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Hands-on with Windows 10 Mobile build 10536!

Microsoft surprised many of us by releasing the newest version of Windows 10 Mobile for Insiders on the Fast ring. Although this build is long overdue, we were expecting Microsoft to push it out on Tuesday the 15th, so nice to see it get out in the wild.

After about a 90-minute installation, we have been able to use build 10536.1004 and are liking the improvements. Here is our hands-on video walkthrough of what is new and some quick first impressions!

Additionally, here are our notes from updating a few devices to this build:

  • Going from build 10512 you need to install build 10514 and 10536.1001; after which another update of 10536.1004 will be delivered.
  • This release is a slow update! We spent upwards of 90 minutes updating some of our phones with some erratic status indicators e.g., 0% for a very long time and then a sudden jump to a much higher number. Best to maybe update the phone and let it do its things for a few hours
  • The OS feels smoother and snappier although I would not say Microsoft is quite there just yet, there is still room for improvement
  • Quiet hours and mobile hotspot are working as they should
  • The lockscreen delay is gone, and it feels just right on our Lumia 1520
  • Photos app is better with some context menus (press and hold) and better pinch to zoom. Once again, performance is still not there for us. Even on higher end devices performance is much better but not amazing, so we are hoping to see more
  • Microsoft Edge feels relatively the same with blank white screens instead of proper loading ones

Overall, it's a good update but not exactly wow-worthy either. After all, there are no new features (besides the Photos app), just lots of fixes for existing problems. That is not a knock against Microsoft; it is just something to keep in mind. The best case scenario here is your Windows 10 Mobile device will feel almost as okay as your Windows Phone 8.1 one.

Hey, no one said remaking an OS was easy.

As to the million-dollar question: Is it good enough for daily use? We'll revisit that tomorrow after we had some more time actually to use our phones, including some impressions about battery life and any other issues. Stay tuned!

For now, let us know what you think about the update and flag anything we should pay attention to in the morning (for us, at least).

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Need even more? Here is all you need to know, including some of our helpful guides to get you through this process!

