The top 5 things we like most about Windows 10 build 10159

If you are a Windows Insider the last two weeks have been a very exciting time as new builds for both desktop and phone are coming left and right. In fact, this week we have seen two releases for the desktop in two days – build 10158 and 10159.

We have already done a comprehensive analysis of what is new in the latest two builds, which you can find in Mauro's articles here and here. Today, we are doing a quick two-minute video of our favorite new changes. If you are not an Insider, this is a nice peek into what is coming July 29.

Should You Install?

So the big question, as usual, is should you install Windows 10 Build 10159 on your daily machine. I will say this much: 10159 is an amazing release. There is so much UI polish now in this release that you can see how this OS will be ready on July 29. The OS is fast, fluid and it just looks great.

If you are thinking of installing I still believe it is best to run on a desktop PC or a secondary laptop. The only reason for this recommendation is that thermal management still seems to be a bit wonky for some devices e.g. the Surface Pro 3. This is by no means a deal breaker and Mark Guim is running Windows 10 on his Surface with little issue. However, some users still notice their devices are getting warm when in use (standby though seems to be working quite well).

Build 10159 though is the first release that has me seriously considering installation on my other machines. It is so close to being finalized that I want to use it all the time.

It is not clear how many more if any, releases on the Insider program there will be before July 29. That being said, the Windows team can only make things better, and I am very excited to see what comes next.

Are you running Windows 10? Let us know your experiences below. If you need help, jump into our Windows 10 forums!

