't disagree, However, I would like them to focus on performance/bug fixes/smoothness for a few builds, which is what I think they are doing. Once the core stuff is ready, yeah, I'd like to see a few more things in the pipeline and some extra features. I think you're right about iOS 9 and Android M and the progress they are making. Of course, Microsoft did just basically re-write a mobile OS in less than a year.
  • Is there anything new that you are expecting or is this more of a hoping to see something new by the time it's finished?
  • "Of course, Microsoft did just basically rewrite a mobile OS in less than a year". Again. They need to start iterating and stop re-inventing. Otherwise they'll never catch up to the competition.
  • Exactly. This is the 3rd rewrite in 5-6 years. MS has been their own worst enemy, continuously dropping the ball or backtracking.
  • The rewrites from scratch cause a rift as it leaves a group of customers/developers behind when they drop support. Since MS have been doing this a few times I am not surprised if public confidence for MS has dropped. Also, its a huge waste of resources. I'm glad they say Windows 10 will be the last 'version'. It will also be interesting to see if a rift develops between consumers and businesses with Win10 as businesses are slow to upgrade. Then again, no one is stopping them from releasing new OS from scratch that has a different name. Loophole ;P
  • Yeah, but it's all been leading up to this, the integration of one OS across all types of devices. It's a pretty dammed amazing engineering feat. And now that they've arrived, we don't have to deal with re-writes anymore - it's ask refinement from here on out. This OS it's going to be amazing. iOS is well polished, but boring as hell. And Adroid is a security nightmare that seems to get worse by the day.
  • This is the story that MS wants us to buy. Tell me, how much of the W10M code is shared with W10? Are there any known targets or numbers? How many of MS apps are actually universal?
  • Truly, I think the answer to both questions is "almost all." The bigger question is whether this is a good idea or not. To me, bringing win32 to phone is there most important thing MS can do. It's the only differentiator MS can offer.
  • Well, they share the same kernel at least. Plus, most of the MSN apps are universal. Sway disappointed me as not being on phone yet, however, its a universal app, so eventually it'll make it to the phone. The office apps are universal apps. So most apps from MS are universal. Though, until Windows 10 Mobile is actually released, we will probably only see a few third-party universal apps come out. Audible surprised everybody I think. But we still have Netflix on there, Adobe has one for Photoshop Express, and there are more I haven't even mentioned. So, yeah, the story they want us to buy is the *actual* story.
  • im runing 10 on my lumia 903 and its now prety smooth thats after 3-5 hours of trying to get it working lol.   Apps are not a issue for me exept my remote control for kodi media centre that still doesnt work with this build.  OPersonally i wish theyd stayed with 8.1 on phone and just improved it.
  • Daniel for Lumia 1520 go into windows insider app and choose fast ring again. Then check for updates. Should do the trick. I've had to do this with almost every build on my 1520.
  • Hasn't worked so far, not even after adding a SIM.
  • Mines updated right to the new build on my 1520 from 10166
  • I had to reset the phone, then update.
  • Daniel. Roll back to 8.1, hard reset. Download insider choose ring, restart. If this fails then your device is not registered properly.
  • I just laughed my lungs out seeing someone giving Daniel tricks! LOL.
  • Comments like these are unwanted. If not Deniel, tips might help someone else who visits the forum. Ofcourse I don't see Daniel takes offence at all. < For my sins, even I don't know who Daniel is  )
  • i had to do this on my 1520... Now downloading 10512 :)
  • >Microsoft did just basically re-write a mobile OS in less than a year.
    This is their problem. You can't iterate on a product if you keep starting over.
  • Which is why we have Windows10. That's their goal with the OS going forward: Feature updates on top of Windows10 itself. This needed to happen. :)
  • Exactly. All of these ill-informed comments grow tiresome.
  • But that was also 8. It was going to be one OS across devices. Yes, they were starting over, but they were going to add so many features. Now they're starting over again, removing some of the really great features from 8, and we still haven't seen many of the features we expected 3 years ago. Where am I misinformed?
  • The information you have isn't wrong, you're just missing more information. Ballmer and Nadella are different people with superficially similar visions. They both wanted a unified experience across multiple devices/screens. Ballmer was going to take us there in iterations. Windows 8 wasn't the end product, it was the start of a path to that unified experience. However, Ballmer never saw complete unification. He was fine with having different OSes share the same code. Nadella wanted the same OS. Period. Moreover, Ballmer viewed touch as the future. Maybe he'll eventually be right, but his timing definitely isn't. Mouse & keyboard are still too popular to have such a focus on touch. So, Windows 8 had a similar idea as Windows 10. But the guys behind each one were different and the approaches are different. Windows 8 was supposed to deliver a unified experience. Windows 10 is supposed to deliver a unified OS with a unified experience. They look the same from the outside, but are much different on the inside. Now, with the failure of Windows 8, they not only had an opportunity to start over, but they were forced too. No one was going to stick around while they slowly replaced bit by bit to get to the unified OS. They had go all or nothing. So yes, I see the point that if they keep starting over, they'll never be able to refine a product. But lets face it, with Nadella, we are seeing an overhaul of "everything." The OS, the company, everything. He's going all out because he has a strong vision and honestly, I think its a really great vision and he's doing the best to get there. Did he have to pull off some band-aids in the process? Yeah, but I think it was a better bet than to pull them off slowly. Ballmer made mistakes that Nadella had to fix. That is the information you're missing.
  • Hi Daniel, please do upload an in-depth video of the latest build highlighting the noticeable improvements and features( if any).
    It's a request because I'm not in the insider program but I really wanna see the progress the OS is making.
  • I agree albert730. It will be great to see a video for us who are not on TP but are interested in how the OS is coming along. I think he states in the article a video is coming soon.
  • iOS 9 & Android M are incremental updates compared to what Windows Mobile 10 is overall.
