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Wasteland 3 is full of tradeoffs. Weapons might sacrifice range for damage, and you have to choose your skills carefully to balance between combat prowess and the ability to explore or chat with NPCs. One of the rare elements of the game that's always beneficial is the Creepy Dolls.

What are Creepy Dolls in Wasteland 3?

There are 15 of these weird collectible scattered throughout Wasteland 3, each of which provides a different party-wide buff that will be active throughout the rest of the game. These aren't items that are stored in your inventory but trophies that will be tracked in your archive along with cassette tapes you've recovered and tutorials you've completed. Because they're so beneficial, you'll want to make sure to pick them up as soon as you can.

We've put together a guide to where you can find each of the dolls, so you don't have to worry about missing any. While you're exploring, you should also check out our guide to the game's unique weapons, armor, and utility items to make sure your Desert Rangers have the best gear possible for solving problems all over post-apocalyptic Colorado.

Where can you find all the Creepy Dolls in Wasteland 3?

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Name Effect Location
Angry Aaron +5% crit resistance Armor crate in the Godfisher Shrine Summit Area of Goldfisher Farms
Cruel Cory +5% damage vs. animals Container at Wester White House in Denver Ruins
Electric Emmett +5% energy damage Buried in the snow of the East Catwalk zone of the Machine Commune
Ferocious Francesca +5% melee damage Container in the Guest Suites in Little Hell
Fuckin' Fred +5% damage vs. humans Chest in the Makeshift Hospital at Old Survivalist Bunker
Hearty Henry +10% healing bonus Container in the Bunker at Aspen
Hyper Heather +5% initiative Locked in the Gang Compound at Yuma County Speedway
Keen Karen +1 perception Bellamy Ward's Workshop in Garden of the Gods
Lethal Lance +1 penetration Next to the stage in the Screening Room at Monster Army Bunker
Maneater Maury +15 constitution Dufflebag at The Bizarre Exterior
Nervous Nancy +.5 seconds detection time Breakroom area in the Department of Energy
Purist Patty +5% damage vs. mutants Looted at the Abandoned Oil Well
Quick Quaid +5% sneak attack damage Container at Knox Bison Ranch
Radical Rachel +5% explosive damage Small box in the museum area of Ranger HQ
Zen Zoey +2% hit chance Buried outside Snowed Inn Resort

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