Video of the Amber update for the Lumia 920

The Nokia Lumia 925 launched with a slightly improved camera compared to the Nokia Lumia 920 and 928. That sixth lens does help, but it’s the software in the Lumia 925 that makes the biggest difference in improving the photo results. Don’t fret Lumia 920 and 928 owners, the Amber update from Nokia will help bring your camera up to par. Here’s a video of it on the Lumia 920.

The video shows off some of the cool features you’ll be getting with the Amber update. Things like always on clock, double tap to wake, the Nokia Smart Camera app, and more improvements throughout the phone. You can also flip your phone to silence it when a phone call is coming through. List view since you all like to scan and not read:

Amber – Lumia only update

  • Double tap to wake
  • Glance setting – Lockscreen clock feature
  • Flip to silence
  • New wallpapers (grab them here on SkyDrive)
  • Smart Camera app
  • Ability to set color profile for your screen

GDR2 – Windows Phone OS update

  • IBN Notes Traveler and Sina Weibo (China only) account integration
  • FM radio
  • More carriers with DataSense support
  • CalDAV and CardDav support

Another cool thing with Amber for Lumia devices is about that physical camera button on your phone. You’ll be able to set what happens when you press the physical camera button on your device. It’s always been that with any Windows Phone device it would open the stock camera app, but you’ll be able to set the Nokia Smart Camera app to open instead. That’s something we reported a few weeks back.

Which features above are you most looking forward to?

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Thanks for the tip Kiraly A!