  • But compared to Windows 10 it is mediocre even Windows 8.1 pales to Lollipop and iOS 8 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I hate to pile on, but I also need to comment on the 'just basically re-write a mobile OS' line.  They've re-written it 3 times in almost half as many years.  At some point, that excuse wears thin, and all you do is frustrate developers who leave the OS behind, to say nothing of the end users.
  • Agreed. The change in direction for developers makes me wonder why there are any still bothering. I have made the transition now from Siliverlight to XAML (universal), but do not know whats in store for the new Win10 SDK universal - hoping it will be 99% the same APIs. It tests ones staying power.
  • See my comment above in reply to AfroPhysics. The reason this is different is because there's an entirely different force behind the change, Nadella and not Ballmer. Nadella has a strong, much more defined vision and is doing what is necessary to bring about that vision. It was similar to Ballmer's, but faster and went much further.
  • The problem is that every version, they rewrite something. Even 8.1 did that (Calendar, Music apps, etc. Everything to be an app, remember?). In Windows "10.5" they will rewrite again, and over again.
  • You're right. We should actually have small things like album art on lock screen, something useful in multitasking view, translucent action center. Windows 10 should be at par with Android and iOS as far as customization, look and feel it's concerned. I hope Microsoft add these things before final release. Praying for it..
  • IMO, this is no rewrite. It is a WP 8.1 fork with the W10 Universal Apps runtime and a couple of tweaks. Plus a couple of universal apps using that runtime. TBH, a runtime is no feature at all, so anything new is continuum, but only on new phones and being a feature of questionable merit. Evidence? W10M still has a Kids corner, which would be utterly redundant if we had multiple start screens (which in itself shows the fallacy of not having tiles on the desktop but on the start menu on W10).
  • Exactly. While iOS has been... exactly the same since it released lol
  • Yeah, because you know why? It works and people obviously love it.
  • Don't be a fool. Check iOS/Android forums and then you'll know it's no different. People love to complain. Only very few love an OS, because there's always something to complain. Actually iOS did not work for me and I switched all devices to Windows.
  • Yes iPhone OS 1.0 is just the same as iOS 8.4.1 with the same features. Terrible Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Daniel, please help me here:
    I downloaded windows 10 mobile from 10160 and then did a master reset. And my phone is Lumia 720. And I like a month since I downloaded w10 but I have some heavy games like HOC and cloud raiders and robotto. I tried downloading the phone update for 10512 Bu the update seems not to be downloading I have proper 3G speed and still after 2 hour I checked , not even a percent downloaded. Please help me what i should do? I cant do a master reset now. If that's the only option should I roll back to 8.1 and then download 10 or just do a master reset? The download screen is not showing any error so that I can restart it. Please tell me.
  • They will show it in the new builds, now that the focus on desktop version is no a priority anymore
  • I think there's a strange dilemma with releasing preview software. It's definitely a double edged sword for both the developer and the users
  • Agreed! Very insightful comment. The thing is, people forget the "Preview" part. Also, it is not a "cool" thing to be part of the Insider Program and it is not designed to let us brag about an incomplete OS to friends, with lots of new features ready to use in every Preview release. I do not want tons of new "just-began coding" beta features that crash the phone. I just want this OS as stable and high-performing as possible. I am very happy with this release. Finally we have it in our hands. I installed it and made a hard reset. I agree with Daniel: the default Start screen is great! Always had to delete everything (almost) and start over with my own Live Tile layout, even in the Windows Phone 8.1 retail release. This time, I deleted Facebook and uninstalled the Facebook app. For now, I will keep the rest of the default Start screen and rearrange things later. The most notable thing I will rearrange later, is Messages and Phone. They are placed as tiny icons on my screen, which in my view is a bit tedious. I believe, however, that Microsoft is expecting people to use Edge and other apps a lot more often than Phone and SMS/MMS :). After all, they do telemetry, analysis and stuff, so they measure what we Insiders use the most. So, it seems Phone and Messaging are seldom used. Rather, Telegram, Whatsapp, Viber and other IM apps are the norm today.
  • People get the preview part, and they get the term "feature complete".
  • I think most of you people are thinking about in between builds, and maybe this is the problem with letting so many users in on the development process. But go back to Windows Phone 8.1, and look how many tons of new features and polish there is since then.  Then go back from 8.1 to 8.0.  There are TONS of new features. I can't even get myself to stay back on 8.1 or 8.0 because of all the stuff in Windows Mobile 10 that makes it where I don't want to go back.
  • The TONS of new features are just basic ones that we need since WP7. Even on W10M I can't edit a number when trying to call someone. If you get in the end of the home number and see an wrong number you need to erase every number.
    Action/Notification Center, swipe keyboard, office, good music player... They are just basic features. Yes I'm glad that they are equal or better than Android or iOS, but innovation = zero.
  • That's all well and good. However, you can't go from not having any of the "non-innovative features" to having the most innovative phone. you need to develop those non-innovative ones first. Those don't happen magically on their own. Just because they exist elsewhere doesn't mean Microsoft can magically code it overnight. You need the foundation before you can build upon it. You need to be on par first before you can surpass.
  • Yup... I just don't want to go back.
  • If you're refereing to the differences between iOS8 & 9, or Android L & M, that is a TOTALLY different story. This is a new build of Windows 10 Mobile's initial version. A more accurate comparison is Windows 8.1 to this build (Which there are many differences). Not a previous build to this one.
  • W10M is nearing completion within the next 2 months. Don't expect any ground-shattering new features except continuum and hello (which current phones cannot take advantage of). Stop denying yourself the reality that W10M should be compared to iOS 9 and Android M they are all OSs released in 2015. Windows 10 mobile is no longer in the initial version stage this is not really a brand new operating system, it still runs the same apps, has the same features and 8.1 and is built off of Windows 10. BTW Windows 8.1 is a desktop OS. If you mean Windows Phone 8.1, then it is still not up to par with iOS 8 in terms of features. To compete, MS must have nearly, if not all, the features iOS and Android have to date... and more.
