The top 5 things we like most about Windows 10 build 10159

If you are a Windows Insider the last two weeks have been a very exciting time as new builds for both desktop and phone are coming left and right. In fact, this week we have seen two releases for the desktop in two days – build 10158 and 10159.

We have already done a comprehensive analysis of what is new in the latest two builds, which you can find in Mauro's articles here and here. Today, we are doing a quick two-minute video of our favorite new changes. If you are not an Insider, this is a nice peek into what is coming July 29.

Should You Install?

So the big question, as usual, is should you install Windows 10 Build 10159 on your daily machine. I will say this much: 10159 is an amazing release. There is so much UI polish now in this release that you can see how this OS will be ready on July 29. The OS is fast, fluid and it just looks great.

If you are thinking of installing I still believe it is best to run on a desktop PC or a secondary laptop. The only reason for this recommendation is that thermal management still seems to be a bit wonky for some devices e.g. the Surface Pro 3. This is by no means a deal breaker and Mark Guim is running Windows 10 on his Surface with little issue. However, some users still notice their devices are getting warm when in use (standby though seems to be working quite well).

Build 10159 though is the first release that has me seriously considering installation on my other machines. It is so close to being finalized that I want to use it all the time.

It is not clear how many more if any, releases on the Insider program there will be before July 29. That being said, the Windows team can only make things better, and I am very excited to see what comes next.

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