Windows Central Podcast 217: Surface Duo updates, Intel vs Apple, Xbox Wireless Headset, and more

Official Xbox Wireless Headset Review Shots
Official Xbox Wireless Headset Review Shots (Image credit: Windows Central)

We're back with another exciting episode of the Windows Central Podcast, and this week, AMD's Ryzen 5000 series mobile processors are here as Intel goes after Apple with an ad featuring Justin Long. Daniel and Zack Also have news in Windows 10 build 21337, Surface Duo March 2021 update, a review of the Xbox Wireless Headset, and more.

This episode of the Windows Central Podcast was recorded on March 19th 2021.

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  • Each to their own, but in my view you chaps are completely wrong about the utility of such as Your Phone and the ability to run Android apps. Being able to type SMS, being able to drag and drop a screenshot just taken into an Outlook desktop email. The ability to answer the phone when it is in another part of the house. Not having to run WhatsApp desktop to use a keyboard. There are plenty of criticisms that can be levelled at Microsoft but when they come up with something stunning it seems a bit unfair to pour cold water over them.