Windows 10 preview doesn't have IE12 but it does have some Internet Explorer improvements

While today's release of the Windows 10 Technical Preview for Enterprise does not contain IE12, there are some improvements in its version of the Internet Explorer web browser that have been included in the preview build.

In a blog post, Microsoft said one of the additions is support for the HTTP/2 networking protocol. Microsoft said, "HTTP/2 builds on our experience delivering SPDY/3 support in IE11 and enables improved performance on the Web using techniques including multiplexing, header compression and Server Push."

Microsoft has also made some improvements to IE's Chakra JavaScript the Windows 10 Technical Preview, saying, "The changes include streamlining of Chakra's execution pipeline to deliver faster startup, optimizations in Chakra's Just-in-Time compiler to increase script execution throughput, and enhancements to Chakra's Garbage Collection subsystem to deliver better UI responsiveness for apps and sites." Finally, the browser "switches the parsing of domain names to use the algorithms and domain list found at

Much like it has for Xbox Music, the Xbox One console and other products. Microsoft has set up an Internet Explorer Platform Suggestion webpage via UserVoice. to get feedback from its users for the future development of IE. It states, "By using the UserVoice voting system, we'll be able to see exactly which feature suggestions are the most requested by the web developer community which will help us prioritize our work."

What suggestions would you give the IE team to use in possible future versions of the browser?