Here are the known issues in Windows 10 Mobile build 10536 {.cta}

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

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  • Still at 0%
  • Mine was stuck at 0% for a long time too, just leave it on the charger and go do something else for an hour.
  • Mine is a slow connection at 4mbps...
  • How abt 100 kbps? (mine)
  • And also, do not overload the router playing Candy Crush (Soda) Saga! Or watching Youtube
  • Ha, I ended up flashing back to 8.1 cause i thought it had an update glitch. Took waaay too long and now i know i should have just been patient and let it stay at 0% for a while.
  • I had to restart my L930 to get it to work. I was also stuck at 0%. Now seems to be making progress...40%
  • I left it updating overnight and after 11 hours it was still at 0% on a lumia 1520.  Finally, at the 11th hour, it jumped up to 84%, 85% and then said preparing to install updates.  when the phone hit 7% at preparing to install, it notified me to restart to install the update.  I restarted and it is installing even though it still said 7%. The one thing I did which could be completely coincidental is free up space on my phone by deleting and moving apps, deleting maps, etc.  I started at around 3.6 gb of free space and was closer to 6 when I got done deleting stuff.  Around that time is when the update dl/preparing for update really started to move.  
  • putting the screen time-out to "Never" worked for me. not sure if it would work for all.
  • At least found the update available....
  • Lol
  • My Lumia 925 stuck at 0% for many hours until now. From morning to noon still 0%. Anyone experienced the same thing?
  • I left mine all night and never saw any progress when I unlocked it in the morning it said it was at 0% then jumped to the restart screen. They probably just didn't bother fixing the progress tracker for this build but it will install eventually.
  • same for me!  Try freeing up space on your phone storage.  Once I got over 5 GB free it seemed to move pretty fast.
  • Youre ryt:P my speed is less than a 160 mbites, its gonna take me the whole day i know that:/
  • Haha!! this guy here ^^^^
  • Mine stayed that way for almost 30 minutes and then jumped up to 60%. It was kinda random.
  • It seems like the lock screen is to blame
  • 0% progress or usability? ... or both?  </rhetoric> It's CRAP - usability = 0%
  • Still "Loading.........." on my Lumia Icon..........cmon man, I got sick of unstable ROM's on Android, and I'm really starting to get sick of the unstable Windows ROM's beta or not
  • Seems faster. Sorry. That won't happen again.
  • Actually, if everything goes well, it'll happen again, haha.
  • "Seems faster" said the man as he was driving downhill on a steep road....... towards a cliff!
  • Ummmmmmmmmmm,this damn build is fast as Shiznit!!! It really is... Especially with photos.. Bout damn time!
  • Yeah it is.
  • Since "shiznit" is a made up adolescent word, and not real at all, it must, therefore, not be very fast at all. 
  • Most adolescent are faster, and most sports players reach their prime in speed and agility before they hit mid age, we all know Ms is mid age so it's nice to see adolescent here
  • It's been daily driver worthy for me for the past two builds.
  • Same here. But I guess that just means we have a little patience. :-)
  • You're more patient than I am. So far every version is shit as far as I'm concerned. Not one release of Windows 10 mobile is even close to as good as 8.1.
  • Go back to 8.1 this is for people who wanna give feedbacks.
  • So just cause he thinks 8.1 is way more stable he can't possible be giving feedback and actually shouldn't even use it?? Nice logic... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • no he said that cause he actually got mad that the os system has problems? like duh its preview thats why we need feedback if you cant on your daily drive then w8 for the RTM be patient :3
  • You can say "Thattagain"
  • Agreed
  • But!
  • Maybe that's because 8.1 is a released OS and 10 is in preview stage still under development?
  • This build on my M8 is good enough for a daily. So far nothing is a deal breaker. If it gets better from here on, this will be a very solid OS.
  • Do you have a reliable start screen and responsive on screen buttons? Both of those drove me back to 8.1
  • Yes to both. So far everything I have loaded on my phone works just fine. Maybe it's also due to the fact of the 801 proc in my phone helps with speed.
  • Unfortunately, I still have start screen problems on my 920. How many tiles do you have pinned to your start?
  • It hasn't been for me on my 1020. The "Loading..." message is shown repeatedly as it tries to load the start screen again and again. I'm sure hard flashing it and keeping the default tiles is the answer (other than Microsoft fixing the bug that has been around forever). Thankfully I use another phone as my daily driver.
  • Same on my 920. Still loading for the start screen. I'm not planning on removing any of my tiles so I'll once again hold off on loading it back on my One again.
  • Start screen has no lag now, and by what ik of, the buttons are fine
  • I use the M8 as a daily driver. I'll give it a shot, again, tomorrow. I really want to use the preview more.
  • This is the first build of WM10 I have ever loaded on my M8. Download and install for me was under an hour. Surprisingly. Once it rebooted, the only thing missing was IE, so I replaced my tile with Edge, which works pretty well.
  • It's great. I only need Htc Dot View working on this preview version
  • I really wish I seen your comment earlier. I installed 10, immediately checked if the dot view case and double tap to wake worked, but obviously not. When the cover is closed then reopened there is a yellow border. Kind of annoying, but 10 is already on it so I will test it for a week like prior builds then revert back to 8.1.