  • Anyone know ETA on this update for Lumia 928? Would love to get the amber update before the EOS comes out.
  • Later this summer for GDR2/Amber. At least that's what we last heard. 
  • Will Lumia 720 also get these updates?
  • Every Lumia WP8 devices will get update.!  This is MS & Nokia.
    Not like Samsung / HTC (Android). My 7 month old HTC android won't get updated.. WTF..!!! 
  • LOL someone has a short term memory and has forgotten about all those WP7 devices that never got updated to WP8
  • That had nothing to do with Nokia. Windows 8 dropped support for the low resolution screens that were in Windows Phone 7, as well as it being optimized for multi core processors and requiring more RAM. That was about Windows Phone 7 devices not having requirements for Microsoft's new OS, so a new one was created with some features from 8. That's like me complaining that my old computer running Windows 95 won't run Windows 7 because I don't have the minimum system requirements. Why should they have to spend a lot of money just to figure out how to make it work with old hardware rather than just pushing forward? I'm sorry but not upgrading to Windows 8 was the right move.
  • I dont think it had anything to do with screen resolutions. Most the the WP8 phones and all the WP7 phones have the same resolution i.e. 800 x 480.
  • And also, remember that a lot of WP8 devices have 512 Mo of RAM like WP7 devices, and You Can have WP8 on the very old HTC HD2, which is an incredible device.
  • None of the Windows Phone 8 devices have 800x480 resolution. They are all 1280x720+. The HTC 8x is 1280x720 and the Lumia 920 is 1280x768. The Samsung Ativ S is 1280x720.
  • WTF!!!! How about the Lumia 520, 620, and 720? They are all WP8 devices with 800X480 resolution. Don't post comments about things you clearly know nothing about.
  • Wow. You are an angry ... Angry little man. You should not let internet comments bug you this way.
  • Windows CE Kernel in Windows Phone 7 goes way back. It powered Windows CE, Windows Mobile, and Zune. None of those have a dual core. Windows NT kernel in Windows Phone 8 is a huge step forward. It's more flexible and easier to port apps from Windows 8, Windows RT, Android, and iOS to Windows Phone 8 than to Windows Phone 7.
  • Exactly. Windows NT kernel is also more resource consuming. I don't understand why people are whining about them not making it available on their old phones. Microsoft should NOT hold back just because it should fit on old hardware. They need to compete and move forward.
  • The devices you have listed do have a resolution of 1280x720+, but they are not all the devices running WP8. You forget devices like Lumia 520, 521, 620, 820, 822. They all have a resolution of 800x480
  • I may have forgotten a few. Point is though, that the main reason for no Windows 8 is a huge architectural change as well as hardware differences, as confirmed by several people including one I quoted in another comment from a Microsoft rep.
  • So this suddenly has nothing to do with the OS but in terms of samsung and android it does? 
    so far the only provider for smartphones with a descent update policy is apple - whatever anyone else says. google and microsoft give simply to many rights do anyone else to interfere 
  • That is only because they have one phone.
  • Android never went through a major change. There are a lot of differences between Windows 7 and Windows 8 phones. Samsung won't update their old hardware. My HTC Inspire 4g will never get upgraded. My S2 will not get the newest Android. Microsoft did a major jump from 7 to 8. The biggest is memory. Windows Phone 7 devices have only 512mb of RAM. Microsoft gave you an update to 7.8, which has features of 8, but using the same core. Windows Phone 7 also uses the old Windows CE core/kernel. Windows Phone 8 uses shared core with the new Windows NT kernel. You can't easily run code designed for one kernel and run them on another completely different platform. from americantechblog (this can also be found on cnet and other places): "between Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8. Windows Phone 7 operating system using the core program (kernel) Windows CE. Windows CE kernel is also used to develop Windows Mobile, Microsoft’s mobile operating system before Windows Phone 7. Well, in Windows Phone 8, Microsoft decided to no longer use the Windows CE kernel. Windows Phone 8 ended up using the Windows NT kernel, a kernel is also used in the Windows operating system for computers and tablet 8. Why Lumia 900 can not 'upgrade' to Windows Phone 8? This is why the previous smartphones using Windows Phone 7, can not run Windows Phone 8. “A simple way to menganalogikannya is, before you have a cell phone capable of running the program, but now you have a computer that can make phone calls,” said Sullivan, as quoted by Mashable.
    Microsoft can inherit the operating system architecture that is very useful for users, partners, hardware makers and application developers."
  • at least you've got updated to 7.8 and got the wp8 funcionality, imagine you would still run a 7.5 lol  I dont see the reason why are you guys complaining so much. 
  • 7.8 will not run 8.x apps. However most of the phones running 7.8 are almost off of contract. All of the mango phones (IE they didn't get the 7.8 update) should be off contract by now. So go ahead and get yourself a WP8 device if you can. If not get it in about 6 months.
    MSFT _never_ made any announcements which said WP7.x device would be able to update to WP8. They have been clear about current WP8 hardware being able to update to at least the next major OS update (which GDR2 is not).
    So lol at you :D
  • But those customers could get the WP 7.8 update. Has that been released yet? Either way, Nokia phones are more likely to get these updates then other brands.
  • I think any phone that would get the 7.8 update has gotten it by now. My HTC Arrive never did and considering that sprint dropped it from their line up a while ago I don't expect it to. At least not officially. With that said, I like my Nokia 928.