  • Agreed. Why can't I connect an external DAC to my phone?  Something that has been in Windows for ages, and both i and A for years. Where is OTG? Why isn't XBox Music / Groove Music player a kickass player after so many iterations and changes? Basic features that will sway a person from deciding on a mobile OS. And this campaign now, "vote for landscape".  Come on, Microsoft.  The most front-facing of all features, and you make people vote, argue, debate, etc.  Just put it in and let people decide to turn it on or not!   Micrsoft has too many resources and has been doing this for too long to let Apple or Google be the leader in any operating system.
  • My comment was not about iOS vs Android vs WP. It was regarding the evolution from OS version to OS version. The original comment came off (at least to me) as saying that iOS 9 is a huge step up from iOS 8, but that this build of Windows 10 Mobile isn't a huge step up from the previous build. Which is why I said the comparison should be WP8.1 to WM10, not WM10 build (x) vs build (y). I would never say that WM10 shouldn't be compared to iOS 9 * Android M, because that would be totally unrealistic. Yes, Windows Mobile 10 isn't necessarily in parallel with iOS 9 & Anroid M. But iOS 9 & Android M aren't in parellel with eachother, either. Each has something that sets them apart. For example, the way iOS and OS X connect to share calls and texts (you don't really see this on either Android or WP/WM). But, you also don't see the Continuum feature on iOS or Android. Can't think of an Android exclusive feature off the top of my head, but I'm sure there's one or two things that it does, that other platforms don't do. However, I agree that Microsoft needs to continue adding as many features as it can to maintain a decent level of parellel with the other two.  And yes, I know WIndows 8 is the desktop OS, it was a typo.
  • Yeah even with all those features iOS9 has, it's still nothing to write home about... Personal opinion here, I think iOS is boooooring as hell.
  • Many people think iOS is boring, but that's a design opinion. The argument is whether Microsoft should add new features at the rate of iOS with iterative updates, or should they keep basically the same feature set while re-writing the basic OS every couple years, and shuffling in some new features in place of some others.
  • What an ignorant comment. Shuffling in some new features in place of others? God damn.. Just this year: Cortana is a HUGE step forward. Windows Hello is big.
    Continuum is huge.
    Simpler interface... folders... settings... universal apps... notification center. This isn't just adding a few features, this is a completely new beast compared to what it was 2-3 years ago. What features are we "losing" with Win10 that are anywhere near the size of the features we have gained in the last year or so? Btw, photo story is one of the coolest apps I've seen in recent memory. I thought I wanted Groovebook for Windows Phone (or a better version of it, since it sucks now that it was bought by Shutterfly), but this new app is a killer. Awesome.
  • However, that "shuffling around" is going to pay off. Yes, it wasn't ideal, and end-users didn't necessarily see HUGE changes in the UI, but plenty of new features were added, such as Cortana. Most importantly though, were all the "core" components (Such as Messenger and Phone) switching from being built-in to being apps. That means if a serious vulnerability or bug is found, Microsoft can quickly push an update to the impacted app(s), rather than trying to get the carriers and OEM's to push out the necessary updates. It also allows them to add new features to those components whenever they want (like the Skype integration in Messenger & Phone comming later this fall). Not to mention the other "subtle" under-the-hood chang, that will allow Microsoft to directly push out full software updates to all Windows 10 Mobile devices at once (just the software, not the Firmware) without having to wait for OEM's and carriers to do it. This is something iOS users have enjoyed, but Android and WP users (up until WM10) have not had. This alone is pretty darn huge, as people wont have to wait to get awesome new features, because Microsoft will just push it out to everyone at once. In a nutshell, Microsoft has spent the last few years really working on the underlaying components of the OS. Now they have laid a pretty fantastic groundwork to innovate "uninterupted" moving forward (by which I mean they can bypass the middlemen and go directly to the end-users).Rather than focusing on one huge update every year (like iOS and Android), they can push out multiple feature-rich upgrades throughout the year (as I recall, they already have several lined up for the next year or so, with a roughly 4 ~ 6 month release cycle). But I do agree that it would be nice to see some more of the features on iOS and Android, being added to WM10. Hopefully we'll see more of that moving forward.
  • They aren't going to release all the features in a preview. To even expect that is unrealistic.
  • I would expect that they show off at least a few new features. And what's the point of having the Insider Program if they don't eventually show off all new features? We're supposed to TEST them remember?
  • I definitely agree with you. It's been nothing more than a redesign so far, All the good stuff except continuum is for developers(which is great but means nothing for us).. Hopefully we'll see new user features after RTM.
  • Why not? They did for desktop Windows 10.
  • They MUST, lest not have anyone left even remotely interested in W10Mobile by the time they get around to secretively putting these features in.
  • Maybe I'm wrong but there was an article here where they said windows phone os is done feature wise but they won't release all the features till the final build.
  • 'Just take a second to listen to yourself; 'I want to be able to access the root of the phone and use it like a USB (like Android).'.... You are the very people who whine every now and then about WM copying android and about how you hate that stuff. Apple keeps their IOS locked; you dont complain about it and you waste your hard earned money buying their crap(for lack of a better word), microsoft does the same and sells it at a lower price yet your are here talking gibberish.
  • I NEVER said I use and iPhone or Android as my phone, ever. am not the problem, comments like yours are, accusing others of being fanboys when there is no basis of fact or evidence, that makes you a Microsoft fanboy. This blind following is exactly what we are trying to avoid. We don't want to become like Fandroids or iSheep.
  • We need a better word for Microsoft Fanboy - it just isn't fluent. We have Fandroid and iSheep, so perhaps "Softboy"? But that sounds pretty gross. Thoughts?