  • I am also experiencing the yellow border and I am noticing my tiles flickering. I do have the dot view case also. If I take the case off and reboot the phone, the border goes away. When I put the case back on and lock and unlock the phone the border comes back.
  • Why don't the geniuses at WC do a hands-on of the build running on some low-end device? I mean, wouldn't that be a better indicator of the stability of the build? If it can run well on a 520, it shouldn't have much problems on a 1520.
  • Fair point. I wouldn't mind a quick feedback on high and low end devices. W10 runs drastically different on the newer quad core devices vs the older dual core devices. It still pretty sketchy on my 1020 as of the last build. It ran decent on my 1520 and I sold that months ago... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Point taken but there's a tactful way of suggesting this without insulting everyone. No need for that.
  • I think the same. NL 535 or 730 with the latest build will be nice. As most of the market share of wp is by low n mid range devices. It will give more lucrative n relatable hands-on.
  • It would be nice to see a side by side comparison of a low and high end, opening photos etc... At the same time. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android because I am unfortunately with Sprint
  • Scanning those photos to see what leaks you might be hiding lol
  • His family picts i think
  • That a Crackberry Kevin nude I see? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • anyone having issue its been 1hr and still at 0% got 3mpbs internet.
  • Well, the article says to maybe let it do its things for a few hours, so you should probably just leave it alone for a few hours and not worry about it
  • Mine is 25mbps and its still 31% from past 1 and a half hr. So, I guess u better start with ur daily chores n all check ur phone before u sleep ;)
  • Does this build preserve the start screen settings like apps and tiles from 8.1?
  • Yup. At least it did for me. Preserved everything including settings.
  • Awesome! Thanks
  • To my surprise, yes. I was thinking 'reset time' but I have not needed to.
  • MINOR Edge improvements? -_-  Come on...
  • HTC8X Start screen only countless rebooting.
  • Yup, I wish I could have warned you.  It seems to do it at random intervals as well.
  • The recovery tool can't locate software for the phone BRICK
  • I had the same issue, but just keep doing a soft reset and it will eventually finish booting. Be prepared for extrememly small text though.
  • Thanks for the info. I will probably leave it on 8.1 just for old times sake. I've got another one with a slightly messed up screen running 8.0 still. #neverforget
  • Does yours reboot randomly and have you tried resetting it?
  • Yes it was rebooting randomly when it was stuck at the installation screen, but everything started working after I did a factory reset. (holding volume down while phone is rebooting and then inputting button combo.) It now successfully loads into Windows 10 Mobile, but the font size is very small. I'll most likely try to downgrade it tomorrow.
  • Done the same. And everything worked great until soft reset. Then it started random reboots again (5-10 minutes if locked, 2-3 minutes if in work).
  • That's because Windows10 is yet to be supported for your phone.GabeAul mentioned in his tweet.Don't worry,flash back 8.1,thats the only way :) let me know if it works follow @gabeaul on twitter
  • 90 minutes? My 640 still updating after 4 hours! :D
  • Ouch
  • Same here on lumia 730, 4 hour and still going, at least wheels are spinning now :)
  • Ps. My phone's not seeing the update yet. Patience is a virtue, right?
  • I had the same problem. Fixed it by re-running Insider app. OK Now. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Yeah, patience until LAUNCH day my friend. What you're missing is the integer that is seated snugly inbetween -0 and +1
  • Tried doing an integral.... Undefined. Lol
  • Can I upgrade to these updates using Mobile Data ?
  • Unless you have unlimited data, I wouldn't recommend it. Just use your WiFi and you're good to go.
  • It is running fine in my 830. Dirty updated from 8.1 and all apps are running fine. If it stays like that I'll be using it daily
  • How's battery life?
  • it will also run on lumia 1320???
  • No way.
  • Sweet... Will try on my 625 first which I am testing the update on. If all good will look at running the TP on my 1320. Then I'll be nicking my Mums 930 and trying it on that! :-)
  • Yes, I have it running on my 1320.
  • Can you please tell if the project astoria work or not?
  • please help
  • What's the problem, are you stuck down a well?
  • Favorite pinned contacts are live now!
  • What does that mean? They were before, just no notifications.
  • Contacts dance like in people tile now. I did receive notification on tile.
  • So no useful features like notifications or history but they dance?
  • Can I have a ME Tile?
  • So very thankful we now have an actual albums view (folder view) in the Photos app. It was so annoying trying to find pics when sorted by date. Anybody else having the constant OneDrive crash problem now?
  • I update but my photos app is still the same. No folders option or long press for menu.
  • same here  
  • I had the same problem. Then i checked and there was a update for photos app in the store and after that it is working fine.
  • Make sure the app itself updated as well. I had a bunch of apps updating after
  • Be interesting to see if this build degrades. 512 was running fine on my 830 for about 2 weeks then degraded to the point that I had to revert to 8.1. Others were having this problem as well...and not just the 830, it seems. Guessing it is a small subset of users though.
  • It's the new WP10 experience. This way it'll be more familiar for people migrating from Android. (Sorry. I couldn't resist.)
  • I pulled the trigger and ran it on my 925. It ran great with only a few issues such as the loading screen lag and slightly lower battery life with my Bluetooth on contacted to either my headset or my car.
