Best answer: There is no discernable difference between the Samsung EVO Select and the Samsung EVO Plus — they are rebranded versions of the same SD Card, and Amazon has the exclusive rights to the EVO Select name.

Amazon has an exclusive on the Select

It seems the only difference between the Samsung EVO Select and the EVO plus is the branding on the card. Amazon has been given the exclusive right to sell the EVO Select brand but can also sell the EVO Plus as well. When asked by Amazon shoppers, the answers always say they are the same.

A Redditor by the name of grab112ler had a conversation with a Samsung representative who explained that the two cards are not only the same speed and size, but they are made with the exact same process at the same factory.

What specs are the same?

Essentially all of them. Both microSD Cards have the same sizes — 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB — run at the same speeds when reading and writing — 100MB/s and 90MB/s respectively — and both come with U3 and class 10 compatibility.

Both the Samsung EVO Select and the Samsung EVO Plus come with four different types of protection: water resistance up to 72 hours in seawater, temperature resistance between -25 and 85 degrees Celsius (or -13 and 185 degrees Fahrenheit for our U.S. readers), as well as protection from X-ray and magnetic interference.

Having these kinds of protections for a microSD card is essential, especially since they're used in so many diverse products. You want your microSD card to survive everything your GoPro can.

It all comes down to branding

The only difference that matters between these two microSD Cards is whether you want a red one or a green one. The EVO Plus is sold directly through Samsung and therefore has their warranty. While I'm sure the Select has that too, Amazon has an excellent return policy, so a warranty is rarely needed.

We do see more variation in the price of the Amazon-branded EVO select than its Plus counterpart, though. Amazon can control the price, so it does seem to put it on sale often.

Personally, I would go for the Samsung EVO Plus. I enjoy the red more than the green, and if I can buy directly from the manufacturer, I will. That way, if something does go wrong with my product, I have a direct line to the person who made it.

Our pick

Samsung EVO Plus microSD Card

It's a coin toss. The Plus looks nicer.

With the possibility of a better warranty and the fact that it looks like it is going faster — red always looks faster, ask Ferrari — I went with the EVO Plus microSD Card, but honestly, they are the same card, so either is a good choice.

Just as good

Samsung EVO Select microSD Card

The Select is an Amazon exclusive but just as good as the Plus.

Let's face it, the EVO Select is exactly the same as the Plus. If you like green more than red, then get it instead.

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