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Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • I like the hero wallpaper
  • I hate that stupid wallpaper and the circular profile pic to go with it..kinda looks mighty dumb..
  • It look awesome. You serious issue talking about hate to a wallpaper. that's dumb.
  • What I don't get is why can't people just put a wallpaper on there non windows 10 machines? Isn't that window just a pic?
  • They can, but many  mainstream users don't know how to do that. So, it's the first impression of the proposed hero image that we're worried about. From a design standpoint, it clashes pretty badly with the rest of Windows 10.
  • Going by the video only I agree it clashes with the rest of the OS.
  • IMO it merely compliments the rest of the OS
  • How exactly does it clash? It's just a wallpaper with a blue accent. If the accent color you select for windows 19 is also blue, nothing really clashes. I'm also pretty sure most people know at this point that wallpapers can be changed.
  • Tell me more about Windows 19.
  • And there you go! coip  has it in one!​ the entire problem of windows 10. I'm happy to see win 10, but it's missing out on a lot of features that could exist, and be more sexy, if it wasn't for the fact that 99% of windows insiders are just a bunch if plonkers who "want to run the latest thing" These people have no experience or understanding of software testing, just look at feedback on the insider hub, the number of feedbacks with just one line of "hate this, or that" "windows 10 NEEDS this" its a sign of quality to come, feedback needs to be constructive, "its need this why?".... "you don't like this why"...... "here is an alternative thing you can do in it's place!" Truth of the matter is, windows 10 development has been held back by stupid feedback from stupid users.
  • Well I hate the circular profile picture too but I'm ok with the wallpaper.. Not so magnificent but not that bad either.
  • The wallpaper is fine but I don't like it on the Login screen, it doesn't blend well. Though what it really need is that it should just use the desktop wallpaper and not having its own image in Login screen. Meaning is Login screen is as if transparent and sitting on top of desktop wallpaper. Currently its a rushed implementation and the background is fixed, not even respecting the aspect ratio of the screen. I noticed it during the transition between the Login screen and Desktop having same Hero wallapepr, the image isn't matched and have noticeable displacement. About the circular photo, really don't like it too but it's there already, we have to deal with it. :( Posted via Satellite
  • Doesn't blend with what? The only thing on the login screen is the profile picture and the password text box. What exactly is clashing? Is it the circular profile picture and the square windows image? If so, that is really a minor complaint.
  • Not really about square or circular profile photo, its the general design of Login screen vs the default background (currently its not 'yet' changable). Yes, I find it quite clashing with the new Login screen and not because the wallpaper is bad but its design featured tron-ish, 3D, smokish, and glassy object that is sitting on the right side, while Logon UI have sharp, flat, minimal, 2D, clean and centered. It would look better if this is the Logon UI of Windows Vista/7 which is glassy, 3D, and skeumorphic design. Its all about cohesion and matching with the theme in general.   They really need to make the Logon screen not to have its own image background, instead make it transparent so it will show desktop background of the selected user, basically Logon is techincally on top of Desktop background. I rather have solid theme color as my background (same as Windows 8.X and earlier build of Windows 10) if they really don't have any intention make use of desktop background and persist using Hero image.  
  • I like the circle profile picture, so you've been overruled.
  • I don't feel one way or another about the wallpaper but I agree about the circular profile pics.   We complained a lot but they still didn't change them so it loooks like we are just stuck with those for both the dektop OS and the mobile OS. Yuck. :(
  • I like the circles
  • Well that's ok Mr. mighty Dumb, its pathetic to talk down about a wallpaper. Its ok though, because no matter an outcome of a situation or circumstance in life, someone will always complain. In this case, that's you...
  • Yeah why to make a big deal about something that really doesn't make any difference or impact on features or performance.
  • You had better tell Apple that one, they could do with a laugh!
  • Doesn't Apple use circular profile pictures?
  • Complaining about complainers is even worse!
  • I wasn't complaining, I made a statement.
  • No what's worse, is complaining about the complainer, who complained about the original complainer.
  • But, the complainer who complained about the complainer who..... no wait..... this could go on forever loll.
  • Yep the Wallpaper is fugly but the circular profile pic is great on a pure orange color plain background. :)
  • I wish there was a BING lockscreen on Win 10 devices like the phone. How could Microsoft miss that?
  • I agree, those Bing wallpapers of the day are really amazing, I have it changing every day on my Lumia lock screen..i wonder if MSFT could do he same with the laptops and pc's and give us an option whereby we could have a new wallpaper to look forward to everyday on our desktop! Now that would be awesome!!
  • I am surprised.
  • Bing wallpapers are great. Why they're available in WP8 and not on the PC is a bit absurd.
  • Insiders didnt request it?
  • Download Bing desktop and you can still have Bing wallpapers. Using it now on Windows 10.  
  • Darn, sorry realized we were talking Lockscreen, not Desktop.    
  • Lockscreen mate !!
  • Can't! Wait. I just want to wait for the final build. You know to avoid the sensation that I can ruin my PC.
  • I HATE how NONE of the universal stuff is actually universal. Nothing syncs at all. I have notifications from the same universal app everywhere I log in. What's the point? Am I not supposed to start something, continue it somewhere else while everything stays in sync?
  • Microsoft backtracked on having a unified action center, maybe they'll do it in the Redstone release, idk, it's annoying.
  • They didn't backtrack. They did it based on Insider feedback as it was confusing to many.
  • Nope. This is a blatant lie. No Insider Feedback thread suggests to not-unify. Instead I can link you to at least 5 threads with decent upvotes asking for unification throughout OS and devices. That is true ONE experience. Not this broken mayhem of toasts and tiles.​
  • Um, Microsoft gets feedback in more places than the 'threads' you have access.  (...from Enterprise Partners to a lot of Uusability focus groups that they observe and conduct, costing millions.)   BTW  There is also a Developer requested reasons to replicate the notifictions to all devices the person is using. Example... Walk away from your desktop to get coffee, and have your phone, and get an important notification...  The desktop doesn't realize you aren't sitting there, and could consume the notification, with you finding it too late.
  • At least make that opt-out during OOBE (Out-of-Box-Experience Wizard)...
  • Well, it syncs pretty good for me (office docs, calendars, contacts). But you obviously missed the point of universal. Universal is for Developers targeting a wide range of devices with one appx and one codebase. Not about universal managed notifications and so on (altough devs can include this function too... but havn't actually tested if this works already).