  • It could be related to memory... what they've been able to correct on desktops may be different on mobile hardware and needing specific firmware updates..? =[
  • Just noticed that the ability to disable 'show more tiles' is back, and it actually works, bringing back two column, big tiles. I'm on the Lumia 830 and I don't know how long that's been available, but that's a nice option. 
  • Hooray! Be interested to see on my mid size phone...
  • Just noticed that the ability to disable 'show more tiles' is back, and it actually works, bringing back two column, big tiles
      Brilliant! I recently upgraded to a 640 from a 630 and the extra cols but smaller tiles really threw me. Being able to disable that in 10 counts as a big *new* feature for me.
  • Yeah, when I got my 830 I wasn't to happy about the 3 columns. The small tiles were really small. I looked for a setting to set back to 2 columns and there wasn't one on Windows 8.1. I since have rearanged all my tiles and folders for the 3 column screen. It took quite a while to get the way I now like it. I'll have to try the 2 column setting when the update finishes and see if I like it better. Am I willing to go through the effort to rearange everything again?  Maybe I'm to particular about my start screen... :)
  • My One M8 says .1004   Runs damn smooth though. I'm liking it.
  • Yeah, that's what I am trying to download now after the first set of updates happened, so I was abit confused when Daniel says .4000 1520.3 here  
  • I tried a manual 'update' and it claims I'm current, so......
  • Yeah, I think he just transcribed some numbers!
  • That new long press menu ...  did they forget that phones are phones and not PCs?
  • My guess it will allow for easier porting of IOS apps as they add support for force touch.  Force touch produces similar menus.
  • I can FINALLY upgrade my Lumia 435 to Windows 10 Mobile and it is running fantastically well, even with 18 apps updating in the background.  Previous builds were not installable on all 435s and Gabe Aul said the 435 would be able to be upgraded in the future, well today, atleast for me, is that day! The 435 with Windows 10 is an incrdible value to get some of the latest software features in the Microsoft ecosystem!
  • Yeah, it is the day! For me too...
  • Strange that the photos app is still the only one to ditch the hamburger menu. This, late its likely other apps won't be changed meaning yet more inconsistencies. But at least they are consistent about that.....
  • Ya leave hamburger and work on Windows swipe menu
  • I admit it guys, kinda miss wp. I wanna join I the fun too. Let's get my 1520 updated!
  • You only live once lol
  • Edge renders partial pages significantly quicker.  Not sure if overall page comes any faster but you can interact sooner.
  • That is extremely welcome. That was my one big gripe with Edge vs IE. How long it took to start rendering. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Is the print option supported yet?
  • I've been able to print directly from my 640 XL, so yeah I think its supported. You just need to be on the same wifi network that your printer is connected... I guess.
  • My 735 has problems updating. First it took a lot of time in preparing update and got some error. Then I did hard reset and tried to update again, this time it took much less time preparing, and at 90% updating it restarted and it is now in boot loop to the gears. I'm taking it now to the WPRT, will see later if I can upgrade it successfuly.
  • Messaging Skype Preview is greyed out for me. See if an update gets pushed out or maybe it'll just start up again... Also Edge is still not asking for log in credentials on some websites, just going directly to the "access denied" sceen.      
  • On the previous build Messaging Skype PReview would not work for me til I hard-reset and redownloaded. Just saying
  • I had the Skype issue as well. Soft reset solved it.
  • I like it. but still I wish RTM would come sooner.
  • That would be short after they announce the devices on Oct. 6th
  • The point is can we manage and organize them without going to file manager...... So that's not possible.. That means photos app is still poorer than beta app of an android phone.. That's true..
  • I updated back when 10136 rolled out (I think... it was the first week of July), and my WiFi would not turn on (sorry for racking up the data, mom!) and my GroupMe conversations would not open. I've since rolled back to 8.1, but has anybody else experienced either of these problems in the most previous builds? GroupMe is essential to my MGMT project and, obviously, WiFi is sort of a big deal!  
  • Connectivity was a huge issue for me back in July!
  • Please show these mobile builds on a low end device like 640 or 640 xl ,it will be smooth on higher end devices which is quite obvious now Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Does Edge still suck balls? Haven't had a chance to update yet myself.
  • No, but it's quite useful if you want to browse the internet. If you need tennis court equipment, use Bing... 
  • So in this build it's now useful for browsing the internet? That is a change from previous builds.
  • I am on windows 8.1 on Lumia 525. I installed windows insider 2 days back and its asking to install build 166. I want to directly update to new build.. How can I do that?? I have already bricked my phone during upgradation process from 166 to 512 last time..
  • You will directly go to build 10536 if you are coming from 8.1. Gabe Aul announced that the single hops from 8.1 to the latest 10 Mobile build are back working. I updated my Lumia 435 from 8.1 directly to build 10536 without any issues.
  • For the first time I am liking Windows 10 on mobile. 
  • "I am liking"   Because the phrase "I like" was too short, simple and effective? ;)
  • Or "I am going to like" thing? :)
  • Using "liking" to mean "enjoying" is okay for informal usage. I heard people using t