We Happy Few now supports Xbox Play Anywhere

We Happy Few is the tale of a plucky bunch of moderately-terrible people trying to escape from a lifetime of cheerful denial in the city of Wellington Wells. In this alternate England, conformity is key. You have to fight or blend in with the drug-using inhabitants to survive.

Yesterday, the game launched on Xbox One with the promise of Xbox Play Anywhere support. However, many gamers noticed that the feature wasn't available, and they couldn't download the game to their Windows 10 computers. Luckily, it seems like this situation has been remedied because now many We Happy Few owners are saying that it's popping up on the Microsoft Store for Windows 10. We were able to test it out and can confirm We Happy Few is indeed playable on a PC and Xbox One through the Xbox Play Anywhere program.

This means that you only have to buy the game once on Xbox One, and can play it on the go with a Windows 10 machine. Your saved game carries over. When you're back home, you can always pick up where you left off on your Xbox One. We would recommend experiencing We Happy Few on Xbox One X because it runs at native 4K resolution on the console.

Even though Compulsion Games is now part of Microsoft Studios, the deal with Gearbox Publishing — before the acquisition — allowed them to release the game on PlayStation 4.

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  • Typo on the title We happy New
    (Nicely done on the quick edit!)
  • Sorry about that. Sleep deprivation isn’t a pretty thing.
  • make sure if you buy the delux version on your xbox that you install the delux version on your pc. I had installed the normal version and it wouldn't load. I ended up deleting it to install the delux version. we happy few now loads on my pc. I hope in the future Microsoft is more clear and has preorder pricing and discounts available to pc users. I feel this is a slight slap in the face to anyone who didn't preorder on xbox as they increased the price in Canada from 79 to 99 for delux today from what it was yesterday.
  • I am starting to have such a large pc library and I don't even own a gaming PC. Loving this! Microsoft is probably going to get another Windows device sale from this.
  • Continue gaming on the go! With NB or small size WoA, e.g. Andromeda!
  • I highly recommend NOT playing on the Xbox One X. 4k at 30fps does not beat 1440p with full antialiasing at 60fps. I have a one X and this game looks MUCH better on PC
  • My PC can barely run it at 1080p 60 FPS so not everyone can run it at 1440p.
  • In that case, burn your PC. Quick! Heheh
  • I think that the devs forgot to ask “is this fun?” Just because it’s decent looking and has a ton of mechanics to it doesn’t necessarily make it enjoyable to play. Back to Dead Cells for me.
  • So it's not fun for you, cool.
  • Dumb question - since MS bought Compulsion Games, will this be added to Game Pass soon? I was expecting it to be added on release day.
  • And does game pass work on the pc with anywhere titles?
  • From what I've been hearing, the game is unusually buggy.
  • To be fair, what AAA game isn't these days? It's practically a feature now for games to be shipped out the door broken.