Why you might want to wait to buy Microsoft's refreshed Surface Pro X

Surface Pro X
Surface Pro X (Image credit: Daniel Rubino/Windows Central)

Microsoft's Surface Pro X is now available without LTE. Opting for a version of the thin-and-light device with only Wi-Fi connectivity can save you a few dollars, but it may be worth waiting a bit to pick one up.

The starting price of the Surface Pro X (with LTE) is $1,000, but it's normal to see it for less. In fact, you could purchase the Surface Pro X (with LTE) for as little as $800 just a couple of months ago. That isn't the only time that we've seen the device for that starting price. The Surface Pro X even fell to $750 on Amazon in May 2020, though that price hasn't been seen since.

The Surface Pro X already tops our list as the best tablet. Adding a more affordable version without LTE support provides people with more options. But if you want the most value for your money, it's probably worth waiting until the more affordable version of the Surface Pro X is cheaper than what the LTE model cost in August.

Here are the starting prices for all versions of the Surface Pro X:

Surface Pro X

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SQ1, 8GB RAM, 128GB Wi-Fi$899.99 USD (Platinum)
SQ1, 8GB RAM, 128GB LTE$999.99 USD (Black)
SQ1, 8GB RAM, 256GB Wi-Fi$1,099.99 USD (Platinum)
SQ1, 8GB RAM, 256GB LTE$1,249.99 USD (Black)
SQ2, 16GB RAM, 256GB Wi-Fi$1,299.99 USD (Platinum)
SQ2, 16GB RAM, 256GB LTE$1,449.99 USD (Platinum, black)
SQ2, 16GB RAM, 512GB Wi-Fi$1,499.99 USD (Platinum)
SQ2, 16GB RAM, 512GB LTE$1,649.99 USD (Platinum, black)

The good news for Surface shoppers is that if the base price of the Surface Pro X without LTE is lower than the LTE version, we could see prices drop below $800 at some point.

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  • I was interested but when they use last gen chip I backed down.
    I'm on a experimental run and will try use surface + Smart watch and skip phone depending on if android coming to w11.
  • You can get LTE SQ1 models for really cheap on sale.
  • With these older and slower ARM chips and high prices Microsoft is smoking some really good crack thinking they will sell at any meanginful scale.
  • I think that a big reason that the prices are high is specifically to leave room for OEMs to undercut them with their own WoA devices. Microsoft wants as many devices in the market from as many OEMs as possible and other OEMs would be less enthusiastic if they had to compete more directly with Microsoft. Remember that Microsoft is a software company and they make hardware to sell that software. They are the opposite of Apple, who make software to sell their hardware.
  • This device, non-LTE, just makes no sense to me. It is a light portable, 'always-on' device for mobile work. That screams ubiquitous connectivity. Try as you might, you don't get that with WiFi a lot of places. If you don't need the LTE, get a Surface Pro, and you will have a device that actually performs. WOA (Windows on Qualcom) is a compromise to get features you get because of the LTE.
    Not sure in what world the Pro X is the best tablet, BTW. I can buy, best Windows tablet.