  • Someone really have LONG term eye loss... I clearly mentioned "every WP8 device." Yet somehow found trolls..
    ammarmalik2011 says:
    .LOL someone has a short term memory and has forgotten about all those WP7 devices that never got updated to WP8
  • Basic requirement for wp8 to run is a dual core processor.... Wp7 devices didn't hav it. Simple as that!
  • Anyone who claims to know anything all about VZW's schedule is feeding you a line. The people who know are not on this site as either members or managers, or if they are members would say absolutely nothing. Leaking that sort of information gets you fired or gets your consultant contract teminated.
  • Well since Verizon bullies MS and Nomia, I'd say we have a better chance of updating our phones to am EOS in a year before we get this update. I wish MS would put their foot down and say, no crappy bloat. Make them installable and removable apps, and MAKE THEM METRO/MODERNUI!!!
  • You know there's no unremovable bloat on any windows phone
  • @coolestnerd: you haven't touched a windows phone on vzw. Go to a MS store and I challenge you to try and get rib of Backup Assistant. Go ahead and try, I bet you $1million you can't. VZW force integrates itbwith the phone OS, and it sucks.... Badly. And even though the phone is "unlocked" per vzw's FCC and DoJ guidelines for the C block LTE 700mhz spectrum here in the US, they still find ways to screw OEMs and customers. If I moved to say Europe and took my 928 with me, itbwould work... But i would NEVER be able to setup Internet sharing because VZW has put in a lock foe the Diag editor so the correct APNs will never be able to be set... Ever. Hows that for no bloat and no lock?
  • @Stephen_az, Sorry but that is not true. While working at Centurylink VZW presented us with privy information on WP devices and the expected timeline HTC and Samsung also had reps that were present answering all questions as well.
  • I too, wonder on the 928 arrival.
    I really want that IBM Notes Traveler update ASAP for work.
  • Really wish Samsung & HTC would make some effort and get these extra features. I know Nokia are working hard to boost WP but the fragments are beginning to widen more.
  • In my mind, these are "features" and not "fragmentation".  If Nokia adds features to their devices, they are not fragmenting.  Nothing here is causing a scenario where a developer will make an app that can only work on Nokia, but not on HTC and Samsung.  Are the HTC Hub and Samsung "Chat On" apps, considered "fragmentation" too?  
  • Its inescapable in this community, that regardless of the article, people will complain about something. Look through the comments of the halo Spartan ops article, people bitching and moaning that its taken too long, or it won't be on wp7 so ms have shit on everyone etc.
  • Even in a Nokia-centred update, people are still pissing on Samsung and HTC. Can't escape it!
  • I'm guessing seeing the goodies Nokia is bringing is making them want something from HTC, Samsung. So it makes sense that this is where they'll piss on them.
  • Samsung and HTC have been pretty much pissing on themselves with WP8 WADR
  • HTC already has flip to silence.
  • Yes, I really liked this on my Trophy.  Will be glad to have it again on my 920 and 820.
  • Seriously i agree i Just see Nokia working Hard whereas MSFT, SAMSUNG & HTC do nothing. HTC just did nice 8x & 8s designs nothing much..
  • MSFT do nothing? You realize none of this would be possible without them right?
  • MSFT is just making their own loss by making the OS but not maintaining it.
    They now need to keep up with competing OS they cant keep relaying upon their OEM for their sucess as MSFT too need to get back to work now.
  • Will this update be available for lesser Lumias like the 520?
  • GDR2 stuff will be available for any WP device. In regards to Amber? Well something like flip to silence could make it to the 520, but some of the other things, like glance or setting the color profile, might require higher end hardware. 
  • I'm mostly interested in double-tap to wake. If it makes it to my Lumia 620 than I'm cool with it. :)
  • Bought Nokia 501 2 days back 501 has got double tap to wake dnt worry u will getit
  • Saw a post on nokias site that glance screen will NOT be coming to the 520/1. Hardware reasons.
  • wow. hardware reasons seriously? I suppose each lumia line built around similar hardware
  • I have a 521 which is a great phone for the cost, but I don't believe the tft LCD can handle the glance screen. I may be wrong and it could be another reason why.
  • And this is why I always will buy a Nokia. So excited for this.
  • Nokia is really pissing me off with their AT&T exclusivity bullshit.
  • Switch to AT&T...
  • AT&T has the best service and phones! No problems for me at all been with them since 2006!!!
  • Actually, what the best service is depends on where you are.  If you sit in my kitchen with your ATT phone, it will be a paperweight that sits and watches my Verizon phone blaze at more than 20 Mbps with four bars of LTE.
  • Exactly. People that argue one carrier or another has better service based only on their location just don't get it. That said, AT&T is pretty decent in the Chicago suburbs, and I like that they offer the stock Nokia designs and offer them quickest. They also are not afraid of the wide variety of colors like Verizon and T-Mobile seem to be. So if AT&T service is decent in your area, I think they are they best for WP.
  • Sure, if you enjoy spending money.
  • Verizon is more expensive.
  • AT&T = Poor service & High Prices. Had AT&T cable but could never get the download speeds I pay for (ever). Next, Wife bought me the Lumia 920 in Jan but I returned it in under a week (I found out the monthly fees) the store rep said the phones I bought still showed its in their warehouse, took them several days to figure out what to do, 5 days later got a call to bring the phones back (which I did) 1 month later still got a bill for the phones n mthly service fees. Called AT&T was told I still had the phones. Long story, I had to get the B.B.B involved before they acknowledged their error and cleared my account. Point, no amount of money can get some of us to sign a contract with AT&T, ever.
