Windows 10 Technical Preview update for Windows Phone is now available!

Just as Microsoft has promised, the update for Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones is now ready to be downloaded. Okay, so they are an hour plus late due to server issues, but we can confirm that the update is NOW LIVE. At least for SOME phones (our Lumia 635, for example, is getting the update).

Users who are part of the Windows Insider program can now head to their device Setting > Phone Update and check for a new OS update. Make sure your phone is charged up and preferably you are on Wi-Fi to download the bits (the update is 450 MB).

Not familiar with the Windows 10 Technical Preview and how to enroll or what to do? Just read our how-to article to get started, or our big page with all the important links about this update.

The list of changes in Build 10051 is quite long, including Project Spartan, new Mail and People apps, and more! Read the full changes here.

We will follow this post with details about the update, some hands-on videos, and numerous other articles about the update, so stay tuned.

Note: _If you are REGISTERING a phone for the Insider program, you may still have an error doing so. Microsoft is aware of the issue and trying to fix. For users already on Build 9941 (old build) you can just go to Settings and hit Phone Update > Check for Updates.

In the meantime, you can jump into our Windows 10 forums if you are having problems or want to see what other people are sharing!

Happy downloading!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Still error
  • The same for me...
  • Mission abort .!!! Download delayed to next update .!!!!!! Well to users still waiting to dow load hope you have read the list showing a number of errors .!!! Take decision wisely :)
  • Nevermind, I'm not putting it on my 1520 even if it's available which I doubt it, I wouldn't take the chance as being able to open office documents on my mobile phone is a critical part of my day. Honestly, Gabe Aul is beginning to be annoying like Joe B; they announce all of these great things along with ETA's then fail to deliver. I know it's a TP, but don't they test these builds internally? If so, when they discover certain features don't work, why not just announce delays or not even mention the upcoming builds until the major wrinkles are ironed out?
  • The delivery is the problem, not the build. What are you worried about anyway? The reason office won't work is because WP10 doesn't have the office hub installed. They're releasing the standalone apps soon. Just wait. If there are "citical" things you do with your phone every day, the TP isn't for you.  Personally I'd rather them put the build out. Get it out to as many people as fast as they can. 
  • So you want them to beta test the beta test you're supposed to be beta testing? Have we really come to the point where we complain about Microsoft not testing the stuff WE WILLINGLY AGREED TO TEST FOR THEM?
  • Thank you!
  • What, an hour delay on an absolutely massive rollout and you are all annoyed? These things take a bit of time, have some realistic expectations. They announced that the update will hit today, and it seems to be hitting today. If it was a day or two late then you can start whining.
    And yes, they do test internally, which is why there is a HUGE list of known issues and work-arounds (when applicable), to help people make good decisions on if they should or should not update. This is obviously not a full-feature build, and as WP is getting a lot more changes than Windows proper the transition is going to be a bit more painful at the beginning. This is not a build to put on your main device at all unless you are exceptionally adventurous... or a little lacking in the grey-matter department. But if you have a spare device, then throw it on there and try it out so that MS can get some good feedback.
  • Are you kidding me? They gave the time. They gave the date. This is something which could be avoided.
  • THIS ^
  • They test the build. And they do not fail to deliver anything. This is a TP. In this build your are supposed to do the following: Test the TP to check for the "cool" stuff and provide feedback. THAT ALL! Your are not entitled to anything dude, and if the build is having problems with some apps THAT IS OK.
  • Hey, at least Gabe's hair style is better than Joe's.
  • Hey Dhruv Manchanda, where you from? I m Kanav Manchanda from Punjab.
  • I guess Dhruv is your long lost brother from 'kumbh ka mela' lol!!! Glad you met each other..
  • M from Chandigarh :D.!!! Where you are specifically from Punjab.?
  • Stop checking the builds.. Gab Aul said they are having problems because were checking it every sec
  • I will check it every dang second and they will like it!
  • I'm with this guy ^
  • Me tooo check check and recheck!!! I'm still getting the freakin 9941 build over and over which wont install on my 920. Please delete that freakin build
  • if you got build 9941 you're going have to do a rollback than update to the lates build  
  • Can't they simply remove that useless build??? Fck
  • Thats a part of beta testing the headaches
  • I'm with you guys too, lol. Phone is on the charging plate, password and screen timout off, I've been clicking since 11245pm EST. w00t!
  • On a different note,this wallpaper style is ugly.wp8.1 has the best wallpaper style ever. Hope there is a way to get it on win 10
  • I agree, I too hate it, this could be the last nail in the coffin for metro design, if they don't provide both the options of in the tile wallpaper and behind the tile wallpaper..
  • There is live tile option coming in windows 10
  • Server Error A connection error prevented us from downloading programs for you. Please check date/time of your device and it's network connection and try again........ My wifi is working fine... Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for QWBASIC :|
  • Same error for me.
  • Yes me took...
  • Me too.... How to fix it.
  • That's his fault. Instead of telling us the exact time of the release he could have said the day or a timeframe. Now it's logical that everyone checks for the build at the same time
  • I am going to launch a DOS attack with my bare finger and lumia 925 phone by repeatedly pressing "get preview builds" until it detects the update. Couldn't they get a bigger pipeline for their internet? I am putting a uservoice suggestion to ask microsoft to get google fibre. Wait. I'm drunk.  
