This week's Deals with Gold sees discounts on Dying Light, Shadow of Mordor, and more

It's already Tuesday again, which means we're set to be met with some awesome Deals with Gold on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Microsoft's Larry Hryb has detailed what discounts consumers will be able to take advantage of this week, which include Dying Light, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, and Batman Arkham.

This promotion will run through October 5, so you have plenty of time to see what you'd like to purchase for your console.

Xbox One

Xbox 360

The asterisk denotes deals that are available for Silver subscribers. What will you be picking up this week?

Source: Major Nelson

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  • Oooh, Shadows of Mordor and Dying Light are certainly a possibility.
  • Shadows of mordor is so worth it. Haven't played Dying light so I can't speak of that one.
  • Dying Light is going to make you hate the movement mechanics of many other games. Oh look, there's a brick wall a foot tall, better trudge all the way around the map to get around it! Not in Dying Light. You can scale walls, jump on and off things that would just be unusable 3D texture in other games, you can set traps using things that are laying around... Also, the map is huge and the night z's will make you crap your pants.
  • The stupid site's not working properly, so I can't see the new prices. In either case, you can probably get a physical copy cheaper than digital, if you buy used. Dying Light is such an awesome game, though. The combat's top-notch, traversal is good, the only thing is that you jump with RB, not A (it makes sense when you're playing), and it can take some getting used to. The story's really good, it's definitely the best new IP I've played in several years, and the best on the platform. It and Shadow of Mordor (which is also really good, except that the last 5-10% is basically a waste of time) share one bothersome flaw, and it's that you level too quickly. If you're like me, and I prefer to finish the entirety of a game, you're going to pick up every meaningful ability from your skill tree by the time you're, like, 50% through the game. It leaves you feeling really overpowered for the second-half of the game. The other thing about Mordor is that it's incredibly easy as it is. Dying Light's not too tough, though the end of the game ramps up the difficulty some.
  • I grabbed Shadows of Mordor GOTY and Lego Hobbit.
  • Lego Jurassic 360 & toy soldiers war chest hof
  • On sec. thought ill have to pass on lego:jw price is still to high
  • Anybody know if the Shadow of Mordor: GoTY Edition has the same content as the SoM Season Pass?
  • It's got all DLC, that's why it's GoTY.
  • LOLOLOLOLOL, that's what you think. Go check out Forza Motorsport 5's GotY, where the only difference is 5 additional cars, and you still have to buy the SEason PAss to get the game's full content. That pissed me off so badly.
  • Lol lately they sale price on storm island it a buck more then the vip fh2 discount in my region had to wait till sale ended to buy it
  • I'm not sure. Wasn't planning on anything.
  • Wait, so Mordor is $12 for the base game, $16 for the GotY, and $12.50 for the Season Pass? It's seriously a $3.50 difference between the DLC and getting the game with it, and $4 from the base game to the GotY one? That's the epitome of where DLC's annoying, becuase then it's $12.50 on its own. Also, no Season Pass-only sale for Dying Light? I' maybe get that, but I'm not spending $48 for the Ultimate Edition when the Season Pass alone is $20 and I can get the physical game for $32 new or $27 used, then trade it in when I'm done.
  • Dying light nor shadow of mordor is on sale here in Sweden:/ To bad
  • I couldn't pass up shadow of mordor GOTY for $16 even if not a lot like it. I did from what I played on xbox 360. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android