What's the difference between Samsung EVO Select and EVO Plus?

Samsung EVO Select 256GB microSD card with a Steam Deck
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Best answer: There is no discernible hardware difference between Samsung's EVO Select and the Samsung EVO Plus storage products. EVO Select cards are exclusive to Amazon and are a simple re-brand of the same range.

It's all about Amazon

While some manufacturers make ultra-minor changes to broader products to suit specific products better, the reality of Samsung's EVO branding is shallow and straightforward. Amazon exclusively licenses the EVO Select subbrand to its online stores, but the microSD cards are otherwise identical in operation to its EVO Plus range.

If you walked into a physical storefront like Best Buy and saw a 256GB EVO Plus microSD card selling cheaper than an EVO Select equivalent on Amazon, you could confidently take advantage of the savings without experiencing any performance bumps or cuts. Besides the color theme and availability of particular storage sizes, the experience will be identical no matter your choice.

Samsung's cards still stand as the best microSD card choice for Steam Deck owners and are also compatible with the ASUS ROG Ally for expanded storage. Once you know how much space you need (256GB generally offers the best value) depending on deals and discounts, it's just a matter of choosing your preferred retailer.

What about warranty and returns?

Amazon has a broad returns policy that covers you for the 30 days following receipt of shipment, but Samsung offers up to 10 years of warranty coverage for its PLUS range of microSD cards. Buying an EVO Plus card from third-party retailers means your options for returns will vary since My Best Buy Plus and My Best Buy Total members could return one for up to 60 days after purchase. If you're concerned about compatibility or performance, buying a Samsung EVO card from a retailer that covers you with the most flexible returns options is best.

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