  • Same here!
  • Same...
  • Booooooo
  • 2hrs delay to fix the issue.
  • Still no hands on video of windows mobile 10 from DANIEL RUBINO , please release it soon atleast we users can see what's new :-p
  • today i install wp 10 preview in lumia 520. everything is fine but no mobile network. please help///
  • I am having the same issue. For a while  there was network and then it went. Lumia 520.   
  • Same problem with Lumia 920
  • Yesterday i Installed wp10 on my 720. I feel it is slow with other apps, as it might need more RAM. But after that when i checked the network connection, it says no service. Even after try playing with the settings, no help. Finally today i revert it back to 8.1. It feel bad no service issue is not solved any how. does anyone had solved it?
  • Error!! Where are the strong Microsoft servers?
  • "Where are the strong Microsoft servers?" Pushing out Office Lens to ios and Office Remote to android. Priorities!
  • Forgot about that!
  • :D
  • We discovered this morning that there was an error in the database for provisioning record data, which is required for new phones to join the Fast Ring through the Windows Insider app. The team has been working to correct it but the load on the provisioning data servers has made all operations extremely slow. To fix the issue, we are taking the service offline and updating the provisioning record data for all 5100 phone POPs. It will take approximately 2 hours for us to make the update, and validate that everything is working. This is a different service from Windows Update, so Insiders who are currently on 9941 should be able to update their phones if they are already in the Fast ring. If they are in the Slow ring they will encounter the same issue with provisioning data. We apologize for the delay on this and are working to ensure it never happens again. From MS
  • LOL!!!!!
  • I already download windows 10 ......nd when I check for new updates it shows ur phone Is up to date
  • Awesome :)
  • Cookies in the oven still..i guess
  • We're still trying to update the provisioning records, but the servers are getting hammered by people checking every 2 sec :-) LOL!!
  • Trying to keep the positivity here... WOOOOO!!! Although I'm not downloading it because I'm scared of errors!
    ...cue complaint comments.
  • I know the feeling!  Some of the know bugs are big hits.  Hopefully more builds come out quickly to fix them.
  • same here ;) :D
  • Loading!
  • I am getting date network error
  • Same here
  • Already got it
  • How and on which phone
  • Is it available for Lumia 520
  • <p>yes</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
  • Lumia 620, Lumia 535, Lumia 520.
  • What???? Its avilable !!!!
  • No, they are just joking with you.
  • The data connection problem is not acceptable , the battery will be drained so fast
  • Try data sense and restrict the background data. This only one workaround I could think of.
  • This is really a nice trick...set data limit to 0 m.b.
  • XD good one ojaswi.
  • Isn't the data still on and draining your battery fast? If not that is a briljant one. I'm on a prepay sim and don't want all my minutes to cosume my minutes so if it works it should be briljant
  • I always used this trick in Lumia 520. It basically turns off the data usage until you open the app. This way I could use 30 MB for at least three to four days (yeah, desperate times).
  • No you can't set limit to zero.
  • If data sense is working in this build
  • Or or or... use Wi-Fi
  • So you going to whine about this on each and every article.  
  • I waited all day for this. It's past 7 in the evening here. Ah well, I'll only have to wait another month right?
  • 93... Okay forget it already ;-)
  • I check for update but it shows ur phone is up to date ( India )
  • Download the insider app
  • U hav to be in windows insider programe..just download the app nd sign in wid ur microsoft account nd accept the terms...after dat u will get option for downloading...after that check for updates
  • The most used Things are not available to use.. Like office hub. connection..flight mode .. Call block.. .. These things were needed.. But guys see from the point of view of Microsoft... They are giving builds for testing n developing apps.. N not for daily uses... ... But m still disappointed.. Didn't expect this form Microsoft its toooo buggy
  • You said yourself its a test build so why the disappointment?
  • At the end its a phone.. We developers..still expect it to be best
  • If you're using this on a development phone, none of those features are required.  If you install on your primary phone (against recommendations) then the blame falls squarely on you for installing the preview software.
  • That's what the "Preview for Developers" builds are for. These "Insider" builds are for early feedback and beta testing purposes. They're going to be borderline unusable for a reason. ;)
  • Only if MSFT wouldn't spend all their time and energy updating their set of apps on android and apple day in and day out, we first class citizen using windows and msft products could have dreamt of a less buggy and faster developed technical preview then what we got today..
  • so agree with u there on that comment
  • Office preview apps are coming man....they said it...and are you on flight with a phone having technical preview installed On that
  • LOL..... :D
  • Data connection and call block are meh, as long as they are fixed I next preview, but yes Office not being available in this build means they should have waited.
  • Waht do you mean by data connection? You mean you can't access the web via LTE and only via WiFi? Also what phone did you upgrade?
  • You cant turn data connection off
  • Don't forget you cant get your text messagesa read to you over bluetooth either.
  • No its not. Nothing but server errors for the last hour...
  • Error still maybe after some few hours i should come back
  • Ooo my gawwwd!!! An exclamatory mark in the headlines of the article :) what a pleasent surprise, we didn't know it was coming today!!!!!
  • Connectivity error mr editor
  • Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error.............
  • wtf???:(
  • Time to download!
  • I got solution for Data Problem check out Forms