  • @Sabre Wulf How about "MicroBoy" or "MicroToy"?
  • LumiaBoy, no offense to other models. :-)
  • Why do we need the word 'boy'? Why not microfan? Winatic?
  • The synced Messaging app and Action Center are honestly the only two things I've cared about for a while now.
  • Yes, these are what I need. And snapchat.
  • You want some cheese with that whine?
  • I'd love to see a w10m, wp8.1 comparison.
  • Before you get to sour, Joe Belfiore has said that there are more features that they will announce closer to launch. So next month is a good bet. They didn't want to show off some of the stuff coming with TH2
  • Can I comment without being labeled as "sour"? Apparently, I can't even though all my points are valid.
  • A feature like an intelligent user interface logic would be nice... I cannot believe there is yet another build with all those glaring inconsistencies out. It truly makes me shiver realising they really intend to leave it at that.
  • Ios still doesn't have Bluetooth file sharing, file manager, sd card support, fm, USB otg, etc how can you say it has more features than Windows 10 mobile, when it lacks basic features which are already present in 8.1? I guess its not your fault, Apple creates this image where they only glorify and show what you need, not what you want......
  • True, iOS doesn't have these features, but Android does and iOS will never have these features because it's Apple keeping the OS locked down. However none of these are new to Windows phones as they are all in 8.1 and yes iOS has plenty more new features then Windows 10 Mobile has.
  • Don't forget wireless charging too on WP, a great function iOS does not have, until they reinvent it of course :)
  • The point is not iOS has feature x and WP does not. WP and iOS should go in different parallel paths, as the ideas behind them are different. The point is that Apple releases iOS 7, 8, 9, and add new features each time. They always have a different focus, and sometimes add better features than other times. But with WP we have 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and they add a few features, but also remove features. Then we also have a rewrite, which means many of the features we've grown to love are no longer supported. This is no fun, we don't want to trade features we like for the promise of new ones, we just want the OS to keep going in one direction, with constant, iterative improvements.
  • Ios9 has some features but not that many. And they already perfected the os. So they have time for features. Hey this build has a neat feature. If I pull down the notification center I can't pull it back up on my 830. Hehe
  • It's working pretty well so far without a reset on my 640xl.  Very smooth.  I still have some cortana bluetooth lag but, seems better so far.  I need to spend more time with it to know for sure.  Battery seems great so far.  Looking good so far.
  • Since you also have a 640 XL, are you having problems with the keyboard not showing when in Landscape mode? I've had this problem ever since I started installing preview builds - even with this recent one. Still not fixed
  • Landscape keyboard never worked on my XL with w10m
  • does the video playback being broken issue affect 3rd party apps? (specifically MyTube)
  • Nope. Only the Movies&TV app.
  • But after an update for the app Movies& TV ,its working now
  • No. TubeCast working fine.
  • What about error "0x80244019"??
  • It means you that you are smart enough to search the error on internet.
  • It's ok, doesnt feel much different than 10166, seems a bit more buggy and glitchy if you ask me. I had virtually zero problems with 10166 on my 929. The lockscreen delay is quite annoying, ddint have that with 10166. Does anyone else have issues connecting to bluetooth? I can connect to my jawbone jambox just fine but still cannot connect to bluetooth in my car.
  • keep watching
  • My AT&T 1520 went from 10166 to 10512, no issues. I'm on Verizon, so I'm running this without a SIM.  I don't know if that would help with your 1520, buyt popping the SIM would be easy enough to try.  I'll keep my Icon on 8.1 until release.
  • That could be it as that happened for app updates before. Will give it a go.
  • Lumia 925. This is the first insider preview update where I've had no issues. Everything updated smoothly, all apps are working and there was no need for a reset. The known issues of course can't be avoided, but overall I'm pleased with this build; they're getting there... And yes it does "seem faster".
  • Thanks for the info. May try it on my 925.
  • I'm waiting for my battery to hit 40% so I can install asap. Airplane mode engaged so it can charge quicker. 10166 is a huge battery drain on my 1020, and it's really flaky. Can't wait to update :) :)  
  • Thanks for the write-up Daniel. I have a Lumia Icon and didn't know that I couldn't upgrade straight to 10512. I'll give it another shot now that I restored back to a fresh 8.1 install. Thanks!
  • yes , you need to roll back to 8.1 , then insider configuration and build 10166 , then it takes you to new build 10512
  • Hey man work in my lumia 1520
  • Anyone experiencing start screen infinite loading loop on this build?
  • yeah I was. I had to use the recovery tool to get it working again.
  • Yes and I literally just fixed it by changing my start screen picture after 8 hours of saying fuck it. I had narrowed down my apps on the start screen prior to updating (removed folders, etc) but that stupid thing fixed it where I didn't have such luck on the previous build (didn't reset between my old build install and this new one).  
  • Umm can some one please elaborate on the "another branch" term?
  • next upgrade path in terms of rtm th2 kind
  • Branching the code basically means that they make a duplicate copy of the source code so that it can be worked on separately from the code for other versions.  This would allow them to continue working on new features and service packs for Windows 10 (Desktop) without affecting the code they are wrapping up to release Windows 10 Mobile. 
  • Only problem I have with this build is when I pull down my quick actions "quite hours" it's blinking on and off nonstop. Anyone experiencing this or have an idea to stop it?
  • Yes, I see this too. Will add to the list.
  • Haven't been able to stop it blinking, but at least the quiet hours functionality works when configured through Cortana's notebook.
  • This is the first time I've done it on my 930 without hard reset afterwards and so far so good. Battery management is much better. Ppl don't stop giving MS feedback. With w10, astoria and islandwood we have something very special and powerful but without the ppl they could easily screw it or us. Feedback good or bad just do it.
  • As a Windows Phone user for 10 years I really have one thing to say.  If you are not a Windows Phone User right now, There is NOTHING here to convience you to use Windows Phone.
