If you use a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX switches, you can replace several of your keycaps with this 37-piece kit featuring rainbow colored keycaps on sale for $16.96. The same kit goes for $28 on Newegg's main site. Newegg Flash is a deal site, which means this kit may sell out long before the deal expires.

The 37 PBT key caps replace the main bulk of your keyboard, including all the letters and a few of the right side symbols. It also has replacements for the arrow keys. When applied, the keys form a sort of pastel rainbow, and if you're going for a brighter, breezier feeling with your workstation that might be preferable to the modern aesthetic of mostly just black everything with sharp edges cause gamers are cool and dark and edgy. Never replaced your key caps before? That's ok. This thing comes with with a key cap puller to help you

Obviously you need a mechanical keyboard first. If you don't have one, we posted a deal on the HyperX FPS Pro earlier. The key caps would look particularly good on a white keyboard like the Ducky One.

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