  • They're on Verizon and T-Mobile too with high end devices...
  • *facepalm* Which is why they have also released the 928 on Verizon and the 925 on T-Mobile.
  • I think you mean "(Insert you carrier) is pissing you off with their not going all in with Windows Phone BS and you should just leave them and go to a carrier that supports what you want to use"...right??  Besides, doesn't Verizon have a Lumia 928 and TMob getting the 925?  That's not "exclusive".  
  • No I think he means Att saying give us exclusives or we want promote your phones. Their bit@# slapping Elop in the USA. Now you be a good bit@# and do what we say. Elop needs to grow some balls and go the Samsung route. The G4 has already sold 20 million. Guess what no exclusive crap with Sammy. Its pedal to the metal on all carries. Some people hate Samsung. You gotta respect them for not kissing a@# like Nokia does to Att.
  • tbonega, if you seriously beleive any of that you are an absolute idiot.
    The realities and requirements of marketing Samsung vs Nokia product could not be more different.  If Nokia was in Samsung's position right now you would be right, but they are most certainly not, and the arrangements they have made have been exactly what they need to do to sell the maximum number of phones and grow Nokia's market in the US.
  • I'd say Nokia's leadership is idiotic. Nokia has no faith in their hardware so Nokia kisses Att's butt. That's a shame because I think Nokia can stand head to head on hardware and win. Unfortunately Nokia's leadership doesn't. Therefore there's no one kick butt Nokia like the G4 or One. Nokia's flagships are fragmented 920, 925, 928. That's a horrible marketing strategy. Instead of the media talking about one flagship all the attention is divided. You know the old saying. United you stand, divided you fall..... That's my take.
  • I understand your take, but it's not based on anything resemnbling the reality of the situation.  Nokia does not have Samsung's massive advertidsing budget, or Samsungs incredibly large pre-built audience of rabid fans.  They cannot afford to push the Nokia name into people's minds like Samsung has done.  I woudl agree that Nokia's phones are superior... that's why I own them.  But that matters little in the game of advertising and backroom deals.
    Because of this, they need partners that will assist them and defray the costs.  AT&T would have no incentive to pay their own money to advertise and subsidise a phone that does not have a high level of user demand and can be bought at the "other" carrier down the street.  So AT&T says "you make this phone exclusive to us and we will promote it, offer it premium space in stores, and subsidise it so that instead of a $200 price tag it is only $100, encouraging many more users to buy it."  This is not "butt kissing"... this is a mutually beneficial business tradeoff where both sides benefit.  And it works well for both parties.  Nokia gains far more sales from the increased advertising and much better pricing than they lose by not offering the exact same model across all carriers. 
    As another factor to add on top, also consider the difficulty that Nokia had even supplying AT&T enough 920s to go around.  Offering it across multiple carriers at once would have meant just spreading the same number of phones around even thinner, and frustrating more customers.  Except for the fact that again, they wouldn't have the advertising push or the very cheap subsidized pricing, so demand would be lowered.
    Even if Nokia tried to make one "master phone", the carriers would not carry it.  Nokia is not a huge brand in the states, and they do not have the muscle to promote it on their own.  So why do you think the carriers would waste time stocking it?
    You just don't have the full story, and your walking around name calling and being childish based on a couple assumptions you have made that are incredibly off base.
  • I agree with some of what your saying however there's a consequence with releasing a flagship phone on one carrier, especially in the US. US mobile users are bound to their wireless provider. I would never consider AT&T because of the service in my city. Verizon is much better for me and my family is locked to the provider for another 2 years- everyone has a newish phone and we can't just up and leave. Also there's a dangerous precedent being set: why support Nokia or Windows Phone if I can't get their flagship phone on my carrier of choice? I love my N822 however I'm fed up with the lack of updates. The N920 gets ALL the love. The fact that Verizon users had to wait 6 months for old hardware (N928) when the N925 was right around the corner is a slap across the face. If there's not a flagship Nokia on Verizon before my next upgrade, im not sure I'll put up with this BS the next time. Samsung's strategy is better for one reason and one reason only. Platform/carrier agonistic is superior because its Pro-consumer. People care little about who makes their phone, they care about getting the phone they want. I guarantee the next big Samsung and iPhone will grace Verizon, at the same time as AT&T too.
  • Samsung is able to do that because they don't need help from the carriers. Carriers are chomping at the bit for Samsung phones, not Nokia or even HTC (can't get the One on Verizon). If Nokia had a choice of releasing a phone and properly supporting it on all carriers they would as it is the smart business choice but they can't.
  • That is very true. Samsungs marketing budget is more than ten times of what Nokia can spare. So, Samsung doesn't need the help from carriers.
  • You're complaining about the downsides of the bargain that has been struck, but not providing any solutions for the issues with doing what you are suggesting.  How can Nokia solve these issues without making carrier deals:
    (1) Nokia does not have clout in the US like Samsung does.  Masses of people walk into stores requesting or expecting to buy a Samsung (or Apple for that matter).  Comparitively few would think the same of Nokia.