  • Preview preview preview
  • This one is still in denial.
  • Playing cheap...bravo! Grow up please.  
  • Windows phone hasn't been out ten years, anyway, this isn't meant to convince people to try windows phone/mobile, this is meant for existing customers to test pre released software and alert of bugs flaws etc this is more of a gift for tech junkies and also to make it easier to find out what people wish Microsoft to add or improve, on this front it's successful.
  • Um, in one form or another it has been out longer then that.  I had Windows mobile 5, 6, 6.2, WPhone 7, WPone 8 and now 10. From what I have seen from the Windows 10 Devleoplment, and heard from friends at .....  We are not going to see alot more put into this.    
  • I have to agree. I'm a huge Windows fan and I've loved Windows Phone to date, but Windows 10 Mobile just isn't doing it for me. A lot of questionable design decisions in my opinion, which I've voiced through Microsoft feedback. And a lot of changes, which may seem small, but completely ruin the experience in my opinion. Things just aren't as solid and fluid as they were in WP8.1. And then you have the new apps, like News and Money, which I use daily. I feel they are incredibly inferior to the WP8.1 counterparts. News is almost unusable if you follow a lot of topics because you can't flick down a screen now to get to one, you have to swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe, swipe, ..., through all of the pivots. It's terrible. Same thing with stocks. Tons of wasted screen real estate for just a little info, much less efficien than the WP8.1 versions. Anyhoo, I'm hopeful because I believe strongly in the Windows 10 paradigm, and I love desktop Windows 10, but so far Windows 10 Mobile is just meh in my view.
  • I disagree. I think the new designs of the core apps are far superior to 8.1. Especially the store app. The old one didn't look legit, like a child had made it. This one looks serious and more clean overall.
  • I do like the store a bit better. The old one did well on minimalism but lacked some of the content you want surfaced up front about apps. My main problem, though, is that search isn't more accurate/quicker.
  • You mean 6.5
  • Windows phone OS has been out for much longer than ten years. If you keep re-writing every few years and call it a new OS, then yeah, you'll never get to ten years. That doesn't mean the competition won't.
  • Then say nothing. When you can't see it, please move to iOS or Android so you can say the same about iOS and Android.
  • I never undertood why people take other's opinions so personally - why shouldn't he write what he thinks? Why should he move somewhere else?  Don't get it :-)
  • A silly bug but very annoying, when you have two-step verification activated via SMS (for MS account), it asks you to enter the last 4 digits of the mobile number, while the text field allows only two digits... I had to email the code.
  • Yes, its on the known issues list.
  • This bug was mentioned in the release notes.
  • i really like build 10512 , i also feels like now my lumia 930 not heating like happens in  previous builds and from past few hours , it feels like wp 8.1 - in terms of smoothness .
  • Your home screen ain't doing that loading thing?
  • no , works fine ; as after update , i go to settings < system < about : reset (( a.k.a hard reset ))
  • Alright getting preview build for my 635 which is my OS testing device, looking for to providing more feedback on this build directly to Microsoft.
  • I'm running A Ok so far on my 636 (the Chinese 1GB variant of the 635). Also my OS test device ;)  Did a hard reset just to be sure. Also, thanks to Dan and Gabe for keeping a sense of humour through this latest update too!        
  • Feels like this article was "written" with dragon naturally speaking. Felt like it was all one exhale- kind of humorous.
  • Any one having trouble with Start folders?
  • reset your phone will solve
  • I did in build 10166. Working properly in 10512 (L930)
  • It runs pretty great on my 920. Folks complaining about lags should wait until all apps updates are finished. Also should consider resetting the phone.
  • Oh god, finally. The last release was pretty buggy running on Lumia 920. And I had given up to play with it. Maybe this time it worth a try :)
  • Lumia 1520 can be updated to 10512. It fixed a lot of bugs I had problems with.
  • yes , that he was talking about temp. issue in article
  • Is Glance not supported yet? I can't find it on my 920.
  • no , may be
  • Heh, it's hidden somewhere. I used sysapp pusher to kick start it and it works now.
  • SysAppPusher -> Store tells me that Glance Background is no longer available - L920 on 10512
  • Sorry I haven't tried Glance Blackground. (Glance Background adds background picture to Glance and is a separate app.)
  • Just put it on my 1520, went into insider, selected fast ring then checked for updates, took awhile but went through. Did not do a reset yet and all seems to be ok. The lock screen delay is annoying but survivable. Tested alarms, it worked, with my superman opening theme an everything, email seems ok, people are still bubbles, etc. If any major issues arise I'll do a reset.
  • Still same old home screen problem on my 930
  • I think is maybe a good thing thaat Microsoft bricked my Lumia 830, so now I have to buy a new one. Very tempting about the new Lumias but the 640XL and the used 830/1520 are good deals, what should I do?
  • 1520 pwns all in my opinion right now 
  • I would buy a cheap 635 or similar for now. The 950/XL will be coming out in a couple months. Just something to get by with for now.
  • Yeah I'm looking for deals here in Costa Rica, but only the 535 are available. 
  • The 535 has some screen sensitivity issues. But overall it's not terrible, I have been using it for about three weeks and it's ok.
  • What happened to your 830? Have you tried recovering it through the windows phone recovery tool?
  • Got bricked while the upgrade from 8.1 to W10 went wrong, just got a black screen. almost 4 months have passed and no one at Microsoft is able to respond me what happened. I tried everything, XDA windows comand methods, Nokia Care Suite, Windows Phone Recovery Tool (each update), I even send it to a repair store so they can used the JTAG brute force method.  Nothing, the phone is a deep brick state, when connected to the pc says QHUSB_BULK. What a waste of money. So now I am with a Galaxy S6 but want to keep two phone, one of each OS so I if get bored, I can switch.
