Upgrade your speakers with the iLoud Micro Monitors on sale for $100 off

Iloud Pc Speakers
Iloud Pc Speakers

Audio is important. Whether you need it for listening to music and movies, or you're a gamer, or you create content for YouTube or TikTok. You need to hear what's going on, and you need the most accurate sounds possible. Upgrade your computer's speakers with the IK Multimedia iLoud 3-inch micro monitors on sale for $199.99 through Amazon (opens in new tab). That's a $100 drop in price and a match for its lowest ever. They have indeed dropped this low before but the last time was way back in June, and that's the only time in the last year we've seen them drop below $230. These sales don't last long so grab the speakers while you can.

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iLoud Micro Monitors 3-inch Bluetooth speakers | $100 off (opens in new tab)

A unique low price we haven't seen in over six months. These speakers are designed for audiophiles and professional audio editors, but they work great for just about anyone.

You can probably pay less for some speakers if you want. Even on sale, these are pretty expensive for most people. However, I don't think you'll find better quality even at this price. These are speakers designed for a more sophisticated ear, but what that means for you is you get great sound that's accurate and not distorted. Plus, the speakers have Bluetooth so you can connect more than just your computer and use the speakers to stream music from your phone or other device.

The "super-near-field" design of the speakers keep the sweet spot for sound right at your ears when you're sitting at your desk. They're so specific they even have a Desktop/Shelf switch so the speakers can adapt to a different sort of placement.

These are active speakers, so they have everything you need built right in. Except maybe a subwoofer if you're into the deep bass and need some chest thumping with your music. They have an extended frequency response from 45 Hz to 20 kHz, so the bass is still pretty good. The total output is 70W of power from both speakers.

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