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

John Callaham
  • Ok
  • You got #1 com nice
  • Wow a guy talking to himself
  • Wtf is this?!
  • You can also have been commented FIRST than this ^^^
  • I think the cyan IE used to Be It's jumpy as hell :(
  • Yes, i also hate that it skips the desktop setting. Everything goes to mobile.
  • That's not the browser, it's websites being built to detect the format shown based on screen size. The smarter devs code it to allow a desktop mode option to still work, but most devs don't.
  • Funny, the highest rated suggestion on IE's UserVoice channel is to stop the development of IE:
  • May be they should hire Chrome development team.
  • Don't see why you'd need a whole article about it but...
  • To inform people (developers) that wanted to download preview only for IE 12?
  • WPC is not just about Windows Phone now, it's about learning about changes Microsoft are making on all products, hence the rename vote the other day. I enjoyed the article John.  Thank you.
  • Don't know why someone would need to write "ok" and respond to his own comment but...
  • Who uses IE anyway?
  • Me. On my phone ;)
  • Most of the marketshare, anyway.
  • I do. Ever more now that I can sync open tabs from my desktop to my phone. Something that Google's ego wouldn't allow.
  • mind telling me where is the sync option on ie (the desktop version not the modern one), currently have the latest version on windows 8.1!!
  • Mine sync'd to the desktop IE
  • But there are other better alternatives and you cant deny that.
  • Better is entirely subjective depending on what you plan to do with your browser and webkit ones are becoming too bloated.
  • I hear about problems with "better browsers" from friends that are using them while I have zero problems with IE
  • Better? It's all matter of opinion
  • only if you need extensions. otherwise ie is a great browser and seems to be less of a resource hog than chrome. chrome was simple and efficient. now it's very bloated.
  • Exactly why I stopped using chrome. Suddenly realized that it gets progressively slower to launch with each update, unlike the original smooth and snappy experience. IE on the other hand is very fast on Win 8!
  • Very true.  Also, the extensions that most people claim they need (ad blocking, spell checking, pop-up blocking) is actually built in to IE.  It just has to be enabled. 
  • I use it for downloading another browsers.
  • Old and lame
  • hahah my sides are hurting... /s
  • Me.
  • i believe their marketshare is around 55%. So, many people use it.
  • Right here buddy.
  • I love IE11 Modern's clean and slick and very fast! My ONLY gripe is when it takes longer to load a page I'm moving back to than it takes to load a brand new page!!! Any suggestions anyone? I can't be they only one?
  • For me, this would only happen on websites with ads. Unfortunately, this is the majority of them. But there is a good solution for this: Activate Tracking Protection in IE, specifically the EasyPrivacy and PrivacyChoice tracking lists. (Procedure: Desktop IE Settings -> Manage Add-ons -> Tracking Protection -> Get a Tracking Protection List online.) This prevents ~80% of all ads from loading, hugely improving web page loading times and minimizing resuming times for going back a web page. Internet Explorer on my Surface RT FLIES now after I did this many months ago.
  • Funny thing is I done a while ago...maybe best to delete them all and implement them again? Also, I love the fact that I did it on my PC and it was already done on my Nokia 2520 and 1020 (after 8.1 update) because how it all syncs!
  • Many people other than yourself who have their own preferences. IE has the largest market share of any browser, so ...
  • Ever since the Google data mining scandal ive used IE and Firefox. IE is annoying though because you forget how many adverts there are on the web these days
  • have you ever heard of adblock plus? i suggest you give it a try....
  • most business applications are compatible on IE. chrome comes first for just web surfing
  • Govt. officials still now use #IE instead of #Firefox or #Chrome.
  • I can't wait for Spartan. Maybe extension support can get Daniel back to the dark side ;p
  • its not the Enterprise version John `-`
  • It's meant as a preview for enterprise.
  • IE still sucks because it isn't very good at handling HTML 5 as Chrome. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Oh ok, good to know . . . Hey everybody, IE sucks Chrome's rad! Got it?
  • It handles html 5 just fine provided the website developer didn't a) build for only a specific browser or b) use html code that has not made it into the w3c standards.
  • Agreed, ladydias
  • Yes. I understand. But my YouTube videos always freeze and many websites don't work unless I go to Chrome. I don't care about "standards." I care if it works or not.
    I still use IE as my default browser because it's faster for me, is better with bookmarks, and has more settings. But I find myself constantly going to Chrome when something doesn't work. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Thing is, you should care about whether or not web developers use standards. I feel you on not being able to load websites (though apparently MS has done something that fools websites into thinking its Chrome and YouTube is Google) but ignoring standards is why IE 6 was such a nightmare and MS is so big now on following them.
  • Oh. Ok.
  • Is there still the modern version of IE? I prefer that one far better.
  • From the looks of it, not right now. IE12 is supposed to have a new UI so they're probably cleaning it up a bit for desktop, while also holding back the "Universal" app for consumer preview. Considering this is meant for enterprise, there isn't much need for that IE here.
  • I'm having issues with IE being able to remember my last tab session on Windows 8.1. It's so frustrating. Similar thing with IE on WP, for some reason, even though there are unlimited tabs, I still find some of my tabs get closed out.
  • yeah..i hate this
  • Do they get closed out or reused? I had that problem with favorites until I got into the habit of opening new tabs before opening a bookmarked favorite.
  • Closed out. I have my settings configured so that whenever I do a search from Cortana, a new tab is opened. However, this presents a problem where as I do more searches, the older tabs get closed out. Which baffles me because I thought we were allowed an unlimited amount of tabs.
  • "Paste and go"
  • Yes please. I always missed that feature whenever I switched from Chrome to IE.
  • I think it has that for modern IE, I image they'll bring it to the new version.
  • I want Bing maps favorites to be synchronized between windows phone and Bing maps when accessed via internet explorer.
  • Also looks like the metro version of IE had been removed as well.
  • It would be strange to have a Modern version of IE running split screen along side the desktop version of IE.  Seriously doubt that MS will maintain that kind of redundancy.
  • The modern version is the one i use on my SP3. The desktop version is good but not as efficent to use on a tablet. 
  • Because you can have multiple sessions of IE open in desktop.
  • Good points both of you.  I guess we'll see what's what when they release the IE12 technical preview.
  • I'd suggest a new UI, improved one (modern design).
  • How about adding,plugin and extensions to ie and sync across all devices. Since we are in verge to combine everything un one for similer experience, we should have such advantage as well.
  • This is the worst punctuated article ever Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Drag and drop support for Modern IE to desktop apps.
  • How about bringing FrontPage back so when I click edit on my browser I actually have a web editor and not just notepad.
  • Sway is the new product for that
  • It's not. Sorry.
  • Did they fix the font rending in Windows 10? That's a bug bear for me with Windows. Apple's font rendering is superior than windows. When ever I switch to bootcamp to Windows 8, the chuncky font size and rendering is really awful. Higher pixel density of modern screens has now caught up and Apple's approach has proven to be far better.
  • If you have knowledge about IT then you can find IE is moving faster than any other browser right now with IE 12 game have more fun
  • Fix your datalist support. It should be able to match entries even if you're typing from the middle. If you have a serial number of 15213465234652 and you type 4652 (the last 4 digits), it should match, but in IE10 & IE11 it doesn't. IE9 doesn't support it anyway.
  • oh and implement input type="date" input type="datetime" input type="color" etc...
  • What is HTTP/2? (and yes, I asked Cortana and did a search, nothing shows up)
  • Needs more Naruto in my IE BELIEVE IT!
  • Good thoughts
  • I looking so far, Great Windows 10, All in one football highlights
  • You should change your name from WPCentral to MSN Central or sort of either.
  • This kids didn't understand the last part of the article and still arguing here. lol
  • I hope we just get 1 IE app instead of 2. I think the UI should adapt and change when on Desktop mode or Tablet/Touch only mode, essentially one app and one instance that only scales-up and change slightly for touch. Or the common and safer approach is to have 2 instance of IE, similar to Chrome on Desktop and Firefox alpha, where we can manually switch to Modern UI mode or traditional UI.
  • Why is it called "Internet Explorer 12"?
    Wouldn't "Internet Explorer 10" on "Windows 10" look better?
  • So this means we won't get ie12 with Windows 10, or this is just with the current preview?
  • Does aybody know how to enable "modern" ie?
  • They need to finally update the look of the desktop browser, its IE9 styling is already getting stale next to its Modern counterpart. Has anyone ever put the desktop browser in Full Screen mode? I dare say it looks familiar, but this is how it needs to look from now on, when Full Screen but not hidden and the taskbar available....its a good seamless match between the two, Modern and Legacy style