  • You may want to consider doing a hard reset of your machine. I was seeing so many issues, syncing problems, notifications every time I logged in, etc. Decided to hard reset yesterday - Wow! What a difference :)
  • App syncing is up to the developer.  Look at the weather, news, sports apps. They all sync.  The other new ones just may not have included that functionality yet.
  • I'm strongly considering putting this on my surface pro og. I am quite excited to try it. Lmao its my only laptop at the moment though haha.
  • It's running great on my Surface Pro 2 which is my daily driver. After just using a backup laptop for earlier builds I finally jumped on at build 10130 on my SP2 and it was usable as my daily driver but still had some bugs. 10159 is just so fluid it almost feels like it could be the release build.
  • Definitely #seemsfaster!
  • Haha, nice touch that one Daniel, #seemsfaster lol
  • LOL, he teased #seemsfaster just for a while! xD
  • Give med Adblock support for Edge and it will be perfect. Using Explorer until then.
  • I like the hero wallpaper as a wallpaper, but not as login screen. I like the symmetry of the new login interface (picture above inputfield), which gets destroyed by the hero wallpaper on the login screen. I think they should use the lockscreen wallpapers also as login screen wallpapers instead. After this change it would be awesome and I would be happy :)
  • Been running 10 on my old Acer Aspire 1. Runs great! Very few bugs on the latest release. Smooth like butter
  • I need Edge to support swipe gestures for going back and forward. I do most of my browsing on a SP3 with touch and that's a very important feature. I'd also really like to see wordflow baked into the touch keyboard. I've gotten so used to it on the phone I always start swiping gibberish when I use the tablet keyboard.
  • Me too. I want the swipe feature to go back/forward.
  • +1
  • you mean to say word flow isn't in the default touch keyboard?! I thought such things were supposed to be unified....what an oversight.
  • I think word flow will only be on devices 7 inches and smaller
  • I've also heard... ...possibly rolled into the 'PC' version later this year, along with other WM touch usability items   If not, we need to be vocal about rolling more of WM as they finalize the features back.for PC touch users.
  • That is a basic tablet requirement really. Swipe is something that SHOULD be included from the beginning!
  • Touch gestures for browsing and full screen browsing are what is holding me back from updating my Surface Pro 3. Microsoft is going all New Coke on me, when I want Coke Classic! They got me addicted to what is the best tablet browser experience, only to remove it. I'm just hoping someone finds a way to load modern IE 11 onto Windows 10 until Micrsoft wises up to how bad they've made the browsing experience for tablets in Edge.
  • The Coke analogy is great. Yep, 8.1 is a classic, in fact the best tablet OS EVER! That awesome goodness needs to be in 10.
  • This build is pretty nice, but on my dell venue 8 pro I cannot resize the split screen keyboard, and it is not perfectly centered with the screen. Plus after I unlock my device sometimes the touch screen lags for a little bit, then it starts to work just fine. The windows feedback app will not load on my tablet for me to address these issues to Microsoft. All I know is Microsoft has less than a month left before their official release of Windows 10, so they better knock out at least 95% of the bugs that are still present. I will be disappointed if the official release still feels like its a preview due to the bugs that are still present.
  • The Wallpaper is pretty sharp. The circle is okay, but for continuity, I would have liked it to be square. Microsoft should add it as an option, people should choose. Same goes for how peoples hub shows contacts. I dont care for the circles either.. I  think circles take away from the pics. Don't fix whats not broken.
  • Agree. Squares FTW.
  • I find it funny how everyone things everything should be an option. If they added an option for everything anyone complains about on these tech blogs, the settings screen would become an unusable mess and finding actual important options would be difficult. The shape of the profile picture is not important, especially since you will only see the image for a few seconds when you log in. They chose a circle and people will get use to it. The functionality and stability of the OS is what is important.
  • How did you be the pin login to work? Mine keeps saying to try again when I toggle it on...DV8Pro
  • Just selecte "I forgot my PIN" and log in with your MS account. Set the new PIN and you will be ready to go. Hope it helps. ^^
  • Daniel; quick question, noticed on the video you were using Mark's Surface Pro, Since Mark is such a gentleman letting you use it, can I get a turn to use it too? if the answer is No, what about sharing his login password? Don't know why I have this inkling you'll put heck in from of the NO for that one. But feel free to surprise me with 1 or 2 YESES. Pre build 10159, I have win10 on 1 of our 2in1 (HP x2), I have now have the confidence to put it on 2 more (Acer 510 and DV8P). the kids and I love it
  • Everything seems to coming together, I really like how the os evolved since the early builds but the battery management still is worrying. Same laptop hp envy with windows 7 battery lasts 5.5 hours, with windows 10 lasts 3 hours. I'm still waiting for a build to handle the battery like win7.
  • Optamus not working?
  • Optamus? I'm sorry I don't know what this is, any help?
  • I have had Windows 10 builds dual booted with Windows 8.1 on a Thinkpad T61p. 10158/10159 are the first builds that I have actually installed windows app I use on a daily basis. While I still prefer Windows 8.1 for many reasons, I think Windows 10 has many attractive features and a lousy built in mail client. The Calendar is tons better.
  • Funny, my cousin just bought a Thinkpad T61
  • What about the slow ring users. Shouldn't it be available by weekend?
  • This build runs like a dream on my computer! The OS is already feeling complete and I love it :)
  • Dont see the need for tm unless you oc the cpu
  • Why is this called the top 5 things we like about builds 10159?
  • Because.
  • Nevermind, it wouldn't let me see the video in the app, I saw it online and makes sense now. Don't know why it wasn't in the app
  • Phone companion app still not working. Neither is Hello
  • Does anyone know how well Family Safety services are working with new build? That's a consideration of mine if using on my daily driver PC.
  • Question regarding the login screen: what happens to those of us who use a picture password? Is it still available, are they forcing everyone now into written passwords or...?
  • Good question. I relied exclusively on the picture password in Windows 8.1 and was always annoyed it never came to Windows Phone 8.1.
  • Picture password works great, but looks the same as before.
  • Great to know. thanks!
    On build 10130 it's often temperamental and with this new login with the hero wallpaper I was wondering if they had axed it.
  • Took the plunge, installed on SP3. Gets a little warm, tolerable.
  • I LOVE IT! And the new builds only get better and better. For the first time since 2009, only the third time in my entire computing history, and the very first time ever by willful, deliberate choice, I'm thinking Windows will