Outfit your NAS with the WD Red Pro 6TB drive on sale for $194

The WD Red Pro 6TB internal hard drive is down to $194.49 on Amazon. This is close to the lowest price we've ever seen, and the drive normally sells for around $220 or more. It was going for $230 in April.

WD Red Pro 6TB internal hard drive

WD Red Pro 6TB internal hard drive

This is a drive that won't let you down. It is tested for reliability and has software to help you recover from errors.

Worth pointing out this is the Red Pro not the regular Red. The regular version 6TB drive goes for $149.99, which is a decently low price for that one as well.

The Red Pro is specifically designed with enhanced reliability using 3D Active Balance Plus tech and error recovery with NASware 3.0 technology. It has gone through extended drive testing so you know it will be reliable and long lasting. The Red Pro has built in shock and vibration resistance, too. You'll also get a five-year warranty. The Red Pro is perfect for a network-attached storage device, the sort of machine that's going to be on and stay on for a long time. And also the sort of machine you don't want to fail.

John Levite
Deals Editor

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