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Computer desks are continually adapting and changing to meet our needs. As more and more people are working from home or in smaller areas, the demand for more efficient workspaces is rising. Desks that have adequate tabletop space and visual appeal are perfect for your home office. One desk that checks all the boxes when it comes to space-saving abilities, workspace, and style is the L-Shaped Folding Computer Desk.

Best Overall: L-Shaped Folding Computer Desk

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The L-Shaped Folding Computer Desk ticks all the right boxes when it comes to a practical and affordable desk. Measuring at 75-by-(140 + 140)-by-60 centimetres, this teak or black coloured table is excellent for your home office. The surface is environmental standard E1 solid particle wood. It's sturdy and durable, so you don't have to worry about it damaging easily.

It comes prepared with scatch and friction resistance properties. The framing is made from a dense metal which is 1.2 millimetres thick. This desk can happily support up to 113 kilograms of weight.

The design of this L-shaped desk is created from two folding desks and can be assembled easily. One desk is bigger and meant to hold your computer, while the other desk is slightly smaller and intended for actions such as writing or storing tabletop items. If you are right-handed or left-handed, you can conveniently adjust which side you would like to attach the smaller table on.


  • Easy to set up
  • Lots of surface space
  • Great for small and large areas
  • Adaptable for hand-dominance


  • No storage space
  • Can be a little shaky if weight isn't distributed properly

Best Overall

L-Shaped Folding Computer Desk

Extremely affordable and spacious desk

The L-Shaped Folding Computer Desk offers great benefits when it comes to space-saving abilities, style, size, and affordability.

Best Value: Flash Furniture Glass Computer Desk

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This modern-looking desk has a contemporary design with a tempered-glass surface, metal hardware, and sleek cherry and black colours. Measuring at 60-by-99.5-by-73.5 centimetres, this eye-catching work station fits perfectly in a small office.

The Flash Furniture Glass Computer desk comes prepared with a sliding keyboard tray to make typing easy. The pull-out keyboard tray measures at 60-by-30 centimetres and is perfect for storing your keyboard out of the way when you're not using it.

This desk arrives unassembled and can be tricky to put together. However, the included screws come packed and labelled to make assembling this desk easier. Once assembled, it is sturdy and reliable. The glass tabletop and cherry-coloured accents make an incredibly aesthetically pleasing desk.

This very basic but attractive workstation is great for those who work from home or in small spaces. Its compact and practical design is compatible with the needs of students as well.


  • Great for small spaces
  • Aesthetically Pleasing
  • Comes with sliding keyboard tray


  • Can be tricky to assemble

Best Value

Flash Furniture Glass Computer Desk

A modern and visually appealing desk

This desk's design is modern and attractive. Its glass surface paired with its cherry accents are durable and visually appealing.

Best For Large Areas : SogesHome Multifunctional Computer Desk

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This traditional, modern desk is designed to increase productivity in your home office. The L-shaped corner desk offers a double desktop, which is excellent for hosting multiple monitors and for giving you a ton of desktop space. The SogesHome Multifunctional Computer Desk measures at 55-by-150-by-76 centimetres, and it is made from environmental E1 standard solid particle wood.

The framing is made of 1.2 millimetres of sturdy metal, and the added diagonal brackets make this desk extra durable and sturdy. You don't have to worry about it collapsing under the weight of your multiple monitors and tabletop decor. Although you can store items underneath the desk, it does not come with additional storage space.

The desk arrives unassembled, and assembly can be tricky. The manufacturer notes that before tightening all of the screws, you should lightly pat the tabletop to make sure it is level, focusing on the spots where the desks meet. Once it is levelled, tighten the screws. This will ensure that your desktop is set up perfectly.


  • Extremely sturdy
  • Lots of workspaces
  • Great for large work areas


  • Assembly can be tricky
  • No storage space

Best For Large Areas

SogesHome Multifunctional Computer Desk

An extremely sturdy L-shaped desk

The SogesHome Multifunctional Computer Desk can host multiple monitors, and additional items on it's large and durable tabletop.

Best For Small Areas: C-Hopetree Ladder Desk

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The C-Hopetree Ladder Desk is perfect for those tight spaces. Not only is it nice and compact, but it is designed to accommodate books and files on its built-in storage shelves. The desk itself measures at 74-by-48-by-147 centimetres, offering a decent-sized tabletop workspace.

Created for people who work at home and for students, the C-Hopetree Ladder Desk is versatile. It can be used in multiple ways such as for studying, for working, as a dressing table, for gaming, and even for writing. The attached storage shelf can be used to store a multitude of objects such as room decor, books, and other medium-sized trinkets. It's great for space-saving and spicing up the appearance of your room.

Although some customers note that it is quite small, they do enjoy the convenience of this desk. This ladder desk arrives with everything needed to assemble it properly. The body of the desk is made of rustic-style laminate, and the legs are made of black tubular steel, giving it a nice contemporary look.


  • Great for small spaces
  • Visually appealing
  • Shelving space


  • Some find it small

Best For Small Areas

C-Hopetree Ladder Desk

Contemporary-style ladder desk

This ladder desk features a visually appealing contemporary style and is great for fitting into small spaces.

Best For Muti-Use : SogesHome Folding Table Workstation

SogesHome Folding Workstation LifestyleSource: SogesHome

The Folding Table Workstation is small and versatile. It measures at 119-by-60-by-75 centimetres and weighs roughly 16.9 kilograms. This desk is manufactured to be extremely durable and can support a great amount of weight on its surface. The tabletop is made from environmental E1 standard wood particles and is finished with a high gloss. The desk's surface is also waterproof and has anti-scratch properties.

The body of the Folding Table Workstation is made from heavy-duty metal that measures 4-by-4 centimetres in-depth, which makes it impressively strong, while still having a sleek appearance. The legs are foldable through double-spring features, which make this workstation portable and easy to manoeuvre from place to place.

Although this desk does not come with an abundance of storage space, the weight capacity and anti-scratch features on this table make it a great multi-use desk. It can be used as a computer desk, as a workstation, as a writing table, as an exhibition table, and more. To make this desk even more appealing and versatile, it comes equipped with a wireframe support shelf directly below the tabletop. It can be used to hide wires or store small items and help with decluttering the workstation.


  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Can support a lot of weight
  • Made from environmental E1 standard particle wood


  • Not a lot of storage space

Best For Multi-Use

SogesHome Folding Table Workstation

Strong foldable and portable workstation

This multi-purpose foldable workstation is exceptionally durable as it is built with E1 standard particle wood. It is also portable.

Bottom line

Computer desks come in all shapes and sizes. Finding one that fits your lifestyle will not only increase your productivity, but it's key to your success. If you are someone who sits at your desk for most of the day, then finding one that has ergonomic features will help your health mentally and physically. If you're a visual individual who works best with items and documents spread across your tabletop, then you need a desk that can support your work and learning style.

It may not always be easy to get a desk that caters to your needs only as you might share an office space with your colleagues or family. If this is the case, choosing a desk that can accommodate multiple monitors and a ton of extra tabletop space is a good idea. That's why we recommend the L-shaped Folding Computer Desk

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