  • Hey Dan, any chance you could tell me if resetting the phone makes the Glance settins disappear like it used to? If that happens, I can't reset,
  • I reset my 640 XL a couple days ago and lost glance.  I was running 10166 at the time and that was the first reset I ran on the device since I got it.
  • Yeah, I know it happened in 10166, I was wondering if they fixed it.
  • I've done that. Installed 10166, did a hard reset. And then used Fast Ring to upgrade to 10512. Did a hard reset again, and glance worked just fine. I did notice a delay on my lock screen, as in, the image would appear and a couple of seconds later, the date and time. And oh, I'm using it on my 830, my daily driver.
  • I also updated my Icon, and I do love the fact that it no longer burns my hand ;)
  • Question: I'm on build 10166 and need to do a hard reset, if nothing else to get rid of the start screen loop. So, should I do a hard reset now, then upgrade to 10512? Or should I upgrade now, then do a reset? Or does that even matter?
  • upgrade to build 10512 , then hard reset
  • Lumia 1520 here and I received the 10512 update this afternoon. So far the OS is definitely smoother, yet I still experience the loading start screen issue which is fairly annoying when trying to test apps. Also still a lot of Lumia dependencies missing like touch, audio, and display. I can't stand the Windows 10 store. From the download and install screen you can't access the app by tapping it, the app doesn't tell you what apps it updated throughout the night, etc. Groove sucks. I pay for the 14.99 monthly plan that allows for me to download 10 free songs a month, yet since Groove the store no longer allows for my free downloads.
  • Yup, forgot about how the bad Store still is. Added that to the list too.
  • FFS what freakin part OF PREVIEW CONFUSES EVERYBODY??  if it was RTM yeah I could see why you would drown us with tears ...but seriously people if you want it perfect stfu and wait till RTM  ....till then eat it 
  • You are the one who is confused. What is the point of the Insider Preview if everybody keeps quiet about the bugs?
  • Right, but it really only has a point when someone uses the feedback app..
  • You mean the old Zune Music subscription plan?  To be fair, Xbox Music never allowed you to download your 10 free songs either.  I've continued to use the Zune PC software each month for the 10 free songs.
  • That's why I have my apps set to manually update so I see everything that updates.
  • I defaulted my new build and the Nokia software did download from the store and nothing failed.
  • Hi i have a 640,i keep getting this update error.
    Can anyone please help me,do I have to rollback to 8.1 Some update files are missing or have problems. We'll try to download the update again later. Error code: (0x80070003
  • you need to roll back   as becuase you updating it from build 10166
  • Thank you
  • Ok maybe I'm just blind but where are those stock backgrounds located? I don't see them anywhere.
  • go to settings < personalization < start : photos or go to background change : you will see .    
  • Me too... I can't find them at all.
  • They are in the root of the "Pictures" folder. You can view them with the File Manager app.  
  • Can we finally do left edge swipe for hamburger menu? I mean like android.
  • no . i was waiting for that feature , i installed windows central android apk again in build 10512 to use that feature
  • This is really annoying. Why would they implement incomplete feature. Hope next builds will bring it.
  • The stupid!  It burns!  They aren't trying to implement incomplete features.  They start implementing a feature and until they finish implementing it, it remains incomplete.  If they decide that a build is good enough to release in that time then it is released with that feature incomplete.  The alternative is for them not to release any build at all.  If you prefer no incomplete features then just don;t install the build.  This whole preview concept has really shown how little some people engage their brains.
  • Lets see how it turns out. I know it is a preview. But all I am saying is don't introduce a dial pad with missing key.
  • My guess: they won't do the swipe from left as they think that would interfere with the remaining sideways pivots and/or they may introduce task switching by swiping from left at some point. Unlikely though.
  • I get an error when I try to update my M8 running 10166. 0x80246002. You said you can't go directly to 10512, but it was unclear in the article.
  • Actually it's an update error..
    Try Rebooting and Soft - Resetting..
    And then check for updates..
    If you still encounter the same issue.. Then you shld do Hard Reset..
    And Actually only Windows 8.1 users will not be offered with 10512 build directly..
    First they will receive 10166 and then 10512
  •   I don't know if I'm the only one but I can't change the ringtone with a custom one. And second and this one is even worse, there is no notification sound when I receive a massage.
  • Hey Daniel..its good to hear that MS is working on bug fixes..thats phone 8.1 was also smooth..if you are just focusing on bug fixes what's the need of new OS. The new OS should contain exciting features..if don't do how will you attract new users..?app paasawords..Wi-Fi direct..these things are older in ios and android..but still unavailable in windows...its annoying a lot
  • "Our major focus on Windows 10 Mobile right now is on improvements to core quality" from now they will bring new features plus making previous more polished and expect builds faster
  • Were you asleep when they mentioned that Windows 10 is now a single OS across all platforms, allowing easy integration of Windows Phone features into Windows on tablet and PC and also development of Universal Apps that can be written once and then run on any device?  If nothing else, that explains why a new OS.
  • I have a Lumia 635. The Edge browser in 10166 was almost unusable. Closing, resuming, reloading, crashing, unable to share. I was hoping for improvments in 10512 but sadly the behavior is the same. Other than than Edge I really like WP10 Mobile. I'll give it one more build after this, but if Edge doesn't improve its back to 8.1. 
  • edge developer told this build don't have major changes , but in next flight ( build ) you will see some major changes
  • I find them in Photos
  • In the new Outlook app can you pin separate account mailboxes like you can in the current OS?
  • it is available since many months in new outlook app  .
  • Still too laggy on my 720. Everything takes 2-3 seconds to happen.
