Best answer: The Kensington SD7000 Docking Station supports the Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 5, and Surface Pro 6.

Why get a Kensington SD7000 Docking Station?

The thing that makes the Kensington SD7000 Docking Station so great is that it allows you to turn your Surface device into a minimalist home PC. It's sturdy and well-built, constructed with a combination of plastic and metal, which makes it fantastic for holding your Surface Pro securely in place. In addition, it also has a massive array of ports, including:

  • 1x USB Type-C (data only)
  • 4x USB Type-A 3.0
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • DisplayPort++ v1.2
  • HDMI 2.0
  • 3.5mm combo audio port

These different ports can be used to connect your Surface to external monitor displays or data storage devices. Lastly, the station has a wide range of movement, which gives you the freedom to adjust the screen angle and height to something that works best for you.

Which Surface Pro works best with this station?

The Kensington SD7000 Docking Station works with the three most recent Surface Pro devices: the Surface Pro 4, Surface Pro 5, and Surface Pro 6. However, which one should you choose?

All three of these are great, but the Surface Pro that will take advantage of this docking station the most is the Surface Pro 6 due to the large improvements in processing power and the better GPU. Both of these improvements positively impact everything you do on a computer, so it's worth spending the extra money on the newest Surface model for this reason.

If you want to play some video games, then the Surface Pro 6's hardware advantages are a must-have. Previous Surface devices have never been that good for gaming due to the lack of power, but the Surface Pro 6's improvements make it the first one that can handle PC games admirably. You won't be able to use the highest graphics options, but you can still make games run great and look good enough to play with some settings tweaks.

Best docking station

Kensington SD7000 Docking Station

From Surface Pro to PC

The Kensington SD7000 Docking Station is a fantastic dock that gives you the power to turn your Surface Pro into a mini-PC.

Best Surface Pro

Surface Pro 6

Big things in a small package

The Surface Pro 6 is the strongest Surface Pro device Microsoft has made yet, featuring large improvements to both CPU and GPU power.

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