    (2) Nokia does not have a huge bag of moeny to spend on their own advertising.  They need the carriers to do the work.
    (3) Nokia cannot force carriers to carry or promote low demand phones.  Carriers do not want phones that have no exclusivity, no advertising muscle behind them, and low pre-built consumer demand.
    (4) One advantage that moves customers Nokia's way is the great pricing on a subsidized phone.  Carriers will not subsidize a non-exclusive phone anywhere near as much.  If you walk into an AT&T store and there is an S4 for $200 and a Lumia 920 for $50, that right there is a powerful motivator for people to actually give the Windows Phone a look.  If they are both $200 most will just buy the Samsung and never look back.
    You can make the best product in the world but if nobody is talking about it and nobody knows about it you will fail.  I absolutely agree with all the downsides you have mentioned, but how can Nokia simply burst onto the US scene and make everyone take notice?  They can't.  They need to build the demand by making the deals they need to make to build market and mindshare.  Once you are a demanded product, the carriers will then line up to offer your product.  But that doesn't happen overnight, and it doesn't happen without massive marketing dollars or a product that blows away the competition in immediately obvious ways that consumers will latch onto.  Windows Phone is incredibly slick, and clicks with a lot of us... but you can't say it does things so much better that people are breaking down the doors of carriers to get their hands on them.
    One solution would be for MS to step up and advertise the hell out of it.  They have definitely improved much on this this year, but there is such a long way to go.  Nokia still needs these carrier deals.
  • Apple rose to dominance on one carrier..AT&T.
    Android on Moto started their assault on one carrier...Verizon. ONLY when they were established did you see them become carrier agnostic and that's because they had leverage at that point.  Nokia doesn't.
    Samsung came into this game with more cash on hand.  THEY could supply the marketing with no assistance from Google or any carrier.  They could afford to essentially buy demand for their product.  Carriers love that and they'll all take those sales that cost them nothing.  Nokia doesn't have that and needs carrier marketing dollars that only come with exclusivity...just like iPhone and Droid did it.
    You can curse and call them names all you want, but that's how this business works in the USA.  
  • You can't really use that excuse. When the iPhone came on the scene it was unknown. The majority of people had dumb phones. Carriers were weary of it. Att gambled and it paid off. Now that smartphones are mainstream Apple realized their previous business model was flawed for today's market. Therefore you have the iPhone on every carrier now. You mentioned motto... Are they even still around? You never hear about them. I'm assuming you're referring to Verizon's plan to team up with Google to combat Att getting all the new customers with the iPhone. Well Verizon didn't have a smartphone to complete. Please don't say they had blackberry. So android was created. Again in the dawn of smartphones. In todays world and marketing being fragmented isn't gonna grow the brand. Just read this forum. You have people already bickering about what's better 920, 925, 928 & 1020. A lot of people say I'm not getting this or that because mines better. Spec wise there the same and so forth. Some are starting to complain. That's why Nokia needs one flagship for all carriers to unite the W8phone users and have one phone that the media keeps talking about to gain name recognition. Even if Nokia has to cut the price they need to do something to gain traction because they have solid phones.
  • Hey, maybe Nokia should open 4 million lemonade stands and offer a free flagship phone with every cup of lemonade?  They's have HUGE marketshare!  Again, you are totally ignoring the issue that Nokia does not have the resources or clout to do what you're suggesting.  But clearly you don't want to understand why not, so I will leave you to sit in the corner facing the wall with your fingers in your ears and your masterplan for Nokia world domination.  If only they had hired you instead of Elop!
  • I'm not going to get into a long argument because this isn't really about "opinion" but rather a set of facts: 1. Nokia doesn't have the money to do what Samsung is doing. Period.  They NEED exclusive agreements to partner with carriers for marketing.  
    2. This exclusive partnership with a carrier to battle the status quo is exactly what Apple and Android did.  The status quo then was feature phones, although Windows Mobile existed and yes, so did Blackberry (which dominated for years, so I will bring them up even though it is inconvenient to your argument).  The status quo now is the duopoly of iPhone and Android and partnerships are needed for Nokia to compete. 
    *FYI - Motorola still very much does exist. Perhaps you've heard of their Droid lineup of devices It seems that you are upset because the phone that YOU want isn't on the carrier that YOU use, thus you aren't going to consider the predicament that Nokia is in.  Facts are facts no matter what you think Nokia "needs" to do.  They have limitations to what they "can" do, plus they are doing a lot of what they "should" do based of historical business practices.  
  • You mean your service/carrier is pissing you off because they can not exclusively get Nokia phones like att can.
  • Hi, I'm from the UK, so shoot me down if I've called this wrong. But isn't the problem with US carriers to do with the technology they use? I believe AT&T use the same GSM frequencies as most of the rest of the world, but T-Mobile use an odd GSM frequency and Verizon use CDMA (which is almost only used in North America). So when Nokia make a phone, they want it to work in most of the world (as you would), so AT&T get the same phones as Europe, Africa, most of Asia, etc. That's why Verizon and T-mobile lag behind, because t