  • Running on a Lumia 1520. Lack of Mobile Hotspot almost broke the deal for me, but I"m just going to switch SIM on my 520 to get my occasional hotspot needs, I had to have this build. Can anyone confirm 2 issues I am having as still being broken? 1. No "Hey Cortana" 2. Nothing in settings to backup photos to OneDrive?! I havn't been able to backup photos since july 1st. I am getting ready to do the hard reset thing to fix OneDrive unless anyone can tell me that it is working on theirs. I can find no setting for backup photos to OneDrive. Thanks all... (P.S. boy are the ads on this site getting offensive and way too in my face) JF  
  • Camera upload setting has moved inside the OneDrive app.   Open OneDrive app Hamburger menu, which enables the settings icon on top right corner in Settings, you will see "Camera Upload"   Took me a week on 10166 to find that.
  • Does backup of images to OneDrive work in this latest build?
  • It doesn't appear to.  I just turned it on inside OneDrive, took several pictures and nothing has uploaded to my OneDrive account.  I don't like that it was turned off by default.  In WP 8.1, this was toggled on/off during initial setup.
  • Wow, that is buried pretty deep, I see no reason to not put it in the Backup section. Hope they get their act together on that one. Stil not uploading though, is it working for you?
  • I got the new upate on my 1520 very early this morning, but I live in Chile, so I guess Chilean owners of the 1520 got it faster than Americans? Not quite sure.
  • no , it's not true , but good joke . thanks !
  • You've got some developer updates which was released 1 or 2 weeks earlier..
    Check for the latest build now..
    Actually Technical preview builds will be released by 10.00 am Redmond timings ( In general) ..
    And will distributed for all insiders at the same time only...
  • Any chances of getting floatie support like android? I really miss messenger chat head and musixmatch floatie. And Microsoft just don't give some tech writers opportunity to call this OS another catch up. We want this OS to be on par with android and ios plus additional features(both for developers and users).
  • The unified Messaging app experience and syncing of the Action Center are the only two things I care about with Windows 10. So far, no word on either. :-(
  • Messaging app coming with Threshold 2. Universal notification center is not happening last I heard of it. I don't know why it's not happening and I haven't heard a single thing about it. However, the Messaging Preview app for W10 PC will be launched late August/early September.
  • My 1520 died again, since it must go through 10166 first...
  • Did they fix Drive Mode? I have it set to ignore texts while I'm driving, but it still reads them. And I can't find a setting anywhere to turn off read texts. It's not where it was in WP 8.1.
  • look under settings in cortana Notebook  then settings you ll find read incomimg text messages aloud
  • I just turned off m my test unit (1020). Instead of the usual "Goodbye" I got "Remember, tomorrow is Bill Martijn's birthday." And it, indeed, is.
  • I think that features been there for a while. If you have any calendar appointments, the power off screen will notify you. I think its really neat.
  • Did the update on htc M8 for windows from 8.1 to 266 to 512 directly with no hard reset between and not after the last update was done. I did a soft reset once the 512 finished. It is running very smooth. I did notice the couple second delay on the lock screen. I don't have a lot of apps loaded but those that I do have installed seem to work OK. Will definitely do the hard reset after the next major release.      
  • The bad list doesn't seem so bad Rubino. maybe you should move to California and try to find a Mr Miyagi, so you can be finally happy Daniel San. Smile! and enjoy the preview build, I am sure RTM will be good, that's probably the one I will install, I tried preview but some apps crashed so much so I went back to 8.1 but I like what I see. and it's good performace is being taken care of, I am sure when RTM hits and Windows 10 is this and that, and universal apps, then Windows Mobile will be really good thing. But today we don't even have proper apps updated to 10, some apps that had charms to "play to" aren't updated with the new playto feature on Windows 10. and some are still fullscreen and you can't even move them from one screen to another so yeah, we still need some months to go, it's good they didn't release windows phone the same day as desktop so apps can be polished, universal and better when mobile hits RTM.
  • Still hoping for an outlook update to allow kinked inbox again. That's one of the biggest issues I have with the windows 10 mobile right now. Was a great feature so not sure why it was removed in the new outlook version
  • Anyone else having a terrible experience with Microsoft Edge? A lot of crashes and lags, seems like when I delete history it's better for a little while though.
  • Yep. I posted earlier and got this reply. Keep your fingers crossed.     Aakash006Sharma   edge developer told this build don't have major changes , but in next flight ( build ) you will see some major changes
  • I went directly from 10166 directly to this build on wifi. Nokia 1520.  Update went flawlessly. I found that Nokia Tones app works again.(Yay) Like its been reported, there is a delay from the lock screen.  My thoughts are to remove the current pin, reboot then re-add it. Maybe that will resolve it.  I had issues with my Microsoft Band on 10166. It worked for a while but when I did a roll back to 8.1 to reinstall 10166, Band could care less about working.  I finally reset my Band then repaired it. Its joined now but Fanband isn't sending to it or Band isn't accepting from it. No errors or warnings. Just nothing.   The acid test at this point will be actually running my Red Herring game.  On 10166, launching the game would blow this phone out the sky. I'll know more about that soon.  Love the way my pictures display in OneDrive. Edge is a beast. Mail is still gorgeous as is Calendar. Contacts scrolls smoothly.  Unbelievably smooth.  But overall, its feels very solid and very fast. Not 100%. I like it for me mainly because I carry a backup phone, but I still would not recommend this build to anyone as if it is a trusted product. It simply isn't yet.  
  • Could you tell me if tethering works on Yu our 1520?
  • Seems to work.
  • Oh yes...second that about "Nokia Tones". Still no "hey Cortana" for my poor 1520 though. Sad and impatient. Agree completely with your other observations.
  • Still cannot run Red Herring though. It locks the phone down completely and the only way to recover is a hard reset.  So I had to uninstall it on both my 1520 and HTC M8. Yes Mary Beth, No Hey Cortana yet.
  • jazmac, is the Band actually working in this build?  Can you pair it and get notifications or not?  Band support is stopping from trying the Preview builds right now.
  • Sorry for the delay.  Yes, my Band is getting notifications as it did before. Kinda cool again.
  • Windows 10 mobile builds have been a lot smoother since 10066. But it makes me sad that they feature locked the development so early. I know that most of the updates can come from store now but there are still areas where I want to see some improvements that will require a full OS upgrade but we all know how that goes what with carrier approvals and fine tuning them down for individual devices that takes months before an update finally reaches in the hands of a user. Oh well, one can dream.
    P.S I liked that bit about Microsoft Edge getting huge update with next build. Still don't know why hasn't it become a store app yet and why can't it still be not updated through store independent of full OS update.
  • Anyone know if tethering will be an issue on att 1520?
  • I'm just happy to see that my Microsoft Band is now receiving email notifications using this new build.  Finally!
  • Hey Daniel wp 8.1 had many new exciting features like action sense..tile folders...It's new features made me to upgrade to wp8.1. I just wanna know that should I expect any more features in windows 10 mobile...?
  • Love how the music app looks
  • Video playback broken means that v cannot watch videos at all???
  • Yes at present Film & Tv app won't works..
    A fix will be coming soon..
    Until that you can use 3rd party apps like Vlc player..
  • No, you cannot watch videos in Movies+TV app. Not throughout the OS. Tubecast, Edge etc. work fine.
  • Conclusion never update to this version.
  • Give me a reason why I shouldn't leave Windows OS, I've never ever use IOS or Android because I love Windows so much but can this OS can be better and better in near future ?
  • I recently updated my spare 1020 to W10 and now it wont let me turn on the wifi. Anyone know about this?
  • Still lagging behind in terms of multitasking.
    Ms can bring snap assist feature to windows phone too with drag and drop support ,will make it cool maybe.
  • Anyone tried of lumia 630?
  • I haven't had my 6Tag work for a while now. Anybody else experience this? My Wunderlist Live Tile isn't displaying as well. Will a restart fix this?
  • Sorry Daniel but I actually got the Hero wallpaper on build 10166.
  • Probably already mentioned, but text, emails, and notifications are working with the band unlike previous builds.
  • Can't sign into Windows Central app. 
  • The delay on the lock screen is driving me bonkers. That being said, I'm happy that with a clean reset and install, it's running great. The SD card fix was needed and I'll be happy that I don't have to wipe it every week due to the previous bug. Outlook is running great, but I'd love a bit of customization. So far I'm very happy, but I'll need a few days to see how it holds up. Now is the time to test it out if you haven't already!
  • My double tap don't work to wake up my phone
  • My 1520now have a sad face. What the heck does that mean??? Can anyone help?
  • Windows phone recovery tool is your only option
  • Anyone know if Cortana reads Text messages over Bluetooth yet?
  • I'm wondering this too, it was the deal breaker in 10166.
  • That can be changed in Cortana. Go to notebook>settings and 'read incoming messages'.
  • I don't know what I like. I do like new though. Hopefully there is something new.
  • I'm not going back to 8.1 I'll deal with the bugs
  • I hate the send icon. Looks like Android.
  • Mine lumia 720 | from 166 to 512 there is no problem, but weird no migrate data after installed, app loading and back to start screen, so i decide to reset, n now works better, just little problem with quite hour n same daniel review. Maybe after this there small update to fix the problem, afterall lets see what happen with this build later, feedbackfeedback
  • And according to Joebelfiore., Mobile Build is almost complete now..
    Proof :
    In the earlier builds we were seeing a Tag line ..
    " NOT FOR RE - SALE "
    [ Below Windows logo - At the Time of Switching on ur Mobiles ]
    But this has disappeared now..
  • I got the black screen frown face of death on my 1520 lol... Did anyone else get that?
  • Better than 1016 build.
  • Guys, I made an embarrassing mistake and unpinned the People App when it did not light up upon restarting after installing 10512. Now the People App is also gone from the App list and none of my contacts appear to be on the phone (when I go to a message and click on the contact it says the People App can't be opened). What do I need to do? I am freaking out here a little. Help would truly be appreciated. Posted also in the forum:
  • Doesn't sound like a mistake, sounds like a bug.  A user should not be able to mess the phone up through simple actions like that.  Do a hard reset.
  • Thanks for the sympathy - if I hard reset though I wonder if my contacts data gets wiped and lost too?
  • Your contacts data is saved on Microsoft's servers. Don't worry.
  • Thanks, it worked!
  • Thanks, hard reset worked! Phew... :)
  • Sorry if this irrelevant to topic: Is there any news that we can change the default browser (e.g., Opera) or the default keyboard?!
  • Any workaround for mobile hotspot?!
  • Yea, use your primary device.
  • Premium Windows 10 Mobile will Debut After apple release.
  • People seem to forget that 4K video is already there in the 930 and 1520.
  • so team Windows has updated the naming of builds wow i probably should be satisfied by now, why i'm not ?!
  • We're testing and delivering feedback, don't forget that.
  • does movies and tv app work fine?
  • All apps are running smoothly on my 635 , check out excel
  • That is NOT my experience on the 635.  The thing is slow as the dickens, even AFTER a hard reset.  I. Hate. Windows 10.
  • Im looking forward to one day having a shiny new phone with Windows 10 factory installed. I somewhat envy you more adventurous souls but i really hate issues. I am tempted though.
  • you are wiser than me. I wasted countless hours of upgrading and then going back to 8.1. This time I will stay with 8.1 and wait for the next build ----- maybe.....
  • New flagship, factory installed W10. And a successful project Astoria. If that day comes in six months, I will stay on the platform.
  • Rockin I on the Lumia Icon, running great, but still getting "Loading......." On reboot, or after using some apps. Have to tap away at start button and sleep/wakeup numerous times to get start menu to show up. Other than that m, it seems silky smooth.
  • Playback works in the movies and TV app for me. Weird